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Sites and Supportive Housing Hard to Develop Sites.

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1 Sites and Supportive Housing Hard to Develop Sites

2 Sampling of Recent Projects/Work considered hard-to-develop l Cedars: Cedars is located at 745 Fox Street in the Longwood historic section of the Bronx. The project is a combination renovation and new construction of 95 units of low-income rental housing. Thirty percent of the units are reserved for grand-families, grandparents raising grandchildren, from the shelter system. The balance of the units are for senior citizens. Cedars is a fully green building, with a gold LEED rating. Cedars is a pilot NYSERDA project, including geo-thermal hearing and cooling, green roof technology, efficient systems, regenerative materials, and other green elements. Client – MiCasa HDFC/The Lantern Group and Friends in the City. The site proved difficult for several reasons:

3 CEDARS – The Lantern Group l Historic dilapidated site with uncooperative zoning restrictions requiring a variance l Unlevel site with waves of underground rock l Combination of new construction and historic rehap l Many funding sources l Many oversight sources (historic, BSA, funders, NYSERDA, banks)

4 Cedars - Before


6 Cedars - After


8 Silverleaf Hall – Lantern Group Silverleaf Hall is located at 480 East 176 th Street between Washington and Bathgate Avenues in the East Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx. The project is new construction of 118 units of permanent affordable housing. Thirty percent of the units are a supportive housing set-aside for families exiting the NYC Shelter System.

9 Silverleaf Hall – Site Difficulties l Low density zoning required a zoning variance l Rock and site cleanup were required. The extent of rock was found during the early stages of construction l Water/drainage in the area was problematic requiring several underground wells – an added cost to the overall project.

10 Silverleaf Hall – Rock Excavation

11 Silverleaf Hall - After



14 Jasper Hall – Lantern Group Jasper is located on the west side of Melrose Avenue, between East 160 th and 161 st Streets in the Morrisania section of the Bronx now known as Melrose Commons, a designated Urban Renewal Area of New York City. The project is new construction of 54 units of permanent supportive housing for a mix of families living in transitional housing and single young adults who are aging out of foster care. Referrals will come from the NYC Department of Homeless Services and the NYC Administration for Children’s Services. Client – Audubon HDFC/The Lantern Group

15 Jasper Hall – Site Difficulties l Extensive environmental clean-up was required due to the existence of petroleum on the site and the leaking of the adjacent gas station. l Required redesign during construction – an additional design cost l Required a vapor barrier l NYC Unified Land Use Review Process (ULURP) approving sponsor acquisition of city owned land and proposed architectural design finalized December 2004.

16 Jasper Hall - After

17 Huntersmoon Hall – The Lantern Group Huntersmoon Hall is located at 2612 Broadway, between 98 th and 99 th Streets, in the Manhattan Valley section of Manhattan. All units are reserved for single adults living with HIV/AIDS, serious and persistent mental illness, or other special needs, as well low-income community members. After substantial renovations are made to the existing SRO building, the renewed 135 units will be filled by tenant referrals from NYC HASA, NYC DHMH, and NYC Department of Homeless Services.

18 Huntersmoon Hall – Site Difficulties l Occupied renovation necessitated moving tenants around constantly during the process. l Acquired from several owners/operators – conflicting goals among the parties. l Different types of construction were found throughout the building, requiring field decisions and flexibility.

19 Huntersmoon - After

20 Other examples of hard to develop sites l The YWCA of Brooklyn – ALC took over the consulting during construction. – It is critical to have a good team in place from the beginning. l Lantern Group: Vicinitas Hall – underwater stream found during construction – 20 borings were completed prior to construction, yet a water issue did not turn up. l YWCA of Schenectady – project did not go forward due to site conditions/zoning/historic nature of site. l Postgraduate Center for Mental Health – Bronx Park East – irregular site

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