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WebAdvisor Maintenance Laura Temples and Ben Diel CPCC April 2009.

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1 WebAdvisor Maintenance Laura Temples and Ben Diel CPCC April 2009

2 Overview File maintenance Garbage collection User Accounts SAValet –License pools –Monitoring performance Cloning Accounts and WAR files Round Table

3 File Maintenance Seat reservations COURSE.SEC.PENDING – Anet 28240.67, 5055, 219.48 & 215.944 - (creates problem in UI also) Bug CSP.RESERVED.SEATS does not get set back to zero Schedule conflicts files COURSE.SEC.CONFLICT – Anet 156.322, 6325, - Conflicts Wrong after rebuilding section meeting dates (creates problem in UI also) Paragraph to clear files must be run on quiet system: –PA –**************************************************** –* Paragraph created to automate clearing of files: * –* COURSE.SEC.PENDING * –* COURSE.SEC.CONFLICT * –* Ben Diel 09/16/08 * –**************************************************** –COMO ON X818.CLEAR.XPAQ.FILES –CLEAR.FILE COURSE.SEC.PENDING –CLEAR.FILE COURSE.SEC.CONFLICT –COMO OFF

4 Shopping Cart Clear the preferred sections file between registration periods. STUDENT.PREF.CRS.SEC –Anet 12255.33 - Need utility to clean up old Preferred Section data

5 DMI.log files Log File Exists for each listener and the daemon in respective directory –Ex. /datatel/coll18/production/svr01 or /datatel/coll18/production/das No existing Datatel cleanup process Will grow rapidly if log level elevated or debug mode (-t –v) set on listener in SAValet Listener must be down to maintenance Move to new file name or delete - file will be re-created upon listener startup

6 User Accounts Things to consider: –Who should have a webadvisor account ? –Students/employees role changes –Should an account be deactivated? And if so, when? Cleanup: –31181.78 - Avoid using SA Valet to manage Colleague User information –Processes to remove accounts DRUS – individual DDRU – batch –Does not remove users from PERSON.PIN –Ldap considerations – bug fixed to remove active directory account

7 Who’s taking out the trash? Two means of garbage collection: –Envision – Datatel’s recommended method –Java – old method –Interval was set in SAValet –Removed from new version –If present - set to Zero

8 Envision Garbage Collection WAFM is only executed once during setup of Envision GC. Use clear files parameter on WAGC to maintain WWW files. Anet 6591 - Steps to clear or resize the WWW files

9 Envision Garbage Collection –WAGC – Reduces load for dmi processing Use EPH or Cron to auto start Anet doc 5401 - How to run WAGC in a UNIX script for use in cron Execution Mode Clear Files = Y Seconds between iterations Be sure to complete alert email section

10 Quirky stuff WAGC has option to clear files which includes a reindex of WWW.MENU.CACHE –Anet doc 40088.37 – details an annoying byproduct: –The updates made to WebAdvisor Garbage Collection for WebAdvisor 3.1.2 allow users to clear the WebAdvisor state files when WAGC starts. When the files are cleared, the WWW.MENU.CACHE file is re- indexed. The indexing process in Envision is written to produce a page of output with the results of the index operation. The WAGC usage is causing this process to send the page to the default system printer whenever WAGC is started/restarted. The process should be modified to send this data to the WAGC COMO file instead of the default system printer.

11 More Quirky Stuff Envision garbage collection creates COMO files and WAGM is the process designed to clean up files. Current bug Anet doc 39567.22 -The WAGM screen only deletes references to GC Driver and GC Execution COMO files from the WAGM screen. It does not actually delete the COMO files from the _PH_ directory. Use a Unix script to actually delete the files

12 Still more quirky stuff Garbage collection is not cleaning up the new WWW files recently added to improve its performance: –WWW.STATE.LOCAL –WWW.STATE.FVAR –WWW.STATE.TX –Anet 40550.48 - WebAdvisor:WA 3.1.2: Clear Files does not work for the new WWW.STATE Files Manually delete using script before daily startup

13 SAValet Settings: Balancing Act Parameters work together to determine performance All times in seconds Start with defaults & tweak – Anet doc 4142 for guidance on values Monitor usage in SAValet – “Show Statistics” – time in milliseconds Jmeter available for performance testing

14 DMI default settings Connection Pool Size – maximum licenses may be used by DMI application server Web Overflow Connection Pool size – used for menu & login requests when all licenses in Connection pool in use Pool Thread Timeout – seconds thread may be idle before terminated Web Exec Timeout – seconds web waits for response – default 5 mins

15 SaValet

16 SAValet cont’d Max concurrent connections – simultaneous connections DMI app server (WA sessions) Max Idle thread Retention – time DMI keeps thread active for reuse

17 Monitoring license pools

18 War Files & Attacking Clones Ben (or is it Obi Wan ) will be your Jedi master.

19 Discussion and Round table

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