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2013 Annual Amendment City of Tacoma Planning and Development Services Planning Commission Public Hearing March 20, 2013.

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1 2013 Annual Amendment City of Tacoma Planning and Development Services Planning Commission Public Hearing March 20, 2013

2 Presentation Outline  Overview  Proposals  Notification  Next Steps 2

3 Plan & Code  Comprehensive Plan: –Official statement for future growth and development –Consistent with state mandates and regional policies –26 elements  Development Regulations: –TMC Title 13 – Land Use Regulatory Code –Implement & consistent with the Comprehensive Plan 3

4 Plan & Code Amendments  Annual Amendments: –“No more frequently than once per year” (per GMA)  Purposes: –Meet legislative requirements –Keep information current –Maintain funding eligibility –Improve customer service 4

5 2013 Annual Amendment 5

6 7 Elements  Growth Strategy and Development Concept  Generalized Land Use  Transportation  Open Space Habitat and Recreation  Thea Foss Waterway Design and Development Plan  Ruston Way Plan  Shoreline Trails Plan 6

7 7 Chapters  1.37Transfer of Development Rights Program Administrative Code  10.14Driveways  13.02Planning Commission  13.04Platting and Subdivisions  13.05Land Use Permit Procedures  13.06Zoning  13.06ADowntown Tacoma 7

8 Process ( July June )  June 2012 Applications due  August 2012Assessment  Aug 2012 – Feb 2013 Analysis  Feb – Mar 2013Public Review  April 2013Recommendation  May 2013Council Review  June 2013Council Adoption 8

9 Summary of Proposals 9  #2013-01Drive-Through Regulations  #2013-02Countywide Planning Policies  #2013-04Transportation Element  #2013-05Shoreline Related Elements  #2013-06Land Use Designations  #2013-07Adoption and Amendment Procedures  #2013-08Platting and Subdivision Regulations  #2013-09Sign Regulations  #2013-12Regulatory Code Cleanup

10 #2013-01: Drive-through Regulations  Where permitted: –Baseline requirements (driveways, windows, stacking lanes, setbacks, landscaping, buffers, bicyclists)  X Districts: –Additional requirements (stacking lanes behind building, visual screening)  Downtown and UCX-TD: –Located within a building  To minimize impacts: –Noise, visual, emission, conflicts with pedestrians 10

11 #2013-02: Countywide Planning Policies  Review for consistency  Policy enhancement recommended (for 2015 Update) 11

12 #2013-04: Transportation Element  Update Unfunded Projects (maintaining funding eligibility)  Incorporate “Environmental Justice” (consistent with VISION 2040) 12

13 #2013-05: Shoreline Related Elements  Rescind: –Thea Foss Waterway Design and Development Plan –Ruston Way Plan –Shoreline Trails Plan  Adopt by reference: –Tacoma Waterfront Design Guidelines –Public Access Alternatives Plan 13

14 #2013-06: Land Use Designations  Remove “Intensity” designations in all Mixed-Use Centers and Shoreline Districts  Add a “Shoreline” designation  Establish a framework to better align land use designations with zoning classifications 14 Proposed Land Use Designations: Single-Family Residential Multi-Family (low-density) Multi-Family (high-density) Neighborhood Commercial General Commercial Downtown Mixed-Use Center Urban Mixed-Use Center Community Mixed-Use Center Neighborhood Mixed-Use Center Light Industrial Heavy Industrial Parks and Open Space Shoreline

15 #2013-07: Adoption and Amendment Procedures  Develop work program in consultation with the City Council  Streamline processes  Consolidate procedures 15

16 #2013-08: Platting and Subdivision Regulations  Increase short plat max from 4 to 9 lots  Address associated issues: –Public notice for 5-9 lot short plats –Off-site/on-site improvements or bonding –In-lieu fee for open space dedication 16

17 #2013-09: Sign Regulations  Address on-site digital signs  Address associated issues: –Brightness, Size, Hours of Operation, Message Timing –Exemptions  Address minor related issues: –Pedestrian friendly signs in Mixed-use Districts –Feather signs –A-Board signs 17

18 #2013-12: Regulatory Code Cleanup  Key Changes Proposed: –Administrative Determination –Clearer authority for Equivalencies –Allowing variances in Downtown –Craft Production (new use category)  Purposes: –Correct errors –Clarify intent –Improve effectiveness 18

19 Outreach Efforts  Stakeholders: –Dome District –Port of Tacoma –MetroParks Tacoma –Chamber of Commerce –Master Builders Associations –Foss Waterway Development Authority –Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee –Public Works, Police, Legal, and Tacoma Public Utilities  General Outreach: –Neighborhood Councils and Community Council –Neighborhood Business District Associations –Master Builders Associations –Sustainability Commission –Blue Ribbon Panel 19

20 Notification 1.Public Hearing Notices (regular and special) 2.Public Notice Signs 3.60-Day Notices 4.Newspapers 5.Libraries 6.Website 7.Informational Session (3/13/13) 20

21 Next Steps (Key Dates)  March 20:Public Hearing  March 29:Hearing Record Closed  April 3:Review Comments / Revise Proposals  April 17:Commission Recommendation 21

22 Thank you, Staff  Planning and Development Services: –Stephen Atkinson –Elliott Barnett –Brian Boudet –Shanta Frantz –Cheri Gibbons –Dustin Lawrence –Jana Magoon –Ian Munce –Shirley Schultz –Lucas Shadduck –Lihuang Wung 22  Office of Sustainability: – Diane Wiatr  Community and Economic Development: –Nancy Grabinski-Young –Mike Murnane  Public Works: –Josh Diekmann –Jennifer Kammerzell  City Attorney's Office: –Jeff Capell

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