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Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT Retreat 18.5.2005.

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1 Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT Retreat 18.5.2005

2 Current Research Themes Creative communities -tools and platforms for creation -open content, open platforms, open processes -legal consequences (e.g. creative commons licenses) Social behavior related to media -sharing, discussion, publishing -meta-gaming -platforms and tools (Mobshare) Mixing professional and personal media -template-based approaches -rich semantic metadata -peer-to-peer distribution (DiMaS) Modelling communities -dynamic nature of social networks -business structures, community economies

3 Current Projects  Mobile Content Communities -games, mobility, communities -mobile media creation and sharing in groups (Mobshare)  Rich Semantic Media for Personal and Professional Use (RISE) -consumer applications for semantic web -combining personal and professional media  Wireless Festival (WF) -media production and sharing in groups related to large events

4  leader -Dr. Marko Turpeinen  senior researchers -Dr. Giulio Jacucci (shared with UERG) -Dr. Timo Saari (shared with UERG)  doctoral students -Herkko Hietanen (shared with DE) -Tommo Reti (shared with DE) -Risto Sarvas  researchers -Fernando Herrera -Matti Rantanen -Sami Vihavainen  research assistants (master’s students) -Kai Kuikkaniemi -Vili Lehdonvirta -Janne Vuorenmaa

5 Academic Partners Industry Partners

6 Methodologies  Action research -Human-centric design -Scenario building and assessment -Prototyping and testing -Releasing tools and systems for open use -Building / supporting / nurturing communities  Analysis and modelling -Groups, communities and social networks -Social contexts -Value networks

7 Mobile Picture Sharing pictures taken and shared when mobile sociality in capturing, sharing, and viewing pictures user-created media content (Futurice)

8 Web-based prediction system with a mobile phone extension real sports Predicting of real sports and user’s own sports Prediction League Engine

9 Multi-User Publishing Environment  initiated by Nokia Research Center  rapid development of (mobile) multi-user context-aware applications and services  scripted client UI language  one client for all applications (MIDP 2.0)  context information from the network, or from each user client  Nokia Open Source license 1.0  

10 MUPELand Yard

11 My Personal Hockey Clip

12 Plans for future research themes Current research themes will continue New themes 1. Social uses of digital and print media  Immortalidad with KCL, Hewlett-Packard (?) 2. Open development communities  OSSI: OS business models, success factors, collab. with SoberIT 3. Open media creation in the workplace  Media@work (EU IST IP proposal) 4. Digitally active seniors  generativity, storytelling, social media  Emeritus: work-related communities and seniors 5. Socially intelligent media  FUGA - The fun of gaming: Measuring the human experience of media enjoyment (EU IST STREP proposal), psychological customization in multi-player games  persuasive media for promoting personal health

13 Open questions Research scope -core: digital media, sociability, enabling tools -… but many potential areas for expansion in terms of the application domain Collaboration -current  HIIT (UERG, DE, and wishing to collaborate more with CosCo)  TKK (SoberIT)  HKKK (CKIR)  m-cult  TaY (HyperMediaLab)  VTT (media technology)  USA: UC Berkeley (SIMS), MIT Media Lab -new  KCL  TAIK (media lab/ARKI, Lume/Crucible, ELO ?)  EU collaboration  research partner in China / Korea /Japan ?

14 More information/demos/code Digital Content Communities Research Group (HIIT)

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