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MT King Darwin Dalhousie N.B. Sept 28 th, 2008. Initial Report CasPol.doc.

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1 MT King Darwin Dalhousie N.B. Sept 28 th, 2008

2 Initial Report CasPol.doc

3 Background Information

4 Quantity ? Of spilled 10% expected to hit water Rapid shutdowns important Fish-rail amendments played key role Immediate 1 hour containment Competent tug crews for boatwork and Calm trained employees

5 Phases : Emergency Containment and On water Cleanup Ship Cleaning and release Shoreline and Dockside Cleaning Wharf undercarriage assessment and cleaning.

6 Initial Response as per Plan Flange blowout on deck Shutdown by watch in 37 seconds OHF initiated containment immediately and contacted ROC NB Power activated arrangement with ECRC Polluter ( Ship ) contacted ECRC to implement arrangement

7 Team Effort

8 Booming

9 Environmental Advice

10 Wildlife


12 Emergency response/cleanup


14 Ship Cleanup

15 Shoreline and Dock Cleaning

16 Undercarriage Cleaning Conducted photograph and video survey. Met with ITOPF to discuss way ahead. Contract let with SPG Diving for cleaning of undercarriage. ECRC managing cleaning program for Polluter. CCG/EC monitoring work being done.

17 Common Issues and learnings Captain made daily meeting onboard a priority OHF took lead even as ship was being involved Remote area for industrial work shortages averted by closures Environmental Advice quickly made available Community and Port involved and supportive P+I and Owners on site and active immediately Waste management quickly worked. Issue Resolution Dredging/EUB/OHF

18 Congratulations NB Power Dalhousie : After 12 years of planning and excercising in the more remote areas of northern N.B. this OHF saw the reasons for all of their hard work.

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