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Symbols of Racism and Hatred Can you think of any?

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1 Symbols of Racism and Hatred Can you think of any?

2 Swastika - This symbol is prevalent among nearly every group in the racist movement. The symbol can often be seen tattooed on racist skinheads.


4 Stormfront Logo - This symbol is often used by white power skinheads.

5 Confederate Flag - A symbol that is not always used in a racist context, but has certainly been adopted by those in the racist movement. It is very often seen as a patch worn on the flight jackets of racist skinheads and on the uniforms of the Klan and other racist organizations.


7 Common Tattoo on Skinheads

8 White Power


10 Reflection Without discussing the next slide you are to write a few sentences (3 or more) explaining your understanding of the political cartoon. Pass in your reflection on the handout, as soon as you are finished.


12 What happened in the 100 years between the end of Slavery and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement?

13 Civil Rights Movement Dates Viola Desmond of Halifax fights segregation in Canadian Courts The Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama Little Rock Nine and school desegregation in Arkansas Halifax tears down Africville 1964 American Civil Rights Act passed

14 2008 Barack Obama elected president of the US


16 N-Word Few words have the power to inflict real injury both physical and psychological – the N-word has that power. Many have tried to “take back the word”, hip hop artists and comedians ….

17 N-Word Strange Fruit – lynching 3OiOs&feature=related 3OiOs&feature=related Abolish the N-Word 5-c Jonathon’s Message zXk

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