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Vermilion County Brownfield Assessment Grant. Overview Brownfield Basics USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grant Vermilion County Assessment Grant Site Selection.

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1 Vermilion County Brownfield Assessment Grant

2 Overview Brownfield Basics USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grant Vermilion County Assessment Grant Site Selection Criteria Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Remedial Action Plans Questions/Answers

3 What is a Brownfield? Brownfields are abandoned or under- utilized industrial or commercial properties, or a portion of such properties, that have actual or perceived contamination and could be an active potential site for redevelopment.

4 Brownfield Facts Estimated 450,000 to 1 million sites in the U.S. 5 million acres of abandoned industrial sites in U.S cities – roughly the same amount of land occupied by 60 of the largest U.S. cities Note: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

5 Common misconceptions: All brownfields are “vacant” or “abandoned” properties Parcels must conform to certain “size” restrictions Parcels are grossly contaminated Redevelopment must be retail/industrial/commercial in nature




9 How Do Cleaning Up and Redeveloping Brownfields Benefit the Community? Removes eyesores Reduces public service demands Increases local employment opportunities Increases local tax revenues Revitalizes business districts/neighborhoods Protects public health and the environment Improves quality of life for residents

10 Success Story in Lacon, IL

11 USEPA Funding United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfield Assessment Grant – Up to $400,000 with options for Community-Wide or Site-Specific and Hazardous Materials or Petroleum Products Cleanup Grants – Up to $200,000 per a site Revolving Loan Fund – Up to $1,000,000 for Cleanup

12 2010 Funding Disbursements Total Funding - $78.9 Million 188 - Assessment Grants 17 - Revolving Loan Fund 99 - Cleanup Grants

13 Vermilion County USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grants v In 2010 Vermilion County was awarded grants v Potential Brownfield properties will be investigated County-wide v Vermilion County will select specific properties to utilize grant monies v An Inventory Database will be established

14 USEPA Assessment Grants Provides Funding for Data Research and Analysis Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments Community Outreach Develop a plan for future remediation and redevelopment (Remedial Action Plan)

15 Benefit of Assessment Grant Allows residents and local agencies to develop an inventory of Brownfields for their community Brownfield locations can be tied into community's GIS system Allows community to begin long range planning for Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment

16 Brownfield Assessment Process Compile potential Brownfield Property Inventory Database Vermilion County Awarded USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grant Complete Phase I ESAs FILTER Complete Phase II ESAs Prepare and Submit RAPs Sites not chosen for Initial Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) will remain in the Inventory Database for possible selection later Sites not chosen for Phase II ESAs will remain in queue for possible selection later Sites not chosen for Remedial Action Plan (RAP) submittal will remain in queue for possible selection later FILTER

17 Community Involvement Conduct Community Involvement: Inform and Engage Community On-going throughout the assessment process Opportunity for grant applicant to capture funds to offset costs to local governments

18 Site Selection Criteria v Potentially Responsible Parties v Adjacent Properties with contamination v Environmental Severity or Impact v Property Location and Redevelopment Potential v Cleanup Costs v Property Ownership v Delinquent Taxes

19 Brownfield Eligibility Information Sources v Public Meetings and Press Conferences v Vermilion County Resident Questionnaires v Vermilion Advantage v Vermilion County Government v Chamber of Commerce v Known former dumpsites v IEPA & USEPA databases

20 Identifying Potential Brownfields Data Research and Analysis includes: Inventory Sites: Compile a listing of sites with documented contamination (IEPA, EPA, State Fire Marshal, etc.) Meet with local officials to identify sites not on data bases Identify underutilized properties Identify surface and subsurface mines

21 Identifying Potential Brownfields, continued Characterize Sites: Working with the client, establish priorities Identify past uses Identify sites with delinquent property taxes and federal/state tax liens Landfills and historic dumpsites

22 Site Characterization Characterize Sites: Water resources with contaminated sediments Identify properties where the current use is not compliant with long-term planning goals Identify sites near sensitive resources, (municipal wells, surface water resources, schools, parks, and areas where the public may have direct contact with contaminated media)

23 Environmental Site Assessments v All eligible properties will be given a score v Properties with the highest score are selected v Phase I ESAs will be performed at ~40 sites v Phase II ESAs will be performed at ~10 sites

24 Phase I Site Assessments Detailed Site Investigation (Phase I) Identify sites to do further site review Conduct more detailed records review Conduct onsite visit (no sampling at this point) Conduct more interviews with current and past owners of the property in question

25 Phase II Site Assessments Assess Sites (Phase II) Identify sites to conduct Phase II investigations Determine existing contamination Perform Subsurface Investigations Soil Groundwater Soil vapor

26 Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) v RAPs will be completed and submitted to USEPA for ~8 sites v Preparation of RAPs includes cleanup and redevelopment planning

27 RAPs continued Conduct Cleanup and Redevelopment Planning: Scope and Plan Process Prioritize sites with the greatest likelihood of redevelopment Plan for end uses of properties (end use may determine type and degree of cleanup) Begin planning for subsequent grant applications to assist in funding cleanups

28 Questions/Answers For Additional Information: Tammy Bennett Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC 1610 Broadmoor Drive Champaign, IL 61820 Phone: 217-353-7336 Email: Or visit the official project website at:


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