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Job Descriptions, Payments, and Fines

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1 Job Descriptions, Payments, and Fines
Classroom Economy Job Descriptions, Payments, and Fines

2 Jobs & Descriptions Teacher Assistant – run any errands for the teacher/class/office, any task requested Librarian – keep class library clean, sorted, and organized Cleanup Crew (2) – make sure floor, counters, lockers, and desks are clean and neat; make sure chairs are stacked at the end of each day Technology Assistant – help turn on/off projector & Elmo when needed, make sure netbooks are in their place and turned off/charged each day Banker – pay salaries, accept deposits, assist clerk during class store, sub for any absences Clerk – run class store each six weeks, assist banker on payday, sub for any absences Lunch Bucket (2) – carry lunch bucket to & from lunch, make sure it is empty and clean each day

3 Jobs & Descriptions Door Holder – hold the door for the class during any outing Energy Assistant – make sure the lights/electrical devices are turned off when needed Lunch Count – record lunch count each day & make sure $ is turned in Mailperson – sort & place papers in student pockets Attendance – take attendance & report to teacher each morning Materials Manager – pass out/collect any materials needed throughout the school day Timekeeper – operated timer during workshops and transitions, at teacher’s request

4 Application & Registry
Students will apply for their jobs on the first day of each semester – parents are to approve & sign Students will keep a registry throughout the year to keep track of their payments, bonuses, and fines Registry will be turned in each Friday to ensure accuracy and receive salary payment This will also help keep parents informed of student progress in the classroom – mathematically and behaviorally

5 Application & Registry Samples
Job Application Name:________________________ Date:_____________________ Job Choice #1:_______________________________ Why would you like this job?_______________________________ __________________________________ Why would you be good at this job?_______________________________ Job Choice #2: __________________________________ Job Choice #3: __________________________________ INCOME EXPENSES Week 1 Description Amount Total Week 2

6 Salaries & Bonuses Each student will be paid $10 per week for performing their duties 5 paid absences are allowed per semester – after 5 absences, students will be deducted $2 per day Bonuses will be paid at teacher discretion: $5 – Meeting/exceeding academic goals $5 – Community Service (must provide written request with proof) $2 - Leadership / exceptional behaviors $2 - Earning awards in assemblies Various rewards at teacher discretion ($1, $2, or $5)

7 Rent & Fines Each student will pay $20 for rental of their desks each six weeks Fines will be implemented at teacher discretion: $10 – Bullying $5 – Note from Specials or disrespecting any teacher/student $2 – Not following directions $2 – Talking during instruction $2 – Horseplay in the bathroom $2 – Off task $2 – Unprepared for class $2 – Talking in the hall $2 – No parent signature / reading log / homework $1 for each material needed during instruction – pencil, paper, eraser, etc. – these items may be acquired at no cost prior to instruction. This does not include materials that will be provided by the materials manager for specific assignments. Various fines at teacher discretion - $1-$10

8 Class Store Items will be available for purchase each six weeks
Some items will require students to save their money and purchase in the future – this will teach them the value of saving for something they would really like to have. Students may purchase small toys, supplies, or specific privileges such as: Lunch with the teacher Sit with a friend Homework pass And several more! The cost of store items are: $25 $50 $100

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