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Four Strategies Toward Filling the Governance Toolkit at Memorial University.

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1 SPRINGCLEANING@MUN Four Strategies Toward Filling the Governance Toolkit at Memorial University.

2 Data governance How do you start? How do you do it effectively? How do you get buy in?

3 Backyard Cleanup Community Cleanup

4 DATA CLASSIFICATION DATA MASKING Cleaning up our own backyard

5 C&C data classification policy A guideline A framework A shared language A unit-specific standard

6 The classes

7 Responsible roles We all have a part to play. Data Owner Governs the administrative data. Data Steward Classifies and manages administrative data for a given business data domain. Data Custodian Safeguards administrative data Data User Uses data responsibly.

8 Related policies ATIPPA – NL Privacy Act PHIA - NL Health Record Privacy Act PIPEDA - Canadian Privacy Act EDS – Electronic Data Security Memorial University Policy

9 C&C data classification kick-off event Tuesday May 13 2014

10 The invitation

11 Here are the classes. LET’S KNOW THEM.

12 Keep it safe. KEEP IT SECURE.

13 HOW IS C&C USING ITS DATA CLASSIFICATION POLICY? Real examples. From our staff.

14 The elevator speeches Bill Downey, PMO Michael Windsor, Service Desk Don Bryant, TSG C&C Data Classification Kick-off

15 The band from left to right: David Pierce, John Martin, Melanie Burgess, Barbara Dawson, Heather Rhodes, Stephen Hennessey, Matthew Hare

16 our information in four classifications protection for all when we classify it is time to specify the purpose of data Haikus

17 Measures of success 130 staff > 93 staff attended kick-off > 100 mugs handed out 7 units classifying data

18 Data Masking

19 Meta-data – known sensitive data (SIN, DOB) Actual-data – potential sensitive data Discovery

20 Masking Functional masking document (FMD) Techniques Date skew Substitution Static view

21 Refresh DEVL DB Locked copy of PROD The Plan


23 Enterprise reporting tools empowering end users access defined by business need

24 Business needs common needs and differences consistent data for KPIs ad hoc reporting detailed report specifications report inventory data dictionary

25 Gaps authorization needed data not available in ODS data synchronization training

26 Identity and Access Management legally bound to protect right people right tools right time

27 Current state

28 Future state

29 Increase service delivery identity 1 password way data flow system Strategy

30 Your experiences Your plans Your strategies Discussion

31 Presenters John Martin Manager of Application Production Support Heather Rhodes Business Analyst Enterprise Application Services Computing & Communications Memorial University

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