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Managing Student Behavior OR… A Good Offense is the Best Defense! Lisa P. Hammel.

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1 Managing Student Behavior OR… A Good Offense is the Best Defense! Lisa P. Hammel

2 Behavioral Issues … - Skill Deficit - Motivation Deficit - Skewed Perceptions

3 Behavior Behaviors serve a need: Reduce anxiety Increase self-worth Reduce frustration Return person to homeostatic state

4 Academics and Behavior Treat behavior as you would any other subject: - Explicitly teach - Practice, review and reinforce - Re-teach to students who need it - Give intensive training to those who continue to struggle

5 I. The Engaging Lesson The first step in managing behavior. Your mood sets the tone. Your confidence creates safety FUN - If you love teaching it…your students will love learning it! Teaching as the transfer of passion

6 THINKING CREATIVELY Solution-based problem solving The Norwegian Garbage Problem The Creative Problem-solving Process: Identify The Problem “Sky’s the Limit” Brainstorming Bring it back to Earth

7 Challenge Activity Choose a “dry lesson” you hate to teach and students hate to learn Apply the creative process to the teaching method Invent a new enjoyable way to teach the lesson that’s fun for you.

8 II. NOTICE THE POSITIVE “PROs” Actively seek to notice behaviors that are: Pro-social Pro-active Pro-ductive Pro-fessional Pro-ficient Pro-found Pro-gressive

9 Acknowledge!

10 Incentives No Salt No Sugar No Money Yes, Accolades Yes, Privileges

11 Classroom Expectations Defined Concise Consistent Operationalized Developed by the teacher

12 ACTIVITY Develop your own behavioral expectations for your… Measurable, observable, positively stated

13 III. Punishment, Revenge or Discipline? What’s your goal?

14 PUNISHMENT …To cause to undergo pain, loss, as for a crime. Should reduce negative behaviors.

15 REVENGE …the desire to inflict harm in return for previous harm. “Even the score”

16 DISCIPLINE …Training that develops self- control. Teaching

17 Reinforcement Increases behavior Hypothesis Implementation Data evaluation Change

18 THE CONFLICT CYCLE De-escalating conflict The role of the audience The Finesse of teaching Preparation is key Attitude is everything!

19 Confrontation/Consequences Should be connected to the “crime” in tenor and time. Should be delivered… Respectfully Privately Unemotionally Consistently

20 TIPS For Effective Behavior management 1. 2C-1C = SR 2. The “Inside Track” 3. “Step Into My Office” 4. The “Bargaining Table” 5. Assume the Best 6. Alternative Communication 7. Hiding Your Smile 8. Thank You for Coming 9. Can You Believe It? 10. Help!

21 ACTIVITY “The Late Student” Proactive Solutions In-the-moment solutions Consequences

22 WHEN IT’S NOT ENOUGH Targeted interventions in the classroom and building – continuum of interventions, triggered by data, least to most intensive When to refer Where to refer The consequences of your referral Wrap-around services

23 Speaking to Parents Forming a partnership Taking the student’s view Taking the long view

24 IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE! Kids and rules – finding the loop-hole Keeping your buoys close Have a sense of humor Stay calm Be a Team!

25 QUESTIONS? Lisa P. Hammel Effective Educational Practices, LLC

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