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Symbols of Racism and Hatred Can you think of any?

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1 Symbols of Racism and Hatred Can you think of any?

2 Swastika - This symbol is prevalent among nearly every group in the racist movement. The symbol can often be seen tattooed on racist skinheads.


4 Stormfront Logo - This symbol is often used by white power skinheads.

5 Confederate Flag - A symbol that is not always used in a racist context, but has certainly been adopted by those in the racist movement. It is very often seen as a patch worn on the flight jackets of racist skinheads and on the uniforms of the Klan and other racist organizations.


7 Common Tattoo on Skinheads

8 White Power


10 Reflection Without discussing the next slide you are to write a few sentences (3 or more) explaining your understanding of the political cartoon. Pass in your reflection on the handout, as soon as you are finished.


12 1863-1946 What happened in the 100 years between the end of Slavery and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement?

13 Civil Rights Movement Dates 1946 - Viola Desmond of Halifax fights segregation in Canadian Courts 1955 - The Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama 1957 - Little Rock Nine and school desegregation in Arkansas 1961 - Halifax tears down Africville 1964 American Civil Rights Act passed

14 2008 Barack Obama elected president of the US


16 N-Word Few words have the power to inflict real injury both physical and psychological – the N-word has that power. Many have tried to “take back the word”, hip hop artists and comedians ….

17 N-Word Strange Fruit – lynching 3OiOs&feature=related 3OiOs&feature=related Abolish the N-Word 5-c Jonathon’s Message zXk

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