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SFOS Faculty Meeting 1 School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Faculty Meeting August 22, 2005 Denis A. Wiesenburg Dean State of the School.

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1 SFOS Faculty Meeting 1 School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Faculty Meeting August 22, 2005 Denis A. Wiesenburg Dean State of the School

2 SFOS Faculty Meeting 2 Thanks for coming to the SFOS Faculty Meeting 2005

3 SFOS Faculty Meeting 3 SFOS Airfare Winners

4 SFOS Faculty Meeting 4 State of the School Faculty Meeting August 22, 2005 Outline What have I been doing? Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where should we be going? Academic programs Research programs Student initiatives

5 SFOS Faculty Meeting 5 What is our mission? The UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and public service concerning marine and freshwater ecosystems, and to fostering the sustainable use of marine resources for the benefit of Alaska, the nation, and the world.

6 SFOS Faculty Meeting 6 SFOS Mission - Teaching through Research 55 faculty, 142 graduate students 270 total employees in 12 locations Academic Programs B.S. in Fisheries M.S. and Ph.D. in Fisheries M.S. and Ph.D. in Marine Biology M.S. and Ph.D. in Oceanography

7 SFOS Faculty Meeting 7 What is the Dean doing? Top Ten List – July 2004 Learn more about the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and what people are doing. Improve communication within the School. Construct a facility on the Lena Point property and find additional funds. Improve the undergraduate Fisheries Science degree – a statewide priority. Improve effectiveness of Dean’s office.

8 SFOS Faculty Meeting 8 What is the Dean doing? Improve the visibility of SFOS in the State, especially to the Legislature Develop a plan for the construction and operation of the Alaska Region Research Vessel Expand SFOS participation in the Alaska Ocean Observing System Expand SFOS involvement in initiatives developing from the Oceans Commission Expand participation in development (fundraising) activities

9 SFOS Faculty Meeting 9 You can observe a lot just by watching – Yogi Berra

10 SFOS Faculty Meeting 10 First Priority Deal with the $2.OM SFOS debt

11 SFOS Faculty Meeting 11 Budget Situation July 2004 ItemComments Estimated FY04 Debt FY03 DeficitFY05 budget included $88K for repayment 441,000.00 Recharge negative fund balancesStockroom 132,294.00 Recharge negative fund balancesT&M 21,660.00 Recharge negative fund balancesKasitsna Bay Laboratory 354,006.00 Bad Debt uncollectables Expect most are final reports not filed or old agencies no longer in business 185,000.00 Under-committed match 180,000.00 Grant overruns$145K on F1 in FY04 + others 525,000.00 FY04 DeficitFY05 budget included $62K for repayment 179,746.00 Sea PayFor prior year - F&A on GURUAfter approval for no F&A request approved - 2,018,706.00

12 SFOS Faculty Meeting 12 SFOS Debt - July 2004 Principal Investigator Responsibilities Document January 5, 2005

13 SFOS Faculty Meeting 13 SFOS Debt - March 2005 SFOS FY04 Budget +$384,000 SFOS Fiscal Office Cleanup PI Final Reports

14 SFOS Faculty Meeting 14 FY05 SFOS Expenditures BudgetExpenses Salary$6,354,682$6,042,727 Travel118,36799,582 Services941,980906,456 Supplies364,053251,632 Equipment74,377130,378 Student Aid12,000701 Other259,908412,162 TOTAL$8,125,349$7,843,638

15 SFOS Faculty Meeting 15 SFOS Debt - July 2005 When budgeted $88.2K paid in September 2005, debt will be reduced to $239,000 FY05 Surplus $154,427

16 SFOS Faculty Meeting 16 FY06 Revenue Distribution Unit FY06 Budget Percent FY05 ICR Central $ 1,656,57320.4% $ 203,282 Instruction $ 1,180,17314.5% $ 432,979 MAP $ 1,108,64013.6% $ 128,762 IMS $ 1,066,31013.1% $ 689,002 FITC $ 884,24010.9% $ 42,345 Fisheries $ 748,4459.2% $ 153,134 Seward Marine Center $ 697,1118.6% $ 123,476 Sea Grant $ 517,2996.4% $ 110,931 GURU $ 140,8011.7% $ 115,981 ASLC $ 75,2220.9% $ 27,340 Kasitsna Bay $ 50,0690.6% $ - $ 8,124,883.00100.0% $ 2,027,232.00

17 SFOS Faculty Meeting 17 Research programs are strong. $16,040,927 last year (FY05) Third year in a row over $16M Faculty have leadership roles in many projects – NSF BEST, Census of Marine Life, etc. Sea-going projects are decreasing. Where are we now?

18 SFOS Faculty Meeting 18 SFOS Budget – FY 05 - $23,769,015 Research 68% State Funds 22% ICR 8% Other 2% Over 75% of SFOS funds are research generated.

19 SFOS Faculty Meeting 19 Research Funding Distribution NOAA NSF DOI/MMS USDA AK Private/NPRB

20 SFOS Faculty Meeting 20 Pollock Conservation Coop. Research Center The PCCRC was established in February 2000 to improve knowledge about the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea through research and education, focusing on the commercial fisheries of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. Donations > $5.5M PCCRC funds are used to support the faculty research. Almost $2.3M has been awarded to 21 faculty for research and the Stevens Chair in Marine Policy is endowed.

21 SFOS Faculty Meeting 21 Where are we now? Most academic programs are ok. Fisheries graduate programs are in good shape. Undergraduate fisheries degree is on life support. Marine Biology is stable. Oceanography is losing faculty and taking too long for students to finish

22 SFOS Faculty Meeting 22 Where are we now? Faculty loses this year: Gerald Plumley, Oceanography Sathy Naidu, Oceanography Charles Hocutt, Fisheries Bob Fagen, Fisheries Ray Highsmith, Marine Biology Don Button, Oceanography Tom Shirley, Fisheries

23 SFOS Faculty Meeting 23 Mean Student Time to Degree MS Oceanography4.7 years Ph.D. Oceanography6.0 years MS Marine Biology 4.0 years Ph.D. Marine Biology5.6 years MS Fisheries3.7 years Ph.D. Fisheries 5.4 years

24 SFOS Faculty Meeting 24 Where are we now? We are meeting many diverse state and national needs in service and outreach. Sea Grant/MAP are highly regarded throughout the state. Fisheries and GPMSL faculty hold many national leadership positions

25 SFOS Faculty Meeting 25 Marine Advisory Program MAP response to the state's salmon crisis MAP involvement with Steller sea lion and other marine wildlife issues MAP involvement with shellfish mariculture MAP agents welcome hearing about research that is related to their communities

26 SFOS Faculty Meeting 26 Fishery Industrial Techology Center Federal funding has increased significantly in recent years. Faculty are working with an increasing number of students in all degree programs. Gulf Apex Predator program has drawn national attention.

27 SFOS Faculty Meeting 27 Institute of Marine Science Successful Arctic Ocean Explorations cruise with multi-PIs, significant press and outreach. Birds, mosquitoes and IMS? Hector Douglas Total IMS publications dated 2004: 49 journal articles and 1 book chapter In last five years, IMS publications have been cited over 2400 times. Total FY04 Restricted Fund Expenditures by IMS faculty was $5.25 million

28 SFOS Faculty Meeting 28 UAF scientists discover new species in Arctic Ocean Sunday front page of News-Miner and ADN article Drs. Rolf Gradinger, Bodil Bluhm, Russ Hopcroft, Terry Whitledge, Dean Stockwell, and Katrin Iken.

29 SFOS Faculty Meeting 29 Fisheries Division Full funding ($21.5M) by Alaska Legislature of new Juneau Center facility at Lena Point Graduated the 100th MS in Fisheries student since the founding of SFOS and 20th PhD since the founding (now working in Alaska for ADFG/NOAA Fisheries) 71% of M.S. and Ph.D. graduates work in Alaska Successfully launched biennial graduate field course in salmon management (coop between SFOS and UW SOFS; Milo Adkison & Ray Hilborn)

30 SFOS Faculty Meeting 30 Fisheries Graduate Employers Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game 20% U.S. Govt.

31 SFOS Faculty Meeting 31 Seward Marine Center/ASLC SMC given elevated status in SFOS NSF Director Bement and GEO Director Leinen visited on August 16 to see where the ARRV will dock. Tsunami Bowl (regional National Ocean Science Bowl a great success) Still have space for library.

32 SFOS Faculty Meeting 32 Alaska Region Research Vessel - NSF Length: 236 feet Beam: 48 feet Draft: 18 feet Endurance: 44 days Ice capability: 2.5 ft at 2.5 knots Scientists: 26 Crusing speed: 12 knots Design: complete NSF Funding: FY07? Completion: FY09

33 SFOS Faculty Meeting 33 Where should we be going? We should adopt a philosophy that everything we do can be done better – continuous improvement. We should understand that excellence only results from a dedication to improvement. We should build on our strengths and develop a distinctive identity for our school. We should develop a plan for excellence.

34 SFOS Faculty Meeting 34 Where should we be going? Academic Programs We need to assure we have the right faculty balance to deliver our academic programs effectively (FOF). We need to use distance delivery better to provide more courses at all locations. We need faculty governance procedures and participation that will set the standard for UAF.

35 SFOS Faculty Meeting 35 Where should we be going? Research We need to focus our energies on competitive research grants that attest to the quality of our faculty. We need to take leadership roles in major research initiatives. We need to be among the best in integrating teaching and research. We need to be able to fund the resources and facilities to compete.

36 SFOS Faculty Meeting 36 SFOS Facilities Space, both in Fairbanks and Juneau, is the most critical need (from UAF Academic Plan) Lena Point Building is now funded. Dock is a priority for the City of Seward. We will ask for OO building. UAF help with facility improvements in Fairbanks is not likely.

37 SFOS Faculty Meeting 37 Lena Point Site Plan NOAA UAF NOAA Ted Stevens Marine Research Center

38 SFOS Faculty Meeting 38 Where should we be going? Service and Outreach We need to take advantage of the resources available through MAP and Sea Grant. We need to increase the visibility of faculty and student activities. We need to have a demonstrable impact on society through our teaching, research and public service.

39 SFOS Faculty Meeting 39 Where should we be going? Students We need to find ways to help our students complete their degree programs in a more timely manner. We need to find additional sources of fellowships and assistantships. We need to put more effort into student recruiting.

40 SFOS Faculty Meeting 40 Rasmuson Fisheries Research Center The Center was founded in 1994 by Elmer E. Rasmuson with an endowment to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Now $5M+ RFRC funds are used to support the research of ten (10) graduate students who contribute toward the scientific or applied knowledge base of Alaska’s marine environs and resources.

41 SFOS Faculty Meeting 41 Where should we be going? Develop a long term (20 year) plan to become among the best in the nation. Hire new faculty to meet emerging needs Encourage faculty interactions with each other and their students.

42 SFOS Faculty Meeting 42 Where should we be going? We must find funds to sustain our program from outside UAF. We must take a leadership role in emerging research initiatives. We must increase fundraising activities. We must focus more attention on our academic programs and our students.

43 SFOS Faculty Meeting 43 Dean’s Priorities for 2006 Improve degree programs, especially undergraduate degree program in fisheries Secure the Alaska Region Research Vessel (ARRV) for UAF Increase funding levels for SFOS activities (fundraising) Develop a plan for facility improvements in Fairbanks Improve SFOS capabilities in graduate education and research through student recruitment & faculty development Improve SFOS administration and support functions

44 SFOS Faculty Meeting 44 UAF – School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

45 SFOS Faculty Meeting 45 Issues for this meeting P&T Organization Elect a committee with staggered terms Organization by discipline Academic Programs Distance Learning Curriculum Cmte Faculty hiring Student Concerns Student perceptions Student mentoring Time to degree Research Issues AOOS and BEST New opportunities for leadership

46 SFOS Faculty Meeting 46

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