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Dissection Safety Biology 1407/1409. Dissection Safety Terms.

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1 Dissection Safety Biology 1407/1409

2 Dissection Safety Terms

3 Dissection Safety Equipment Considerations Protective gloves, aprons Protective eyewear are dissection necessities

4 Dissection Safety Rationale Dissection of preserved organisms is an integral part of many life sciences courses Respect

5 Dissection Safety Scalpel Safety Hold a scalpel as you would a pencil Cut with a downward motion but never push down very hard to make a cut (If extreme pressure is required, you have a dull scalpel or require a different instrument)

6 Dissection Safety Scalpel Safety Cut away from the body and away from other students Do not use excessive force when working with sharp instruments Use scissors instead of scalpels wherever possible

7 Dissection Safety Scalpel Safety Watch the placement of your specimen- holding hand Do not cut toward your holding hand Scalpels are not appropriate for bone or cartilage tissue work

8 Dissection Safety Cleanup and Disposal of Preserved Materials Proper cleanup and disposal of dissected materials is critical –Animal Waste –Chemical Waste –Gloves and paper towels Plenty of soap and water should be used after all dissection work and adequate time should be provided for the proper cleanup of materials and

9 Dissection Safety Read ahead –Expect Pre and Post quizzes –Expect Pre and or post lab reports

10 Questions & Discussion

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