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Developing Your Student Organization at FGCU Presented by Sendi Colquitt Coordinator for Student Organization Development.

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1 Developing Your Student Organization at FGCU Presented by Sendi Colquitt Coordinator for Student Organization Development

2 AGENDA I.Organization Development II.EagleLink III.Event Planning Process IV.Resources

3 LEARNING OUTCOMES Gain knowledge and understanding of student organization resources, policies, and involvement opportunities. Develop collaborative relationships with student organizations, University departments, and community partners. Identify all aspects of a successful event/program. Familiarize oneself with the resources provided by EagleLink.

4 ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Policies, Procedures & Group Development

5 STARTING YOUR ORGANIZATION TIP: TIP: Make sure your advisor completes advisor training & the verification form Identify 1. Identify at least 4 officers & 1 advisor Create 2. Create a constitution to outline how you will function. Attend 3. Attend RSO Orientation & Treasurer Training Register 4. Register on EagleLink

6 OFFICER & MEMBER ELIGIBILITY Membership open any student enrolled at FGCU Undergraduat e Graduate GPA2.5+3.0+ Credit Hours96 ConductGood standingGood Standing

7 INELIGIBLE OFFICERS: APPEALS PROCESS September 5th Officer Eligibility checks conducted after September 5th September 9 th President, Officer & Advisor notified of ineligibility on September 9 th 5 business days Ineligible officer can submit appeal form to OSI within 5 business days Appeals Committee will review and make a decision

8 OSI RESOURCES Computer Stations Printing, copying & faxing o Printing (must have flash drive) o Copying – Black & White (colored paper); 50/day o Poster Machine – 4 per event (must have flash drive) Paper and Paint Supplies for Banners o Banners must be removed no later than 48 hours following the conclusion of the advertised event o Banners that advertise perpetual meetings or are general advertisement banners may be hung during the semester, but will be removed after two weeks if space is needed for additional banners.

9 RSO EMAIL REQUEST To request an email contact Sendi Colquitt at with the Subject line should be "Email Address Request" or "Password Reset Request" Name of primary contact UIN Organization Name For Email Address Requests: Provide the desired email address For Password Resets: Provide the current email address


11 HAZING Florida Gulf Coast University, Student Code of Conduct -- H. Hazing Hazing is:  A violation of the FGCU policy and Florida State Law  Typically in the form of physical risk or mental distress  harmful to individuals, groups, and the university  Found in all types of student organizations

12 STUDENT ORGANIZATION CONDUCT Examples include: Forgery, misuse of funds, misuse of alcohol, etc. 1.Probation 2.Restrictions 3.Disciplinary suspension or expulsion


14 STAGES OF GROUP DEVELOPMENT FormingStormingNormingPerforming

15 MEMBERSHIP, RECRUITMENT & RETENTION Elevator Speech Strengths Top Three Adjectives What do we stand for? What do we offer? Use everyday language No more than a minute long Strengths Top Three Adjectives What do we stand for? What do we offer? Use everyday language No more than a minute long The GRAPEs Principle Individuals join organizations for… Growth Recognition Achievement Participation Enjoyment Individuals join organizations for… Growth Recognition Achievement Participation Enjoyment

16 MEETING MANAGEMENT 5 Keys Have a clear agenda and goal Start on time, end on time Develop a decision-making system Follow-Up Keep Things Interesting Ideas to Change Up Meetings Invite outside speakers Theme meetings Food! Surprise outings Teambuilding Meeting

17 ADVISING YOUR ADVISOR Set expectations. If possible, choose someone who shares some of the same interests of your organization. Provide a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose as well as what will be required of them in their role, duties and time commitment. Determine what support looks like to you: Attending events Being present/available Encouragement Open communication


19 EAGLELINK: What Is It? Online platform to help student orgs on college campuses run more efficiently 1.Register your RSO 2.Submit domestic travel forms 3.Submit Event Planning Forms 4.Submit Senate Bills How-To log in tutorial on OSI website Benefits of EagleLink training in September

20 TRAVEL (Local & International) Domestic Submitted 3 weeks in advance on EagleLink Keep a copy of all emergency contact information for the duration of the tripInternational Paperwork completed 6 Months in Advance One officer must meet with Coordinator for Student Org DevelopmentInsurance FGCU does not provide insurance Not required for domestic travel Required for international travel

21 EVENT PLANNING Space Reservations, Forms & Resources, FAQS

22 EVENT PLANNING FORM Guides you through the risks and details of your event Must have confirmation of location whether on or off campus

23 EVENT PLANNING FORM: WHEN DO YOU NEED IT? Events held outdoors Events with alcohol Events in which food is served to the general public Events in which large crowds are anticipated Events that involve physical activity or in which a waiver is needed Events involving amplified sound (like DJs or bands) Events that involve performers, speakers, or other acts Events that involve one or more contracts or rentals Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands Events that involve minors on campus Events in which controversial and/or emotionally charged content may be involved Events in which national, state, or local appointed or elected officials or candidates will be present (not SG or RSO officers) Events in which media will be on campus Rallies/demonstrations Events in which a motion picture is being shown

24 EVENT PLANNING FORM: WHEN DO YOU NEED IT? Table reservations with the following: Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands Activities taking place in conjunction with the table reservation Any singing gram, flower distribution, art displays, animal display, or other type of activity

25 SERVING ALCOHOL? Follow these steps! 1)Attend a TIPS TrainingTIPS Training 2)Submit an Event Planning Form 3)ON CAMPUS Event: Complete Application for Serving Alcohol formApplication for Serving Alcohol form 4)OFF CAMPUS Event: Complete Alcoholic Beverage Request FormAlcoholic Beverage Request Form 5)Wristbands or stamping to identify those underage & those of legal drinking age 6)Provide 1 Sober Monitor per 25 guests

26 LIABILITY: WHO’S RESPONSIBLE? I.Event or Participant Waivers (optional) II.President’s Waiver (mandatory)

27 CAMPUS RESERVATIONS Coordinates all events and meetings Schedules over 14,000 reservations a year Classrooms, Ballrooms, Cohen Center Spaces, Library Lawn, Info Tables



30 PROCEDURES & VIOLATIONS 1.Rooms/Event details need to be confirmed 14 days in advance 2.Organization Officers/Members should make reservations (not Advisors and outside organizations) 3.Clean up after yourselves 4.Do not move furniture 5.Do not use facilities without reservations 1 st violation: warning and/or cleanup fee ($50/hour, $25/half hour 2 nd violation: next reservation within 30 days is cancelled and/or cleanup fee 3 rd violation next reservation within 90 days is cancelled and/or cleanup fee

31 CAMPUS REC, HOUSING OR ATHELTIC FACILITIES West Lake, North Lake, or South Lake Village - Housing and Residence Life: (239) 590- 1700 Reservations no earlier than October 1 for events on or after October 15. No reservations for the first 6 weeks of classes in North Lake Village or South Village Does not approve requests more than one month in advance Recreation Field and/or Outdoor Complex- Campus Recreation: (239) 590-7702 Athletic space in Alico- Auxillary Gym, Hospitality Suite, Lobby, Parking Lot, etc.- (239) 590-7306


33 LUNCH AND LEAD SERIES Wednesdays @ 12pm September 17 th October 15 th November 19 th December 3 rd

34 LEADERS LISTSERV Weekly newsletter of events & important RSO President automatically subscribed Submissions due Thursday Newsletter goes out every Monday ment/rso-resources.html ment/rso-resources.html

35 RSO ADVISORY COUNCIL Liaison to RSOs and OSI Composed of students from multiple RSOs Provides programs & services to RSOs Lunch and Lead Workshop Series RSO President’s Mixer Market Mondays Fall & Spring Involvement Fair Chair – Thieldens Elneus Co-Chair – Katy Reinke Marketing – Andres Velosa Public Relations – Laura Ospina Events – Norma Zambrano Leadership Development – Lindsey Hayes

36 September 5 th : RSO Registration Ends 10 th : Ineligible RSO Officers notified 17 th : Lunch & Lead Series 18 th : RSO President’s Mixer 22 nd -26 th : Nat’l Hazing Prevention Week 26 th : Leadership Summit October 10 th : Annual Budgets Due 15 th : Lunch & Lead Series 17 th : Eagle EXPO November 19 th : Lunch & Lead Series December 3 rd : Lunch & Lead Series January 1 st : SPR 15 RSO Registration opens 23 rd : RSO Registration closes 7 th : Spring Involvement Fair February 21 st : Eagle EXPO March 14 th : Dance Marathon April 17 th : Leadership and Involvement Awards September cont’d

37 WRAP UP Evaluations & President Waiver Questions?

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