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Introducing FloodSax Features & Benefits Comparison Application Examples Overview.

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2 Introducing FloodSax Features & Benefits Comparison Application Examples Overview

3 Features Conformity 100% Biodegradable 5 year guaranteed shelf life Rapid activation – 1 lb. to 45 lbs. in < 5 min. Holds up to 5.5 gallons

4 Recent television interviews with me by Fox26News, KHOU (CBS) and KPRC2 (NBC) and ABC on company product and its value to the public. Fox 26 News KPRC2 /1735978/21120174/-/1459epz/-/index.html KHOU TV Channel 11 KTRK ABC 13

5 Disaster Defense Systems, LLC 2951 Marina Bay Drive Suite 130-119 League City, Texas 77573 832-327-9350



8 Benefits Deployment –S–Speed –E–Ease Transport Freeze / Thaw 90 Days Against Fluid Storage –“–“Insurance Policy” –W–Warehousing Comparison Disposal –C–Clean –D–Dirty

9 Ease of Storage FloodSax come sealed and boxed, no special storage needs Three individual bag sizes, 1 Common shipping box for easier pallet storage A Single 40 Foot high top container, holds enough FloodSax to replace approx. 600,000 lbs. of sand (Est. 20,000 sandbags @ 30 lbs.)

10 Comparison FloodSax vs. Sandbags Sandbags – Messy and heavy – Large coordinated labor effort – Unwieldy to lift and handle – Difficult to transport – Can deteriorate (replace regularly) Rodents UV Rays Freeze / Thaw – Storage challenges – Deploy protection, hoping you don’t need it – Additional costs

11 Comparison FloodSax vs. Sandbags – Only deploy when actually needed – No tiny grains like sand spill out – Can be expanded in water right next to deployment – Convenient – can even use floodwater to activate – Easy to store – vacuum packed to save even more room – Can be packed up tightly and carried around in work vehicles – Can be available on-hand immediately for any flooding emergency indoors or our – Far cleaner and easier to handle indoors – Lightweight before they are used, with the heavy duty bag weighing just 1 lb. – Can be used by people who can not lift sandbags – Hundreds can be taken to the scene quickly by one person in a car – Roll one up and put in the toilet or floor drain to block dirty water – FloodSax don’t need sand – one of the earth’s natural resources – and so save the environment

12 Application Examples Flash floods Flood mitigation Directional control Seepage Flood cleanup Plugging / Sealing Other fluids Lift Station cleanup Tree Planting Leaking Pipes / Water Heaters

13 After the flood So the water has receded now what? –F–FloodSax can be used to absorb the remaining water in the cleanup effort –F–FloodSax can be mulched and dispersed in parks and gardens, remember each heavy duty bag is holding 5.5 gallons of water




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