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1 PROJECT OVERVIEW COOLING POND REMOVAL Sydney Tar Ponds & Coke Ovens Clean Up :

2 Presentation Overview Overview: clean up Profile Cooling Pond project Consider relationship with First Nations Local Economic Benefits

3 Project Overview Clean up is 25 years in the making One of the most intensely studied and vigorously debated projects of its kind Budgeted at $400 million Funded by Canada & Nova Scotia - cost share is 70%-30%

4 Allocation of Funds Related Activities include: preventative works, pre-design, environmental impact assessment, IE, design oversight, & agency operations

5 Clean Up Scope & Complexion Spans 7 years Begins this summer Local contractors expected to supply most services Business model - Competitive bid process

6 Scope & Complexion 11 Projects Comprise Clean Up Channels Decontamination Facility S&S Surface Cap-TP CO Brook Connector Cutoff Walls Groundwater Collection Water Treatment Landfill CO Surface Cap

7 Governance PMC Sydney Tar Ponds Agency Independent Engineer Design Engineer CLC Contractors First Nations EMC OAC

8 Background October 2005 - Protocol Agreement Signed Canada, Nova Scotia, First Nations

9 Background cont’d Cooling Pond designated Aboriginal set aside in 2005

10 Background cont’d Cooling pond went to tender in 2006 Recommendations of Environmental Review Panel required a rethink of construction method Project pulled back and changed in line with panel recommendations Cooling Pond going to tender this summer

11 Cooling Pond Set Aside cont’d Changed construction method this time Originally-Design Build Contractor sets out design & constructs Overall responsibility with contractor First nations involvement via partnerships Non-FN companies in the lead Limited FN content Currently-Time & Materials Earth Tech (DE) construction manager Overall responsibility for design implementation with Earth Tech First nations involvement direct FN companies supply needed labour & materials Expanded FN content

12 Cooling Pond Set Aside cont’d FN contractors will be pre-qualified for standing offer list Contractors will be engaged for additional set-aside projects going forward

13 First Nations Discussions going well with FN economic benefits Steering Committee led by Membertou Agreement on the establishment of FN LEB Office Briefings held with Steering Committee and FN vendors

14 First Nations cont’d Negotiations progressing between government partners and First Nations on a procurement agreement specific to tar ponds and Coke Ovens clean up Agreement expected this fall

15 First Nations cont’d Looking beyond the Cooling Pond, options for involvement of First Nations under discussion Possible additional projects: i.e.: access roads, capping, materials handling FN Participation Models Set Aside Standing Offer

16 Local Economic Benefits Cape Breton content in the clean up is an Agency priority The way bid packages are scored reflects this

17 Benefits - Point Allocation Big picture -

18 Benefits - Point Breakdown + Labour & Materials 8 points Community Input 2 points Ownership 5 points

19 Clean Up Particulars Fundamentally, it’s a big construction project So, we’ll be needing … –Aggregates – gravels, stone, clay, till, rip rap –Trucking –Equipment – loaders, excavators, dozers –Operators, labourers, supervisors, testing –Specific materials – liners, pumps, erosion

20 Conclusion Significant opportunities Know your capacity Online business directory

21 Questions / Discussion

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