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Death Beliefs and Burial Customs (Canine page 23)

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1 Death Beliefs and Burial Customs (Canine page 23)
American Indians Death Beliefs and Burial Customs (Canine page 23)

2 Santee Sioux Dakotas, Nebraska, Montana, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Death Beliefs: 4 souls 2 souls served old Sioux funeral rites 1 soul never leaves the body/vicinity 1 soul sets out on 4 day journey to the land of the spirits

3 When Death Occurs tearing/renting garments cut their hair
inflict pain on themselves men paint their face black fire single gunshot into the air

4 Preparation of the Deceased
women perform this task face painted red hair trimmed dressed in their best clothing

5 Platform constructed by men for temporary burial
clipped horse and human hair represented the “Air” stage of burial deceased left on platform for 1 year food and gifts

6 Community Mound Burial
shallow grave: “Earth” stage graves fenced in to keep away dogs and wolves

7 Four-Day Rites First Day: families gather
food is brought and eaten possessions burned if not suitable Second, Third, and Fourth Day: quiet and sober food passed through cedar smoke

8 Mourning end of the Four-Day Rites child: usually 1 season
adult: usually 1 year

9 Lakota Tribe 3 distinct ceremonies surrounding the death of Tribe members

10 “Wacekiyapi” (First) 4 day mourning period burial scaffold
deceased placed on scaffold after 4 days belongings placed on scaffold

11 “Spirit Keeping Ceremony” (Second)
elaborate lasts 1 year portable tipi lock of hair wrapped with special clothing: “spirit bundle” bowl to feed the spirit

12 Third Ceremony after 1 year to release the spirit special clothing
painted likeness of the deceased pole is dressed in new garments pipe ceremony and prayer tribe elder or medicine man will close the ceremony: “Spirit Road” feast “community burial mound”

13 White Buffalo Ceremony
most elaborate of the burial rituals done in conjunction with the “Spirit Keeping Ceremony” white buffalo skin skin is adorned with various symbols headdress for the tribe leaders

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