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National Transportation Safety Board FAA Airport Conference Hershey, PA 2008.

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1 National Transportation Safety Board FAA Airport Conference Hershey, PA 2008

2 Sharon Bryson Director Office of Transportation Disaster Assistance 202-314-6185

3 Mission of the NTSB The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent federal agency responsible for investigating: All civil aviation accidents in the United States Significant accidents in other modes of transportation--railroad, highway, marine and pipeline

4 Issuing safety recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents Responsible for assisting families affected by major transportation disasters Mission of the NTSB



7 MS 990

8 Bourbonnais IL

9 Staten Island Ferry SI NY

10 Osseo, WI




14 Office of Transportation Disaster Assistance

15 Background September 9, 1996: Executive memorandum designates NTSB as the coordinator of federal services to families of victims of major transportation disasters October 9, 1996: Congress passes the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996

16 Background October 29, 1997: Final Report from the Task Force on Assistance to Families of Aviation Disasters is issued December 16, 1997: Congress passes the Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act

17 Coordinate & provide additional resources to the airline and local government to help victims and their families Ensure local responsibility and jurisdiction are preserved Role of the Office of Transportation Disaster Assistance

18 Local Government Role Fire & Rescue Law Enforcement Environmental Cleanup Medical Assistance Recovery Victim Identification


20 Areas of Critical Concern Initial notification of the accident Recovery and identification of remains Return of personal effects Providing information

21 VST 1: NTSB Tasks VST 2: Airline Tasks VST 3: Family Care and Mental Health (ARC) VST 4: Victim Identification, Forensic and Medical Services (HHS) VST 5: Assisting Families of Foreign Victims (DOS) VST 6: Communications (DHS-FEMA) VST 7: Assisting Victims of Crime (FBI-OVA) Victim Support Tasks (VST)

22 VST 1: NTSB Tasks Coordinate federal assistance and serve as liaison between airline and family members Coordinate with airline about family and support staff logistics Integrate federal support staff with airline staff to form Joint Family Support Operations Center (JFSOC) Coordinate assistance effort with local and state authorities

23 Conduct daily coordination meetings with local officials and airline Provide and coordinate family briefings nProgress on investigation nProgress on recovery & identification efforts nPersonal effects process Use of conference bridge for families that don’t travel to the accident city VST 1: NTSB Tasks

24 Coordinate with IIC for possible visit to crash site For water crashes, coordinate with local authorities for a suitable location that looks out towards the crash site Coordinate USCG for honor guard and for a helo to take flowers to the crash site VST 1: NTSB Tasks


26 Maintain contact with family members and provide updates as required Provide a special website that will provide information and investigative updates In some cases, provide a special email address to contact Transportation Disaster Assistance VST 1: NTSB Tasks

27 Provide an 800 number for families to reach Transportation Disaster Assistance Coordinate details affecting families when public hearings and Board meetings are held Debrief with carrier’s CARE team leadership on how the event was managed VST 1: NTSB Tasks


29 VST 3: Family Care & Mental Health Red Cross responsible agency Activate national Red Cross response system Coordinate resources for critical incident stress debriefing of support personnel prior to departure Coordinate and manage volunteer counseling and support services

30 VST 3: Family Care & Mental Health Employ an accounting system to accurately record cost data by specific categories Coordinate child care & spiritual services Coordinate with airline the delivery of crisis health support to family members, to include those that do not travel to incident site Arrange a suitable inter-faith memorial service (if applicable)


32 Supported by DOD Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT) can provide assistance in the areas of identification, mortuary support and temporary morgue facilities Specialized team to interview family members for ante mortem information VST 4: DHS- Division FEMA-NDMS

33 Collect disposition of remains information Assist medical examiner in notifying family members of positive identification, to include explaining how identification was determined Conduct check of remains and personal effects prior to release to local funeral director VST 4: DHS- Division FEMA-NDMS

34 Department Of State

35 Notify foreign governments that have citizens involved in the airline incident Provide translation services to family members and interested parties Assist families of foreign victims with entry into the US Assist foreign air carrier staff with entry into the US Assist in return of remains and personal effects into the country of destination VST 5: DOS

36 VST 6: FEMA

37 Provide communication assets to communicate from incident site to NTSB headquarters Provide personnel to assist in public information dissemination Assist during an urban aviation disaster (if applicable) VST 6: FEMA

38 NTSB & FBI: A working partnership

39 NTSB & FBI NTSB and FBI work together as partners on major transportation disasters New MOU signed fall 2005 Expect to see the FBI at all major disasters NTSB is the lead agency until it is determined to be a criminal/terrorist act Assistance that might be requested from the FBI: –Evidence Response Team (ERT) –Disaster Squad –Office for Victim Assistance –Criminal Investigative Division –Counterterrorism Division

40 NTSB & FBI If an event is determined to be criminal/terrorist act, then specific handoff procedures will be employed. NTSB will support FBI as needed NTSB & FBI specialists and special agents are receiving cross training in specialized areas NTSB working very closely with FBI Airport Agents Program




44 Summary Preserve the integrity of the investigation To help victims and their families Interagency cooperation Federal government’s role is to coordinate and provide additional resources to airline and local government Local responsibility and jurisdiction preserved

45 National Transportation Safety Board Questions?

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