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Cell Organelles © Cramer 2007. C e l l O r g a n e l l e s A n i m a l C e l l.

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1 Cell Organelles © Cramer 2007

2 C e l l O r g a n e l l e s A n i m a l C e l l

3 Organelle= “little organ” Found only inside eukaryotic cells All the stuff in between the organelles is cytosol Everything in a cell except the nucleus is cytoplasm


5 Cell (Plasma) Membrane Nickname: Security Guard Boundary of the cell Lets some material in, waste out, and blocks harmful materials


7 Nucleus Nickname: The Boss Control center of the cell Nucleolus contains DNA, the cells instruction manual Surrounded by a double membrane Usually the easiest organelle to see under a microscope Usually one per cell

8 Cytoskeleton Acts as skeleton and muscle Provides shape and structure Helps move organelles around the cell Made of three types of filaments

9 Centriole Aids in cell division Usually found only in animal cells Made of microtubules Part of the Cytoplasm


11 Ribosome Nickname: Worker Makes protein Found attached to rough ER or floating free Produced in a part of the nucleus called the nucleolus

12 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Nickname: Roads Connected to nuclear membrane Highway of the cell Rough ER: Rough appearance because it has ribosomes Helps make proteins, that’s why it has ribosomes

13 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Smooth ER: No ribosomes; It makes fats or lipids Breaks down toxic material that could damage the cell Sac of material


15 Golgi Apparatus Nickname: The Shippers Looks like a stack of pancakes Packages, modifies, and transports materials to different locations Materials transported to and from the Golgi by means of vesicles Cells that make saliva or mucus have lots of Golgi bodies


17 Lysosomes Nickname: Clean-up Crew Circular but bigger than ribosomes Small bubbles filled with digestive material Breaks down ‘food’ into particles the rest of the cell can use Found mainly in animal cells

18 Lysosomes Nickname: Clean-up Crew Garbage disposal of the cell Gets rid of waste Destroys damaged organelles Helps white blood cells destroy bacteria Sometimes called the Suicide Sac because it ‘kills’ worn out cells


20 Mitochondria Nickname: Powerhouse of the cell Converts ‘food’ into energy the cell can use Needs oxygen like a furnace to convert energy Many mitochondria found in muscle cells


22 Cytoplasm Nickname: Factory Floor Clear jelly-like fluid that contains all the organelles Made mostly of water Moves materials throughout the cells

23 Plant Cells Have most of the same organelles as animal cells

24 Plant Cell Vacuole Cell Membrane

25 Vacuoles Function: Storage container for water, food, etc. Large central vacuole usually in plant cells Many smaller vacuoles in animal cells Stores water in plants This is what makes lettuce crisp When there is no water, the plant wilts

26 Plant Cell Vacuole Cell Membrane Chloroplasts

27 Chloroplast Function: traps energy from the sun to produce food for the plant cell Found only in plant cells Green in color because of chlorophyll, which is a green pigment

28 Plant Cell Vacuole Cell Membrane Chloroplasts Cell Wall

29 Function: provides support and protection to the cell membrane Found in plant and bacterial cells Rigid, protective barrier Located outside of the cell membrane Made of cellulose (fiber) That’s what makes celery crunchy That’s what makes celery crunchy

30 Quick Review Which organelle is the control center of the cell? Nucleus Which organelle holds the cell together? Cell membrane Which organelles are not found in animal cells? Cell wall, central vacuole, chloroplasts Which organelle helps plant cells make food? Chloroplasts What does E.R. stand for? Endoplasmic reticulum

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