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Services Digitisation & Content Management. 600 People – India.

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1 Services Digitisation & Content Management

2 600 People – India

3 Services  Digitisation Services  Bibliographic services  Content Management Services

4 Digitisation Services Full text capture of historic manuscripts  16 th Century Church Records  17 & 18 th century Census Records  18 th and 19 th Century Life Event Records

5 Bibliographic Services  On site catalogue imaging Services  Retro Conversion of Catalogues MARC21 MODS  Finding Aids EAD

6 Digitisation of Large volume of Print content  The UK parliamentary debates – The Hansard  16 th - 18 th Century American Texts  Legal texts and publications  Historic Newspapers

7 AEL offers end-to-end solution for newspaper digitisation.

8 Archival Newspaper Digitisation A complete Solution for the historic newspaper Digitisation:  On-site / Off-site Scanning of Paper or microfilm  OCR and clean up  Article level Zoning  Quality Assurance  Hosting & Search solutions

9 Micrographic services Micrographic lab that can scan and print 16mm or 35 mm microfilms, Microfiche or aperture cards to 600 DPI Tiff images. Capable of scanning up to 40,000 frames / day

10 Reprographic services Scanning for Newspapers & large format documents Overhead non contact scanning with minimal damage to original pages Capable of scanning up to 10,000 broadsheet pages /day Colour scanning with 10,200 pixels Image Enhancement: Cropping, de-skew, de-speckle, Lighting corrections, histogram adjustment, Filter, Geometrical corrections.

11 Scanning From Microfilm … Advantages Lower cost for scanning Sometimes only microfilm is available

12 Scanning From Microfilm… Disadvantages Poor microfilming Process & material technology of 50s & 60s Poor Filming Methods

13 Scanning from Paper… Advantages Excellent image & Text quality

14 Scanning from Paper… Badly Stored/ damaged original paper copies. Higher cost of scanning Disadvantages

15 Content Segmentation – Page & article analyses

16  AEL uses third party software tools as well as own tools for article segmentation  Automatic zoning & article segmentation software is not perfect!  Manual correction of the segmentation is required for 20-40% of the articles.

17 OCR Problems Most archival Newspapers yield low OCR accuracies. Poor OCR Useless for OCR AEL offers manual OCR clean-up options. Headline re-key Proofread / re-key first few lines Full page proofread

18 Customized search solutions for the digitised archive Madras

19 Article level Metadata  METS  ALTO  MODS  MIX  NewsML  Other metadata schemas

20 Newspaper Digitisation Process Quality Assurance Content Export Images from Paper & Microfilm Scanning Conversion flow WEB Search Content database Content formatting Zoning & article segmentation Database Server OCR Text Images XML metadata Jpeg 2000 Images PDF OCR / Cleanup Content Input Web Hosting

21 Thank you

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