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1:00 PM Presented by Autumn Roper Northeast Ohio Management Information Network Library User Group Library User Group April 16, 2013.

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1 1:00 PM Presented by Autumn Roper Northeast Ohio Management Information Network Library User Group Library User Group April 16, 2013

2 Attendance Using Google Demo by Paula Baco, TCTC

3 INFOhio User Council NEOMIN is still looking for a second representative – Term: Now thru June 30, 2014 “Licensed educator actively involved with school libraries” Next council meeting: – June 13, 2013 at OHIONET in Columbus (10-3pm)

4 Funding INFOhio INFOhio has been allocated an additional 1.1 million in addition to the flat funded regular operating funds of $1,440,000. This is in response to a Special Funding Request FY14/15 For Three Essential Digital Content Resources and Instructional Support $ 1,451,500 per year submitted in December. “PLEASE NOTE: There is still a LONG way to go before June 30, and they have final confirmation of the funds. It will be a struggle to keep the dollars there, but gosh, it's a struggle that we're up to - right? RIGHT!” Terri Fredericka, Feb 13

5 Funding INFOhio INFOhio in the House budget… –“Is funded exactly the same as it was in the Governor's budget - - no change. Two down and one to go! Just had to share.” Terri Fredericka, April 9, 2013

6 Funding INFOhio Subsidy monies from MCOECN are gone FY14! – This year NEOMIN received $13,124 to offset library services costs NEOMIN paid this year: – Shared server $12,700 – SirsiDynix Licensing / Maintenance $24,000 (based on ADM)

7 Spring Workshops @ NEOMIN Database Cleanup – Friday, May 3 rd (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM) NEOMIN Lab Inventory 101 – Tuesday, April 30 th (8:30 AM – 11:30 AM) NEOMIN Lab Annual Reports: Statistics & Collection Analysis – Tuesday, April 30 th (12:30 PM – 3:30 PM) NEOMIN Lab – Thursday, May 30 th (12:30 PM – 3:30 PM) NEOMIN Lab

8 Spring Workshops @ NEOMIN KAPCO Book Repair Workshop (handout) – May 14 from 1-4PM

9 FactCite Preview Statistics NEOMIN preview of FactCite ended on March 31 Usage statistics: – 3500 searches! – There was interest in American history, Biographies, and Greek & Roman Mythology – Group purchase interest?

10 End-of-Year Checklist Suggestive Tasks (handout)

11 Database Cleanup Review Bibliographic/Item Cleanup – Titles with no copies (xx call numbers) (Handout) – Cleanup of shelf location, call numbers, item groups, price, pub year, material types (using Excel) – Review/weeding based on Total Number of Checkouts, Last Checkout Date, Inventory Date (using Excel)

12 Database Cleanup Review Patron Maintenance Issues – Run a patron list (PAT: List Users) of those with an expiration date of “NEVER”. Remove these users if expired (withdrawn or graduated) If you have many with NEVER, contact Autumn

13 Database Cleanup Review Overdues/bills for Students that will move to another building in the district – Run a final overdue notice report – Determine your district policy for carrying over library fees – Use Paying Bills wizard to forgive the fees that a student owes – If the student has items checked out, it is recommended that you mark these items LOST and generate a bill for the item. If the item is returned to another building at a later time, the bill will be removed, and the item will go INTRANSIT to be returned to the owning library

14 Year End Reports Review reports with group – These reports are covered at Annual Reports training (April 30, May 30)

15 Doing an Inventory? You can inventory one item group (ex. Fiction) if you do not wish to inventory everything – Weed the collection, marking items to DISCARD – Scan the item group (the “Set Inventory” date report will account for all items that are checked out and mark them as inventoried) – Run reports after uploading your scan file to determine what’s missing – Finalize – Marks the missing items as “MISSING” in the system

16 Compulsory Return Dates Amy Mark – Howland Heather Antonucci – Girard Danica Parma – Conneaut Karen Trukovich – Maplewood Carol Sturgeon – LaBrae Caroline Hines – Niles Chris Root – Pymatuning Valley Terry Clutter – Southington Pati Fergus – Liberty Paula Baco – TCTC Amy Slade - Hubbard Jane Jones – Brookfield Genevieve Gigliotti – Lordstown Barb Rubosky – Grand Valley Charlotte DiTommaso, Joy Angelo, Terry Madej, Marisa Facchini – Warren Jane Snowberger – Lakeview Holly Buente – Weathersfield Jamie Vendetti – Grand Valley James Parry – Mathews Deborah Small - Badger 2013-2015 CRD’s set for:

17 Compulsory Return Dates Check your CRD/policies website: and click on Attendance Module

18 Compulsory Return Dates Type “admin” and press enter Click on the “Other…” button Click on the “Policies” button Select your district from the drop-down

19 FY14 Library Calendars LIB1 Users – Enter next year’s closed school dates Make sure all buildings in your district have their calendar updated for FY14!

20 District/Building ICoach Application Nominate teachers and librarians who might be interested in becoming a FY14 INFOhio District/Building Level Icoach To support the teaching and learning of INFOhio resources while strengthening the technology skills of students, teachers and staff.

21 District/Building ICoach Application Accepting applications through Tuesday, April 30 th with notification of program acceptance by Friday, May 24 th The training schedule will occur between June to August 2013.

22 Mass-Adding of Lexiles WHY? Helps teachers with Quantitative Dimension of Text Complexity The “quantitative dimension of text complexity” refers to those aspects—such as word frequency, sentence length, and text cohesion (to name just three)— That are difficult for a human reader to evaluate when examining a text.

23 Mass-Adding of Lexiles DIBELS have correlation to Lexile levels “Each year, hundreds of thousands of students in grades 1-3 receive DIBELS ORF scores. By converting scores from DIBELS 6th Edition into corresponding Lexile® measures, educators and parents can match young readers with books and other materials that are targeted to their individual abilities and interests.” Source linkDIBELSlink

24 Mass-Adding of Lexiles Mitinet now offering: Full Circle Support Only Scaled down version of Full Circle Support for INFOhio schools and districts. Includes: 1. L exiles 2. AR 3. Fountas & Pinnell 4. Scholastic Reading Counts 5. Subject Heading Updates for LOC AND LOCC 6. National and State Award Notes

25 Mass-Adding of Lexiles Updates limited to 2 runs per 1 year subscription. – All schools in a district must subscribe. – Allowed to bundle districts together within ITC to get better pricing. – Once you have the reading program info it is yours forever. – Reading program updates can be tailored to each school. i.e. Lexiles and Mitinet Measures for all, AR for Elementary schools only, etc..

26 Mass-Adding of Lexiles Mitinet Measures™ are added to records that do not have a Lexile Measure already. Mitinet Measures are not matched for every book. As Common Core goes on, more publishers will have Lexiles done for their books; both new titles, as well as older titles.

27 Mass-Adding of Lexiles Lexile Measures and Mitinet Measures™ Chart (showing % matched)


29 Symphony 3.4.1 Service Pack 3 SirsiDynix to release SP3 in Spring / early Summer – INFOhio will apply SP3 to all ITCs in June – Cumulative – Includes enhancements / bug fixes of SP1 & SP2 – Will require update to WorkFlows

30 NEOMIN Customer Service Survey Survey ends June 7, 2013 ** NOT AVAILABLE YET **

31 Enjoy your summer !

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