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Avtex Fibers Superfund Site Cleanup and Redevelopment Front Royal, Virginia Owner/Developer Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority.

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1 Avtex Fibers Superfund Site Cleanup and Redevelopment Front Royal, Virginia Owner/Developer Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority

2 Location Map 100 Kilometers West of Washington, DC

3 Site Map

4 Circa 1945

5 Site History u Fiber Plant from 1940 to 1989 u Produced Rayon, Polypropylene and Polyester u Wastes: Viscose, Sulfate Sludge and Fly Ash u Site added to Superfund list in 1986 u Abrupt Shut-down in 1989 due to Environmental Issues

6 August 1998

7 Superfund Project History u June 1986: Site listed on NPL u 1986 - 1988: Avtex conducted focused remedial investigation u 1989 - 1992: EPA performed Emergency Actions u 1990 - present: FMC operates on-site treatment plant u 1993 - 1996: FMC and EPA conducted site-wide RI u 1996 - 1998: EPA removed high-impact buildings u 10/98 - present: FMC takes over site cleanup work

8 High-Impact BuildingRemoval

9 Milestones u FMC/EPA Settlement –Consent Decree effective October 1999 –FMC paid portion of EPA’s Past Costs –FMC to conduct Future Work u Avtex Bankruptcy Resolution –Plan of Reorganization effective 11/99 –EDA takes Title to Property 3/00 –Environmental Conservation Easement sets future use

10 Superfund Cleanup Work u Decontamination and Demolition of Buildings u Sewer Plugging and Removal u Sulfate/Fly Ash Basin Closures u Old Landfill Improvements u Viscose Basin Remediation u Soil and Groundwater Remediation u Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

11 Complete Building Removal Actions

12 Conduct Basin Closures

13 Superfund Redevelopment Pilot u EPA Announces New Initiative at Avtex –EPA Administrator announces Initiative in July 1999 –Support from VA Delegation (Wolf, Warner, Robb) –U.S. Soccer Foundation grants soccer complex u EPA Grant ($100k) –Funds to EDA for land-use controls and Superfund remedy planning consistent with Brownfields efforts and reuse plan –First awarded Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Grant

14 Conservancy Park Master Plan u Superfund Basin Closure Design integrated with Future Park Plan u Stakeholder Planning Process –EDA, EPA, VADEQ, FMC –Local Officials and Citizens u 10 Workshops in 1999/2000/2001 u Master Plan approved by Town, County and Stakeholders

15 Multi-stakeholder Process

16 Conservancy Park Master Plan

17 Redevelopment Program u Reuse Study prepared by NARAS in 1998 u Formally Adopted by Town/County u Commercial/Industrial Use of 170 Acres East of RR Tracks - Eco-Industrial Park u Active Recreation (Soccer Fields) on Property - 31 Acres u Passive Recreation and Wildlife Conservancy on 240 Acres West of Railroad Tracks

18 Brownfields Work (beyond Superfund) u 40 acres of abandoned and degraded buildings u Cost estimated at $15-20 million for asbestos abatement and demolition u US Army COE to conduct work for EDA u $14 Million Federal Appropriations FY1999-2001 u Fully integrated planning and logistics between Brownfields and Superfund work

19 Intergovernmental Funding (Abatement, Demolition,Rehabilitation) u FY 99 $275K HUD EDI Grant u FY 00 $5.0 mm DOD, FUDS, ACOE u FY 00 $925K HUD EDI Grant u FY 00 $100K EPA SRI Grant u FY 01 $7.0 mm DOD, Water Resources, ACOE u FY 01 $644K HUD EDI Grant u FY 01 $100K Virginia Derelict Structure Grant Total to Date: $14,044,000

20 Demonstration Project u Historic Rehabilitation u Rehabilitate the 1940 Avtex Admin. Building –Provide a Demonstration Project –Reduce Energy Consumption –Improve and Maintain Interior Environment –Restore “Balance” to the Site –Re-Use, Recycle and Specify Appropriate New Materials –Specify “Green Design” Components u ACOE Abatement - Completed April 2001 u Rehabilitation Contractors to complete 2002




24 Time Critical Removal Actions u Since 2006: Time Critical Removal Actions Completed u USACE Removed 65 Acres of Manufacturing Buildings u 200 Tractor Trailer Loans of Asbestos were Removed u 4 Fly Ash Basins Closed u 5 Sulfate Basins Closed u 11 Viscose Basins To Be Closed

25 Recycled Materials u 18,000 gallons of fuel oil were recycled u 25,000 tons of steel were recycled u Thousands of tons of lead, copper, Brass & Bronze u 15,000 Tons of Recovered Coal

26 Reused Materials u 1 Million Cubic Yards of Non-hazardous Fly Ash used for Basin Fill & Grading u Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Concrete, Brick Rubble were Reused for Onsite Drainage and Fill u Excavated Material Reused for Basin Cover Soil

27 Future Business Park Vision u Technology Eco-Business Park u “Green” Covenants u 5-10 acre Parcels u Attract Technology Firms u Provide Quality of Life u Integrate Business, Recreation and Community u Market Positioning



30 Master Plan


32 Project Budget u Environmental Remediation –$80 Million (EPA/FMC) u Asbestos Abatement/Demolition: –$15-20 Milllion (EDA, HUD, DOD) u Admin Building Rehabilitation: –$1.5 million (HUD, EDA) u Infrastructure & Building Construction: –$100 Million (TBD)

33 Public Archive u To preserve and showcase the contributions and heritage of those who built and operate the plant from 1939 through 1989 u To document the Superfund process of environmental remediation and responsible redevelopment of this resource u To educate the public about the principles of sustainable development and eco- entrepreneurialism u To provide a repository of information for public education and future research

34 Interpretive Center u Become the “gateway” for visitors to both the Business Park and Nature Conservancy u Provide interpretive displays of both a permanent and topical nature u Provide a databased archive of historic documents and cultural heritage resource u Sponsor various activities of both a cultural and educational nature

35 Lessons Learned... u Vision & Stakeholder Involvement –Community must have a vision for the site –The vision must be created by a broad base of stakeholders –The vision must be championed by local elected officials –Vision lends credibility –Vision proves to potential funding sources that the community is unified in its efforts

36 Lessons Learned... u Partnerships/Intergovernmental Cooperation –Redevelopment of Brownfields sites is complex –Resources need to be secured from a variety of private, local, state and federal sources –Efforts must be made to assemble a team of officials that meet regularly to evaluate project needs

37 Lessons Learned... u Non-Traditional Development Techniques –Jobs can be created and taxes and profits can be generated using non-traditional development techniques –Opportunities associated with redevelopment using green and eco-industrial techniques have broadened the potential for success –New and evolving companies exhibit desire to locate and invest in non-traditional, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive facilities –Marketing efforts will focus on the uniqueness of the Eco- Park as development commences

38 Today …  In May 2003, the 14,000 square foot administration building was completely renovated under the requirements of the VA Department of Historic Preservation. Currently, EDA and Amerisist operate at this location. EDA is negotiating leases for Space B and Space E.  Soccer fields were constructed and are currently in use by the local Soccer League.  Demolition of all major structures was completed by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The Electric Substation was demolished in 2009

39 Pre Demolition 2000 Post Demolition 2008 And, Progress Continues …

40 Aerial Photo of Site 2014

41 FMC, EDA Donate Land for Community Soccer Fields and Skate Park

42 The 162 Acre “Business Park” area is clean and ready for reuse. This means that EDA can begin redevelopment process and proceed to recruit appropriate businesses to the site. Update : 2014


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