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N e w G o o d i e s ! An ACEware Presentation With Lauri Thompson & Chuck Havlicek.

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1 N e w G o o d i e s ! An ACEware Presentation With Lauri Thompson & Chuck Havlicek

2 New Goodies Roughly divided into four categories: Dashboard changes Registration Course updates Administrative tools

3 Dashboard

4 Dashboard – F9 A User Defined fiscal year (Defaults to 07/01..) Time comparisons (more more more..) Differentiates between Student Manager and ACEweb registrations Remembers your scoping preference (Thanks Jan!) Dashboard Dollars no longer chops off Big Bucks… (for the wealthier programs among us!)

5 Registration

6 Zip Code Changes Update County When the county field on a name record has an entry AND When you change the zip code...

7 Changes to Voided Payments Voiding a payment that is grouped? Student Manager will ask if you want to void all payments with the same receipt number. The original pay type is now stamped in Pay Note Field

8 Mass Register Everyone from one class into another class New Scoping Options!

9 Firm Phone # Change on Name Screen

10 Name Clone Name Clone pastes entire email address

11 Course

12 Copy Course Info Alt + 3 Similar to Alt + 3 on name screen Thanks Elaine!

13 New Mass Reg Transfer Tool Module / Courses / Mass Registration Transfer

14 Course Code Transmogrification Tool Tools / Data Cleanup HINT: Try this one on a demo AND Don’t forget to backup first!

15 Catalog Import Tool

16 BIG Catalog Edit

17 Administrative Tools

18 Cleanup Tools are Cleaner! Firm cleanup sorts in “Pure” alpha order Code Cleanup allows mass deactivation (Applause optional but encouraged) Reports / Codes

19 When did we run that report last? Additional Report windows shows when report was last run

20 Invisible Backup Warning! System Admin (re: Diva / Head Honcho / Keeper of the Flame) can set level required to see backup warning

21 Speaking of the Keeper of the Flame... We have called them Top Dog Wording change on Password Maintenance Screen to “Set as Default”

22 Getting Rid of users… Now.. The user files are deleted also…

23 Credit Card Encryption User by User settings for Encryption must be Level 5 or above to view Tools / Password Maintenance

24 Export Firms for CASS Certification

25 Email Changes Create a custom salutation in DOEMAIL Also saves customized greeting Student Manager now saves the “Wait Between Email” options

26 But Chuck... How do we get these New Goodies?

27 Join us next time for... August 5th at 2:00, TurboCharging Registrations

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