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Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibrary

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1 Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibrary
Primož Gabrijelčič

2 programmer, consultant, speaker, trainer Delphi / Smart Mobile Studio
Primož Gabrijelčič programmer, consultant, speaker, trainer Delphi / Smart Mobile Studio Skype: gabr42 The Delphi Geek – Smart Programmer – Links to this presentation and sample code will be available on the blog, link “Presentation” on the top right


4 What is OmniThreadLibrary?

5 OmniThreadLibrary is …
… VCL for multithreading … released under an open license … actively developed … frequently used … available in Delphis from 2007 to XE3 Windows 32- or 64-bit, VCL only

6 How do I learn more?

7 OmniThreadLibrary on the web
Home: Code: Book: Wiki: Support:

8 How do I execute long operation in background and run some code in the main thread after the long operation has finished?

9 Async/Await Initialization Long operation Cleanup

10 How do I run long calculation in background and process the result in the main thread?

11 Future Long calculation Use result

12 How do I run same background operation in multiple simultaneous copies processing an input?

13 Background Worker Data Process Process Process Process Process Result

14 How do I parallelize a process that executes in multiple stages?

15 Pipeline Data Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Result

16 How do I work with databases in multithreaded environment?

17 Databases GUI Frame Frame Database Access
Readonly is simple; read/write is harder (apply updated) Redone fishfacts demo Database Access

18 Questions?

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