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Pay-As-You-Throw Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) EPICS.

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1 Pay-As-You-Throw Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) EPICS

2 Project Members Udit Pandey (Project Leader) Yitian Hu (Treasurer) Huaxiahui (Anita) Huang John Townsend Taizhi Tan (Project Partner Liaison) Gaurav Srivastava Caroline Early Bhakti Khandagale (Recruitment Manager)

3 What is Pay-As-You-Throw? System where residents pay for Waste service based on trash put at curbside –Pay for only what you use Two Basic PAYT systems: Volume and Weight –Volume uses bags, tags or stickers –Weight uses various cans with varying sizes More than 5,000 communities in the U.S. practice PAYT

4 Organization Team break down: Education & Outreach Compilation of data Rate structure design

5 Education Compiling directions on educating residents from sources like: EPA website IDEM website Cities that have already introduced PAYT -East Lansing, Michigan -Bloomington, Indiana

6 Benefits of PAYT Environment sustainability Economic sustainability Equity Benefits to the city of West Lafayette Maximum capacity reached of current system Expansion and improvement of current facilities

7 PAYT Pricing Systems Rate Structures: - Fixed - Variable - Multi-Tiered Our recommendation – Multi-Tiered Steady revenue Residents have options Incentive to reduce waste

8 Proportional “ It creates the most direct relationship between trash amounts and price.”

9 Variable “In this the per unit price varies. Residents are usually billed based on their choice of subscription container size. ”

10 Multi-tiered “In this residents subscribe to a base level of service for which they pay a flat fee.”

11 PAYT for West Lafayette The definitions of trash and recyclables are kept the same as those of the sanitation department. Basic design: Two bin size systems with a provision for an extra bag. Convenience in terms of bags. Flat fee. Bulk item pick-up. Seasonal pick-up.

12 Work in progress… Bins provided by the city or will the residents buy them for trash and recyclables? Trash bin pickup rate. Monitoring officer appointment. Rates for bulk item pick-up. Brush- charged for the service? Seasonal pick-up charges. Fine system and penalties.

13 Information for West Lafayette – Our report will consist of: A compact and reader-friendly version of data from case-studies, education and outreach methods and justifications for our rate system. Trends in trash and recyclable generation for the next 5 years –Identify key areas that can be affected by PAYT –An example rate structure for West Lafayette Flat fee: $5.00Recycling pick-up: FREE 36 gallon: $4.00Seasonal pick-up: free 56 gallon: $6.00County donation: $40,000.00 Brush pick-up: $3.00 per bagRevenue generated from recyclables: $50,000.00 Extra bag cost: $3.00 per bag Bulk item fee: $10.00 for any bulk item

14 Trends in West Lafayette (with regards to recyclables)

15 A marked difference!

16 Case Study: East Lansing Sanitation services 1.Trash Easy Cart or City Trash Bag($1 each) 2.Bulk items $15 sticker 3.Yard Waste City Yard Waste Bag/sticker ($1 each) 4.Recycling Free 5.Special services(Spring Cleanup, Fall leaf collection etc.) Advantage and disadvantage

17 Case Study: Bloomington Sanitation services 1.Trash 1 City trash sticker($2 each) 2.Bulk items 2 City trash sticker 3.Yard Waste 1 City Yard Waste sticker ($1 each) 4.Recycling Free 5.Special services (Spring Cleanup, Fall leaf collection etc.) Advantage and disadvantage

18 Outreach Spreading Awareness –Website Video Helpful Links Question and Answer Forum –Brochure Explains PAYT and its need Explains EPICS –Survey

19 Need for a Website Contents of the site –What is PAYT? –Rate structure –Survey –Useful Information –Video –Contact Information

20 Need for a Survey Gauge current trash disposal and recycling habits. -Amount residents throw away and recycle -Customized Solutions Awareness of facilities and services currently provided.

21 Road Ahead Bring together a report for final presentation consisting of: Our recommendations –Compilation of Case studies –Multi-tiered Rate Structure –Enforcement policies –Education & Outreach

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