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Join the National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup ™ April 27-28, 2012.

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1 Join the National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup ™ April 27-28, 2012

2  Established by Keep America Beautiful, Inc.  Marks the start of the Great American Cleanup Season, the Nation’s largest community improvement program  Mobilizes millions of volunteers  Over 15,000 communities nationwide The National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup™

3  One of 10 national locations  Selected by Keep America Beautiful  Only site in Virginia  Chosen because of ◦ Partnership between and Keep Virginia Beautiful ◦ Successful previous cleanups ◦ Ability to bring volunteers together ◦ Regional cooperation among 16 cities and counties of Hampton Roads ◦ Collaboration with the military ◦ Strong corporate support of community cleanup and green up projects Hampton Roads Nationally Recognized

4 Organizing Partners Keep America Beautiful Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Keep Virginia Beautiful Engages individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. Comprehensive regional public awareness campaign of HRPDC which encourages environmental stewardship among all residents in Hampton Roads. Provides assistance on local and regional issues pertaining to economics, physical and environmental planning, emergency management and transportation. Represents more than 1.6 million people who live in the 16 cities and counties that comprise Hampton Roads. Engages and unites Virginians to improve our natural and scenic environment.

5 All of Hampton Roads is Participating

6  Everyone in Hampton Roads is encouraged to join a transformational community improvement project ◦ 25-50 volunteers per project ◦ Half day of work  Celebrate a Green Hampton Roads Party, Friday, April 27th ◦ Hosted by and Keep Virginia Beautiful ◦ Project leaders, corporate/military captains, honorary board members, sponsors and corporate partners invited ◦ Location: Norfolk April 27-28 Kickoff Events

7  Re-landscape public school grounds  Public park cleanup and beautification  Remove a dilapidated foot bridge in Norfolk in preparation for refurbishment  Remove litter and debris from the Great Dismal Swamp  Help divert household hazardous waste at a collection event  Hiking trail and wetland cleanup  And many more projects Transformational Projects

8  Hold a transformational project in each Hampton Roads municipality  Recruit at least 1,000 volunteers  Raise at least $100,000 for future transformation projects  Heighten awareness through media coverage  Engage more people in local stewardship through Cleanup Goals

9  AND YOUR ◦ Co-workers and employees ◦ Family, friends and neighbors  PLUS WE NEED ◦ Military commands, ships, squadrons, families and retirees ◦ Everyone to join the 2012 Great American Cleanup™  You have an opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life in Hampton Roads We Need You!

10  Litter, graffiti, unkempt streets and parks ◦ Symptoms of uncaring behavior ◦ “Wake-up call” for citizens concerned about Hampton Roads quality of life  Your group can make a visible difference  and Keep Virginia Beautiful need your help! Why Participate?

11  Minimum per project: 25 volunteers  What if you cannot recruit 25? ◦ will join small groups or supplement with additional volunteers  Average per project: 50 volunteers How Many Volunteers Needed?

12  Visit for details and to sign up  After registration, you will receive a list of projects and locations  By March 30 ◦ Provide site preferences ◦ Volunteer counts ◦ Contact information How to Get Involved

13  Virginia Representatives ◦ Maureen McDonnell, First Lady,Virginia ◦ Doug Domenech, Secretary of Natural Resources, Virginia  Military Representatives ◦ Korvin Auch, Colonel, Air Force and Army ◦ John Ballinger, Coast Guard  Regional Representatives ◦ James Councill III, Mayor, Franklin ◦ Paul Fraim, Mayor, Norfolk ◦ W. Hunt Jr., Mayor, Poquoson ◦ Mary Jones, Chair, James City County Board of Supervisors ◦ David Hare, Mayor, Smithfield ◦ Clyde Haulman, Mayor, Williamsburg ◦ George Hrichak, Chairman, York County Board of Supervisors ◦ Dallas Jones, Chairman, Southampton County Board of Supervisors ◦ Alan Krasnoff, Mayor, Chesapeake ◦ McKinley Price, Mayor, Newport News ◦ Christian Rilee, Chairman, Gloucester Board of Supervisors ◦ Carita Richardson, Mayor, Windsor ◦ William Sessoms Jr., Mayor, Virginia Beach ◦ John Seward, Chairman, Surry County Board of Supervisors ◦ Molly Ward, Mayor, Hampton ◦ Thomas Wright III, Chairman, Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors ◦ Kenneth Wright, Mayor, Portsmouth  National Representatives ◦ Matt Mckenna, President/CEO, Keep America Beautiful 13 Invited Honorary Board

14 National Partners

15  Every volunteer and sponsor makes a difference  Your actions influence others  Together we can get it done  Because of you, Hampton Roads will be a better place to live We Thank You!

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