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1-866 COST HLP (267-8457) William J. Hombach 540-751-(TEAM) 8326

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1 1-866 COST HLP (267-8457) William J. Hombach 540-751-(TEAM) 8326

2 We’re a Service Disabled, Vet Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB) located in Loudoun County, VA that specializes in cost management, cost model development, historical cost collection & analysis, and independent cost estimating & reviews. Dun & Bradstreet gave Team Analysis a 96 percent overall performance rating during a recent Performance Evaluation. 96% D&B Overall Performance Rating

3 We can help you harness your historical project cost for more accurate budget formulation. We offer independent cost estimates and/or reviews, and training to support QA/QC efforts. We give you the tools you need to perform advanced cost analytics and instant budget formulation.

4 For over eight years we have been helping the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management, Consolidated Business Center (DOE EMCBC) design, develop, and implement an historical cost collection system to collect historical project data from over 278 of their Decontamination & Demolition (D&D) projects. This work includes collecting, analyzing, and normalizing all costs associated with D&D facilities such as the Rocky Flats site. We are one of a few experts the DOE turns to for understanding their D&D costs. Learn more about our work on the Environmental Cost Analysis System (ECAS) at For DOE

5 We are currently providing on-site training at each Naval Facilities Engineering Command Center on Cost Estimating for Environmental Restoration (Preparing Defensible Government Estimates). The Navy understands that under, or over, estimating the cost of an environmental project causes an increase in the overall cost of the project. Our training courses offer effective strategies and business practices for preparing IGEs that improve the quality of cost estimates and subsequently reduce the costs of executing ER projects. For Navy Learn more about our training courses at

6 Parametric estimating employs techniques that analyze the relationships between a project's technical, programmatic, and cost characteristics. Our cost engineers define these relationships in algorithmic models called Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs) to produce cost estimates. With cost models, our clients can quickly develop management estimates and capture company know-how from individuals throughout their organization for high- level business forecasting and budget formulation. Forecast Costs Product Development Forecasting Operations Marketing & Sales Budget Formulation Liability Estimating Financial Reports Mergers & Acquisitions Feasibilities Studies What-If Scenarios

7 Tools We Offer Nearly 200 cost models for estimating environmental cleanup technologies & activities, full life- cycle remediation and restoration costs. IDEAL is an advanced estimating system for developing and running cost models. IDEAL integrates with Excel, providing instant deployment of existing models.

8 1.Capture high-level business process knowledge and develop a cost model in IDEAL. 2.Then run the cost model for budget formulation, what-if’s, etc. 3.After project completion, adjust the model using historical data to identify statistical relationships between cost and design parameters. Used during the conceptual and preliminary planning phases of a project, where costs are difficult to estimate due to limited information.

9 E NVIRONMENTAL R EMEDIATION C OST M ODELS Over 12 Years in use by NASA, Navy, etc. Over $8 Billion in projects budgeted += Proven. The ENVision Cleanup Cost Models are a powerful suite of cost models for estimating environmental remediation used by multiple organizations, including NASA and Navy, to budget their environmental remediation projects. With ENVision you can estimate ER costs faster than traditional estimating in a less error-prone and more efficient way. Learn more at

10 1-866 COST HLP (267-8457) William J. Hombach 540-751-(TEAM) 8326 Thank You! DUNS # 011460925 Cage Code # 1P2H2 GSA Contract: GS-23F-0035Y SIN: 520-13 CCR Registered: Yes On GSA Advantage®

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