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May 6 th, 2014 FAR Meeting 1. 2 Welcome Douglas Hartzler HCM PeopleSoft Lead.

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1 May 6 th, 2014 FAR Meeting 1

2 2 Welcome Douglas Hartzler HCM PeopleSoft Lead

3 Agenda UTShare/PeopleSoft Cutover Timeline Post Go-Live Tentative Project Timeline Changing to UTShare/PeopleSoft Interim Workflow Approval Process PSSC Support Training Opportunities Q & A with Panel 3

4 UTShare/PeopleSoft Cutover Timeline 4

5 5 Midnight April 30 th – May 4 th : Data conversion from DEFINE to PeopleSoft occurs. May 5 th – May 12 th : UTSA central processing departments (back office) performs conversion validation and cleanup. May 13 th : First day of UTSA Department access to UTShare/PeopleSoft. When is UTShare/PeopleSoft Initial Go-Live at UTSA?

6 May 2014 Go-Live is Expected to be Challenging 1.Central Processing areas (Back Offices) workload increase due to: Manual data corrections required in PeopleSoft to clean-up conversion issues from DEFINE. Manual workarounds necessary to address system issues discovered during testing. 2.“Interim” workflow approval processes (routing) will occur outside of UTShare/PeopleSoft. 3.Service levels will decrease for 3-6 months until both department and back office staff fully adapt to the new system. 6

7 7 Post Go-Live Tentative Project Timeline

8 Deployment Timeline 8

9 Post Go-Live Tentative Project Timeline June – September 2014 UTShare/PeopleSoft is used to conduct campus business. UTSA will use SharePoint Interim Workflow Solution forms for approval workflow processes. October- February 2015 UTShare/PeopleSoft functionality expanded for campus business. Full PeopleSoft functionality and automated approval workflow are deployed and UTSA’s Interim Solution forms are no longer used. 9

10 10 Changing to UTShare/PeopleSoft

11 Guide For The Transition To UTShare/PeopleSoft Major business process changes that impact: Employees “Reports-to” Supervisors Timekeepers Department Administrative Staff Department Managers (Unit Administrators) Available on the UTShare Change Management page 11

12 Major Changes Centralization of position and job data entry in Human Resources Interim workflow approvals outside of PeopleSoft New Chart of Accounts structure 12

13 13 Interim Workflow Approval Process Highlights Rene Paniagua FMS PeopleSoft Lead

14 Interim Workflow Approval Process Highlights UTShare/PeopleSoft functionality deployed in phases:  Approval workflow (routing) will be enabled in late 2014  The phased deployment approach will allow Shared Services to work through changes, as needed. Interim approvals will occur outside of UTShare/PeopleSoft:  UTSA’s SharePoint Interim Workflow Solutions forms (for eight processes)  Newly designed paper forms  Inter-office departmental requests via email 14

15 Interim Workflow Approval Process- Functions SharePoint FMS Functions 1.Purchasing 2.Travel Authorization 3.Expense 4.Non-Purchase Order Voucher HCM Functions 1.New Position Request 2.Position Change Request 3.Non-Benefits Eligible Hire/Rehire 4.Time & Absence Reporting (Employee Timesheets) 15

16 Interim Workflow Approval Process-Functions Other Methods FMS Functions Budget Transfers (Email) HCM Functions Funding Positions (Email) 16

17 17 Accessing UTShare/PeopleSoft

18 Access UTShare/PeopleSoft Navigate to the MyUTSA website and select the UTShare/ PeopleSoft link 18

19 UTShare/PeopleSoft Log-in for UTSA 1.Type in UTSA 2.Select the Continue button 19

20 1.Enter your MyUTSA ID 2.Enter your Passphrase 3.Click the Log In button UTShare/PeopleSoft Log-in 20

21 21 PSSC Support

22 o Call the PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC) at 458-SPOC (7762) o Visit the UTShare Website, click the SPOC icon o Email For UTShare/PeopleSoft questions, contact: 22 For policy specific or business process related questions, contact the Human Resources, Finance or Purchasing departments. PeopleSoft - Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

23 23

24 24 Thank You!

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