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Environmental Issues, Their Causes, and Sustainability

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1 Environmental Issues, Their Causes, and Sustainability
G. Tyler Miller’s Living in the Environment MATES Chapter 1 Sprague ENV MATES

2 Key Concepts Growth and Sustainability Resources and Resource Use
Pollution Causes of Environmental Problems Sprague ENV MATES

3 Living More Sustainably
Ecology (Biologists) Environmental Science (Natural and social scientists study the earth, our interactions with it, and how to deal with problems. Sustainable Society Living off interest vs. capital Carrying capacity Sprague ENV MATES

4 Population Growth Exponential Growth Doubling Time/ Rule of 70
Fig. 1-2 p. 4 Exponential Growth Doubling Time/ Rule of 70 Sprague ENV MATES

5 World Population Fig. 1-1 p. 2 Sprague ENV MATES

6 Economic Growth Gross National Product (GNP)
(Our Total) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Our Inside Part) value of all goods and services Gross World Product (GWP) (World Total) Per Capita GNP (Average) Sprague ENV MATES

7 Economic Development Developed Countries Developing Countries
(US, Canada, Japan, Australia, NZ, Europe) Developing Countries Positive Aspects (Life expectancy doubled, food production outpaces population growth, more goods/less materials, pollution decline in developed countries) Negative Aspects (Life expectancy and pollution control lag in developing countries, unsustainable natural resource use, population competing with wildlife habitats, self-inflict climate changes) Sprague ENV MATES

8 Globalization “An interconnected world”
Economic (Trade) Information and Communication (Internet) Environmental Effects (Transport of species/disease) Sprague ENV MATES

9 Resources Perpetual Renewable Non-renewable Fig. 1-6 p. 9
renewed continuously “SUN” 6 billion years more Renewable Replenished somewhat rapidly Non-renewable Sprague ENV MATES Fig. 1-6 p. 9

10 Renewable Resources Sustainable Yield Environmental Degradation
The highest rate at which a resource can be used without reducing its available supply Environmental Degradation (exceeding sustainable yield) Ground water, Overgrazing, Deforestation Tragedy of the Commons Biologist Garret Hardin 1968; If I don’t use this resource someone else will “What difference do I make?” Sprague ENV MATES

11 Free Access Resources Regulate Access To a Resource Example;
FISHERIES, GRAZING LANDS, FORESTRY Or Convert to private ownership??? Sprague ENV MATES

12 Non-Renewable Resources Exist in a fixed quantity Million or so years to replenish
Energy Resources Metallic Resources Economic Depletion Fig. 1-7 p. 10 Non-Metallic Resources Reuse Recycle Sprague ENV MATES

13 Ecological Footprint Humanities footprint is 15% higher than earths bio capacity Sprague ENV MATES

14 Pollution What is pollution? Effects of Pollution Sources Point
(Anthropogenic vs. natural) Humans burning Coal vs. Volcanic Eruption Effects of Pollution Sources Point Nonpoint Sprague ENV MATES

15 Dealing With Pollution
Prevention (Input Control) Eliminates the production of pollutants Cleanup (Output Control) As it says or dilute. The solution to pollution is dilution??? Sprague ENV MATES

16 Environmental and Resource Problems
Fig p. 12 Major Problems (See Fig. 1-9 p. 12) Five Root Causes Sprague ENV MATES

17 Environmental Impact Sprague ENV MATES Fig p. 13

18 Environmental Interactions WE need to understand these interaction.
Sprague ENV MATES Fig p. 14

19 Environmental Worldviews CLASH!!!!
Planetary Management We’re in charge, There’s always more, All economic growth is good, Success depends on understanding, controlling, and managing the earth for our benefit. Environmental Wisdom Nature’s in charge, Some things are limited, Technology and economic growth can be bad, Success depends on learning how the earth adapts and integrating how nature acts in to how we act. Sprague ENV MATES

20 Environmentally-Sustainable Economic Development IDEAL
Environmentally-Sustainable Economic Development IDEAL!!! IF anything to do it for our future Decision making in a sustainable society Social Economic Environmental Sustainable Solutions Traditional decision making Environmental Social Economic Fig p. 17 Sprague ENV MATES

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