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Josephine County Solid Waste Agency Master Recycler Program March 1, 2010.

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1 Josephine County Solid Waste Agency Master Recycler Program March 1, 2010

2 Solid Waste in Josephine County

3 Solid Waste Agency City of Grants Pass and Josephine County Formed the Agency in 2001 Cave Junction joined the Agency in 2005 Membership

4 Solid Waste Agency Administers Five Franchise Agreements on behalf of:  City of Grants Pass (Allied Waste & Southern Oregon Sanitation)  Josephine County (Allied Waste & Southern Oregon Sanitation)  City of Cave Junction (Southern Oregon Sanitation) Rate Setting and Evaluation Audit and Oversight Marlsan Landfill Cleanup Primary Responsibility

5 Budget Policies No Employees allowed by IGA Contract for Management Service  Current Contract with City of Grants Pass 15% of all Gross Revenues to Environmental Liability Assurance Fund Excess Revenue Held in Fund Balance

6 BUDGET FY’10 REVENUE $1,624,700  Budgetary Fund Balance$ 1,321,700 Env Liab Assurance$ 581,335 Marlsan$ 480,000 Fund Balance$ 260,365  Environmental Program Fees$ 243,000  Interest$ 15,000  Excess Profit Payment$ 45,000

7 Environmental Program Fee Environmental Program Fee (EPF)  EPF is a $5.00 per ton fee collected on each ton of waste collected in Josephine County  Excess profits of Allied Waste and Southern Oregon Sanitation above 13% are split with Agency 50% - 50% Designed for:  Solid Waste Programs  Environmental Monitoring  Landfill Post-closure Maintenance  Remediation of Contaminated Sites  Other Actions Ordered by DEQ

8 BUDGET FY’10 EXPENDITURES $1,624,700  Operating Supplies$ 600  Contractual Services$ 33,612  Loan Payments$ 366,772  Project Costs$ 182,800  Household Hazardous Waste Event$ 30,000  Charges for Services$ 4,300  Capital Outlay (Marlsan)$ 134,244  Contingency / Reserve$ 797,372 Contingency$ 75,000 Operating Reserve$ 177,337 Env Liability Assurance$ 620,035

9 Marlsan Landfill Remediation Project City Issued Full Faith and Credit Debt Agency Assures Debt with Environmental Program Fees Marlsan Financing  $1,500,000 debt  First payments - June, 2004  Scheduled last payment – December, 2013  Early payoff – June, 2010

10 Approved FY’08 Projects Josephine County Litter Cleanup$6,000 Total Approved$6,000

11 Approved FY’09 Projects City of Grants Pass Code Enforcement$24,000 Clean Forests Project$14,100 Josephine County Litter Cleanup$6,000 RCC Recycling $37,345 Total Approved$81,445

12 Approved FY’10 Projects City of Grants Pass Code Enforcement$20,000 Clean Forests Project$17,250 Josephine County Litter Cleanup$6,000 Kerby Landfill Maintenance$42,000 Woodson Reservoir Asbestos Abatement$16,000 RCC Recycling $25,458 Marlsan and Kerby Landfill Monitoring $54,800 Total Approved$181,508

13 Upcoming Projects Curbside Yard Waste Collection Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal Prescription Drug Take Back

14 Solid Waste Agency Revenues

15 Solid Waste Agency Resources

16 Solid Waste Agency Expenses

17 City of Grants Pass Solid Waste Merlin Landfill  Closed approximately 1998  Ongoing environmental monitoring  Methane gas collection  Site maintenance  Fuels reduction & reforestation JOGRO™ Co-Composting Facility  Wastewater Treatment Biosolids  Vegetative waste  Wood waste collection Allied Waste Transfer Station

18 Solid Waste Agency & City of Grants Pass Solid Waste QUESTIONS ?

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