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Microsoft Outlook 2010 A Brief Tutorial for WVC SASS 2013.

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1 Microsoft Outlook 2010 A Brief Tutorial for WVC SASS 2013

2 What we will cover today Creating and populating your calendar Sharing your calendar Proposing meetings Managing your to-do list with the task manager Managing your email and using categories Setting up Out of Office messages Creating and sharing contacts

3 Creating A Calendar On the Home tab, select Open Calendar Choose Create New Blank Calendar Give your new calendar a name OR Right click in the calendar panel at left Select new calendar Right clicking on a calendar gives you access to changing colors, deleting it when obsolete, renaming and other fun options.

4 Populating Your Calendar Create a meeting by clicking start time and holding while dragging down to the end of the time desired. Type in name of meeting, with whom, location, etc. Use the note area for details like notes regarding topic, contact info, directions. Give yourself travel time

5 Sharing Your Calendar On Home tab, choose Share Calendar Request or invite a share On Home tab, choose Calendar Permissions Review permissions ◦Read only ◦Editing ◦Add and delete sharing permissions NOTE: Only works on your calendars

6 Proposing Meetings View others’ calendars Choose the shared calendars to compare Select a mutually open time Invite attendees Review responses Changing proposed meeting date/time Adding attendees Attachments and messages

7 Task Manager Allows you to track one-time and reoccurring tasks Provides automatic reminders Allows you to keep a log of tasks accomplished TO-DO……. ◦Demo creating a task ◦Review tasks accomplished

8 Managing email Reading pane views E-mail folders – IS server vs. your hard drive ◦Creating new folders on hard drive  Right-click My Personal Folder  Select New Folder and type name  Drag and drop e-mail to the folders created in My Personal Folder How to tell when you are reaching email limit ◦Go to File/Mailbox Clean-up  View available space  Click on Cleanup Tools/Mailbox Cleanup… to find old or large files ◦Control your destiny!  Dangers of emptying deleted files and auto-archiving in Mailbox Cleanup  Instead… manually sort, delete or archive e-mail

9 Categories and Flags Using Categories ◦Name and select a category  Click on Categorize/All Categories/New  Give the category a name  To assign a category to an e-mail, right click in Category column and select category ◦Using flags for e-mail  Right click in Flag column to select  Left click on flag to replace with checkmark ◦Sorting, Filtering, and Searching

10 Sending a Delayed E-mail For instance, you might want to send out a reminder a day or two before an event ◦Create an e-mail as usual  Click on the Options tab  Click on Delay Delivery  Check the button next to “Do Not Deliver Before”  Enter the delivery date and time  Click on Close ◦The e-mail will remain in your Outbox until it is sent ◦WARNING! Do not open the e-mail before it is sent as there seems to be a glitch in the program and the e-mail may not be sent on time.

11 Out of Office Automatic Reply Go to Automatic Reply ◦Choose the File Tab ◦Select Automatic Replies (out of office) Compose your message(s) ◦For internal email ◦For external email Select the dates to start and stop the automatic reply

12 Before, during and after vacation Before…delegate and enjoy! ◦Go to File/Account Settings/Delegate Access During…check e-mail online (only if you must) ◦WVC Website/Faculty-Staff/Web Mail Access ◦FirstName.LastName/logon password After… ◦Relieve delegate (or not!) ◦Use sorting and filtering to prioritize and simplify catching up on e-mail

13 Questions? Sign the roster to receive email copy of this presentation Feel free to call us with questions (Brenda x2668 or Tanya x2021) We hope to see you at the next SASS peer- training event on January 17. Future topics will be Class Scheduling, Contracts, and Omni Update. We love feedback and suggestions!

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