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GeorgiaFIRST Financ Pre-Conference Workshop GeorgiaFIRST Financials Pre-Conference Workshop David Nisbet and Vikki Williamson September 17, 2014 9:00am.

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2 GeorgiaFIRST Financ Pre-Conference Workshop GeorgiaFIRST Financials Pre-Conference Workshop David Nisbet and Vikki Williamson September 17, 2014 9:00am – 11:00am

3 Agenda Introduction 9.2 Application Upgrade Schedule Goals and Objectives of 9.2 Upgrade Institutional Involvement Current 8.9 Production Institutional Retrofits Security Pre-Upgrade Cleanup Scope Institution Workstation Configuration Application Integration Demo of 9.2

4 Introduction Purpose – Enhance, streamline and improve business processes and operations Partnership with financial leadership at USG institutions Coordination with auditors Increased focus on functioning as a system

5 Upgrade Schedule May 2014 July 2014 September 2014 November 2014 January 2015 March 2015 User Acceptance Testing Final Go Live Scope Definition Detail Project Plan Complete System Testing Functional Specifications Creation Complete Unit Testing Institutional Retrofits Complete Application Configuration Project Planning Fit Gap Sessions CAO/BIC/BPC Approval Development Retrofits 10/31/2014 Fit Gap Preparation Complete Training

6 Goals and Objectives Reduce modifications Reduce complexity Increase standardization Improve Expense module functionality Increase automation of current manual processes

7 Goals and Objectives PeopleSoft Module8.9 Modification Total9.2 Modification TotalPercent Decrease Accounts Payable531964% Asset Management10190% ePro/GFM341750% Expenses341556% General Ledger321941% Purchasing24579% Total1877660% Modification Comparison 8.9 vs 9.2

8 Institutional Involvement Institutional Coordinator Responsibilities – Key Contact for your institution – Participate in scheduled project status meetings – Disseminate information from project team – Provide feedback – Identify appropriate staff for UAT & Go-live – Assist with coordination and scheduling training

9 Institutional Involvement Technical Representative Responsibilities – Central contact for all technical communications – Banner Integration: UAT (firewall changes, dblinks, etc.) Go-live cutover – User workstation setup and issues – PSQST (2-tier) access and institutional development

10 Institutional Involvement Institutional Retrofits Pre-upgrade Cleanup Security Setup Training UAT Production Cutover and Validation

11 Current 8.9 Production Development Freeze Resource Contention Clean up now

12 Security Security access review for changes from 8.9 to 9.2 – Job aids will be provided to identify role changes Dynamic role assignments New Workflow roles Attend the 9.2 Security session on Thursday at 3:30pm for more information

13 Pre-Upgrade Cleanup Examples Workflow – Various workflow changes – Transactions (Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vouchers, Travel Authorizations, Expense Reports, Journals, etc.) will need to be in a specific status. – Attend each of the 9.2 upgrade sessions for more information.

14 Pre-Upgrade Cleanup Examples ePro/Purchasing – Approve or close requisitions and Purchase Orders Assets – Must be run through transloader and cannot be in a pending status.

15 Pre-Upgrade Cleanup Examples AP Vouchers: – Vouchers should be matched and budget checked. – Vouchers should be posted. AP Pay Cycles/Payments: – Pay cycles must be in a completed status. – Payments should be posted.

16 Pre-Upgrade Cleanup Examples Journal Generate – All AP accounting entries (vouchers and payments) – All Expense module accounting entries 1099 Withhold Post – Run Post Withholdings for CY2015

17 Scope – Modifications What has happened since Fit Gap? Fit Gap recommendations posted on GeorgiaFIRST Financials website (Project information, PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Upgrade): fin/project_information/peoplesoft_financials_9.2_upgrade Chief Accounting Officers and Budget Issues Committee met and approved or denied recommendations.

18 Scope – Modifications Business Analysts completed initial tests to validate that mods where a PeopleSoft fix available can be dropped. Created functional specification documents. Collaborating with Technical team on how to simplify or reduce complexity.

19 Scope - Modifications Module 9.2 Online Mods 9.2 BOR Reports Total 9.2 Mods by Module 9.2 BOR Queries GL/KK194362 114 EX15116 23 ePro-GFM17118 PO5712 18 AP19625 36 SEC/PT120 2 AM178 31 ADP Recon232144 7 Common Remitter212647 6 Budget Prep241337 9 Payroll142135 18 Total Mods170152316 282

20 Scope - Modifications Accounts Payable – Approach - start with clean slate and drop most AP modifications in favor of delivered functionality. – Reality - we will have to keep some and have a few new modifications in 9.2 – Good news - able to reduce complexity and use delivered functionality that was previously not an option.

21 Scope - Modifications Accounts Payable - Significant Project Decisions and Changes – Standardized AP Check Printer Recommendation HP Troy – Signatures will be an image stored on network ITS will provide image requirements – AP Check files will be a PDF file Can eliminate use of SwiftView

22 Scope - Modifications ePro, Purchasing and GeorgiaFirst Marketplace – Dropping substantial amount of mods for ePro and Purchasing – New features like Pre-budget check – Trying to incorporate changes to address institutional needs (NIGP 5 digit codes, updates to the printed PO, etc.) – No GFM changes planned

23 Scope - Modifications Expenses – Emphasis on enhancements and maturing Expenses module by Oracle and ITS – This will help us broaden functionality – Dropping mods applied due to being behind on Oracle bundles/fixes. – Continuing to engage Fit Gap participants for input (personal/commute mileage). – Some configuration changes planned.

24 Scope - Modifications Asset Management – No significant changes – New Combo edit functionality – Attempting to deliver new AM reports to assist in balancing within AM module and Capital Ledger

25 Scope - Modifications General Ledger & Commitment Control – Explored dropping the ENCUMB Ledger but decision was made to keep it. – Mod that syncs Budget Reference with Budget Period is being dropped. – PCARD Functionality – keeping custom BOR table and file import functionality

26 Scope - Configuration Significant Project Decisions – Ledger Configuration Changes Update to how projects are budgeted – adding project_id to the ORG and APPROP ledgers Julie Thompson will cover this configuration change and the topics on the previous slide in greater detail in the 9.2 GL session Thursday.

27 Institution Workstation Configuration CHANGES Crystal Reports vs. BI Publisher – ORACLE no longer provides Crystal Reports – You may use your own version of Crystal Reports – PS and BOR delivered reports -> BI Publisher

28 Institution Workstation Configuration CHANGES Check Printing – Standard PDF format (Acrobat Reader) – SwiftView no longer needed New Spreadsheets – Voucher Load and Journal Load

29 Institution Workstation Configuration Most Workstations – no changes – If it works today is should work with the upgrade – Updated workstation installation guides

30 Institution Workstation Configuration Some Workstations – Budget and Journal load spreadsheets – Voucher Load spreadsheets – SwiftView no longer needed for person doing AP check printing!

31 Institution Workstation Configuration Advanced Users / Technical Staff – PSQUEST or SQL Developer (2-tier) access – Oracle 11g Installation Guide – PeopleTools 8.53 Installation Guide

32 Institutional Retrofits Institutional queries and developed reports Database(s) will be provided Query jump start reports will be provided Document of record changes (including BOR)

33 Application Integration BOR Payroll Benefits (ADP) Reconciliation Common Remitter Budget Prep

34 Budget Prep 9.2 Upgrade Budget Prep Bug Fixes and Enhancements : fin/project_information/peoplesoft_financials_9.2_upgrade – PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Upgrade: Budget Issues Committee (BIC) Budget_Prep_Fit_Gap_Items_Summary rev. 09/04/2014

35 Budget Prep 9.2 Upgrade Few highlighted Bug Fixes/Enhancements: – Budget Data Tab vs New Distrib Tab in Personal Services Update Pages not in sync. (BUG FIX). – Issue not being able to save new NPS Budget Lines (BUG FIX) – Suppress zero budgets from being loaded into Financials (ENHANCEMENT) – Ability to run Fringe Generator on range of departments or all departments (ENHANCEMENT) – Extract Projects and Grants (not just Grants) (ENHANCEMENT)

36 Budget Prep 9.2 Upgrade Pre-Budget Prep Activities (Feb/March): – Make sure positions have valid pay distributions – Clean up inactive/active positions in EV5 Title changes Inactivate position that are not needed in extraction Create new approved positions Add new departments (PSFIN) Request new departments from SSC – Clean up grants (PSFin)

37 9.2 Demo

38 Future Upgrade Communications & Documentation Scheduled WebEx sessions GeorgiaFIRST Financials website UPK Business Process documentation and Job Aids Targeted emails to Institutional Coordinator and Technical Representative

39 Summary of 9.2 Related Sessions Day and TimeSession TitleRoom Wednesday, 3:20pmGeorgiaFIRST Financials Update and RoadmapOglethorpe E Thursday, 9:40amPeopleSoft 9.2 ePro and Purchasing: Not So New But ImprovedOglethorpe F/G Thursday, 1:00pmAccounts Payable 9.2: How It Will Be DifferentOglethorpe F/G Thursday, 2:00pmWhat to Expect in PeopleSoft Expenses 9.2Oglethorpe E Thursday, 3:10pmThe Slightly Re-Engineered PeopleSoft 9.2 SecurityOglethorpe E Thursday, 3:10pmHow to Better Manage Your Assets in PeopleSoft 9.2Oglethorpe F/G Thursday, 4:10pmGetting Ready for PeopleSoft 9.2 General LedgerOglethorpe E Thursday, 5:10pmIn PeopleSoft 9.2, Workflow is Overflowing!Oglethorpe E Friday, 9:30amPeopleSoft QueryOglethorpe E

40 Questions?

41 University System of Georgia Information Technology Services

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