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Adopt-a-Beach Program Review Bill Hart Colleen Canfield Sherry Johnson.

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1 Adopt-a-Beach Program Review Bill Hart Colleen Canfield Sherry Johnson

2 Introduction San Clemente Watershed Task Force – Founded in 2005 by Stephanie Dorey – Need for coordination and communication amongst various coastal stakeholders City staff and council members Coastal Advisory Committee Non-profits Concerned citizens – Monthly meetings

3 Activities and Programs Outreach and Fundraising Citizen and Business Recognition Earth Day Bulky item collection Adopt-a-Beach

4 Adopt-a-Beach Overview Beach/trail divided into 200 foot sections Adopt-a-Beach Teams commit to: – Clean up their section at least twice/month – Record what was collected on data sheet – Forward data sheet to Program Manager – Multiple teams can share a section Program Manager shares results – Web blog published monthly

5 Monthly Report (1)

6 Monthly Report (2)

7 Monthly Report (3)

8 2008 Results Record number of cleanups – 947 clean ups – 517 bagfuls – 261 five gallon bucketfuls – 537 hours – 15.5 average teams/month

9 Trash volume 17,950 plastic* 1,505 glass 1,763 cans 27,593 cigarette butts* 68 animal waste 9,001 straws 30,773 styrofoam* 11,628 paper 3,700 ballons * Notations include “lots”, “too numerous to count”, or “pieces too small to count 103,981 Pieces of debris in nine months!

10 84% Big offenders

11 Changing of the Guard Sherry Johnson – Outgoing Program Manager Colleen Canfield – New Program Manager Adopt-a-Beach Kickoff and Team Party – Many thanks to our volunteers!!!

12 City Council Meeting last Tuesday 537 hours of cleanup @ $10/hr min. wage 537 X $10 = $5,370 30,773 pieces of EPS @ 20 pieces/cup 30,773/20 => 1539 cups Cost per cup to remove from beach $5,370/1539 = $3.49 per cup Even at minimum wage the social cost of picking up a single cup is very expensive

13 Q & A Questions Discussion

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