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Waikato River Authority Co-Governance in Action Roger Pikia RMLA Conference 2011.

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1 Waikato River Authority Co-Governance in Action Roger Pikia RMLA Conference 2011


3  Entering a new era of co-governance and co-management  Change needs to occur to restore the Waikato River and its catchment  Previous management and governance styles have failed the River and it communities Co-Governance of the Waikato River

4 Waikato River Iwi Relationships Waikato River Authority 10 trustees (5 appointed by the Crown, 5 appointed by iwi) Trustee for the Waikato River Clean-Up Trust Ministers and government depts Accords Ministerial forum Regulations and bylaws Local and territorial authorities Joint management agreement Upper Waikato River Integrated Management Plan Resource consents River Iwi The Clean-Up Trust received $21m initially, then $7m p/a for 27 years Ngati Tuwharetoa Te Arawa Ngati Raukawa Ngati Maniapoto Waikato - Tainui


6 Iwi Accord: Local Government Accord: Agriculture, Forestry and Biosecurity MOU: Historic Places Trust Accord: Energy and Resources MOU: NZ Archaeological Association Accord: Land Information MOU: Relevant local authorities Accord: Crown Lands MOU: other relevant entities or agencies Accord: Maori Affairs Tools for Iwi to Engage

7 Key aspects of the Co-Management Deed Legislative recognition of the vision and strategy Waikato River Authority Waikato River Clean-up Trust Iwi objectives Co-management arrangements Relationship mechanisms

8 Examples of Co-management Arrangements Upper Waikato River Integrated Management Plan Te Arawa River Iwi Environmental Management Plan Regulations and bylaws Exemptions for customary activities Joint management arrangements with local authorities

9 Joint Management Agreements Resource Consent Process LA provides TARIT with information on resource consent applications LA and TARIT develop and agree criteria to assist the LA decision making under specified sections of the RMA RMA Planning documents Convene a joint working party to make recommendations to the LA Make joint decisions on the final recommendations Monitoring and enforcement LA and TARIT meet at least twice a year to discuss monitoring and enforcement including priorities and iwi participation

10 Joint Management Agreement - process Joint committee Between Iwi and local authority Progress report to Minister In the event of disputes - WRA will make recommendations If disputes remain, Minister makes final determination JMA in force JMA must be finalised by Iwi and local authority

11 Customary Fishing Will allow Iwi to manage customary fishing through the issuing of authorisations to fisheries managed under the Fisheries Act 1996. Rec to GG by 27/10/12 for regs Fishing Management Will allow TARIT to recommend the making of bylaws (by the Minister of Fisheries) to restrict or prohibit fishing of fisheries managed under the Fisheries Act. 1996. Bylaws cannot have an undue adverse effect on fishing. Rec to GG by 12/5/11 for regs No deadline for making bylaws Conservation Consider possible regs for the management of aquatic life, habitats and natural resources managed under Conservation legislation By Jan 2016 Regulations and By-Laws

12 Waikato River Authority

13  Vision and Strategy  Set the primary direction through the vision and strategy to achieve the restoration and protection of the health and wellbeing of the Waikato river for present and future generations  Leadership  Promote an integrated, holistic, and co-ordinated approach to the implementation of the vision and strategy and the management of the Waikato river  Clean-up trust  Fund rehabilitation initiatives for the Waikato river as trustee of the Waikato river clean-up trust Purpose

14 Other Functions  Advisory Function to:  Local authorities on giving effect to vision and strategy through RMA Planning documents  Management agencies to achieve integrated, holistic and co- ordinated  Approach to implementing the vision and strategy  The environmental protection authority (power to request call- ins)

15  Monitoring Function  Carry out effectiveness monitoring - 5 yearly report to crown and iwi  RMA Hearing Commissioners  Maintain register of iwi-appointed commissioners  Appoint accredited commissioners to Relevant environment Waikato hearing committees Relevant boards of inquiry Other Functions

16  Provides for innovation and change  Creates a vehicle for tangata whenua to restore the Waikato River  Provides a platform for enduring, effective relationships across the community.  Builds on a range of aspirations for the river and uses collective values to restore the river.  Resourced to make a change.  Provides legislative teeth to empower tangata whenua in positive ways.  Shares decision making A Co-Governance Era: Opportunities and Challenges

17  Little known or understood of co-governance in the wider environment  Some reluctance from those who believe it is a loss of power by traditional central and local government.  Resourcing still low for the issues at hand  Relationships established but some put little effort into them once created.  Entrenched views are challenged creating some tensions in this first early period. Challenges?

18  What are your thoughts on this new regime?  What are the challenges you believe will be faced in this era of co-governance/co-management?  What are the opportunities? Feedback?

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