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Spring Cleanup 2007 Mike Ramesar Jr of MMD Computer Center Presented By.

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1 Spring Cleanup 2007 Mike Ramesar Jr of MMD Computer Center Presented By

2 Why Spring Clean? Your Computer is a Machine They Require periodic Maintenance I live under a Desk 

3 Physical Cleanup All Computers have fans and heat sinks that work to draw in air and lower the temperature inside of the PC when it is turned on. These Fans also draw in dust and dirt Clogged Fans and Heat Sinks put your computer at risk for damage from heat.

4 Warning: Graphic Content!

5 1.Label all cables, shut down and unplug your tower 2.Move it to a clear, flat, open area 1.Garage or Back Porch is ideal 3.Open the side of your computer 4.Hold the Air Duster approximately 6 inches from the insides and blow away the dust. 5.Be sure to get the power supply fan in the rear of the Pc 6.Put your case cover on 7.Plug in your labeled cables and off you go! Use Air Duster Cans to clean debris

6 Fan Noise Internal Fans are the simple ball-bearing type –Dust can get into the lubricant behind the fan and wear it out sooner –When Dust builds up on the fan’s fins, it unbalances the fan causing premature wear resulting in inefficient cooling and undesired noise –All Case Fans and CPU Fans should be inspected (Prevention is better than Cure)

7 Installing a New Fan Pry On the release lever and remove clip Apply Thermal Compound on Processor Purchase & Replace with new Cpu Fan Unit **The Clip is under high tension and access is limited, Be Very Careful as to not stab the motherboard or damage the memory sockets**

8 Software Cleanup A Good Spyware Scan Spyware Applications can track your online movements and report them back to the spyware authors. Some Spyware can open your computer to serious personal security threats

9 Which one is bad? Adware(n.) (1) A form of spyware that collects information about the user in order to display advertisements in the Web browser based on the information it collects from the user's browsing patterns. Adaware – A great program available for free which will remove adware

10 Adaware SE Personal Download & Install a Free Copy at: Now that Ad Aware is on your system, launch it. Make sure all the checkboxes under "Selections to Scan" are checked, except for any removable drives. Now hit the "Scan now" button and wait for Ad Aware to scan through your system. When it's done, hit the Continue button. If you're spyware-free you'll get a congratulations message otherwise Ad Aware will list all of the spyware components that it can delete for you. Check them all and click Continue again. Your system is now cleaned of spyware.

11 Scan Results If Adaware Finds more than 300+ Threats, Run a couple of more scans and reboot after each scan is complete. This will ensure the threats are removed for sure

12 Virus Scan Scan for Trojan Viruses Trojan Virus are much “sneek-ier” than Spyware Trojans can literally take over your computer Some are designed to log keystrokes (bank info & passwords) & Infect other PC’s via Address books –All while using up a majority of your CPU’s Power!

13 Virus Scanning Open your Virus Program –Norton, McAfee, Panda or AVG etc. Make sure you have the latest definitions Run a full system deep scan Remove any threats that you find If you find threats, run the deep scan a few more times to ensure their removal.

14 File Maintenance Temporary File Cleanup –Windows 95/98/ME Users do the following: Start, Run, Type “C:\windows\temp” –Press Enter, Select All & delete all in that box, then close –Windows XP/2000 Users do the following: Start, Run, Type ”%temp%” –Press Enter, Select All & Delete All in that box, then Close

15 File Maintenance Continued Registry String Clean –Microsoft’s RegClean 4.1a Build 7364.1 Free Tool From Microsoft Disk Cleanup – Start – Run - cleanmgr.exe Disk Defragment –Start – Run - dfrg.msc

16 Temporary Internet Files Internet Explorer Users: –Control Panel Internet Options –Under the General Tab, –Choose »Delete Files, Delete Cookies and Clear History –Mozilla Firefox Users: Open Firefox Browser –Press CONTROL + SHIFT + DELETE –Choose “ CLEAR PRIVATE DATA NOW “

17 Data Backup Reminder Backup all of your important data –My Documents –Photo’s –Address Books Etc. Copy Data to: –Thumb Drive –CD or DVD Disc –External Hard Disk –Keep in a safe place afterwards Additional info available at: –

18 Thank You! Please Feel free to contact me with any questions or Comments

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