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BIO-REMEDIATION AN ENVIRONMENTAL ALTERNATIVE OIL AND HYDROCARBONS Oil is found in thousands of useful products we use every day, but it carries with.

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3 OIL AND HYDROCARBONS Oil is found in thousands of useful products we use every day, but it carries with it some potential problems Oil is a product of the Earth, if not handled properly it can be harmful to the environment Fuel oil is made up of chains of hydrocarbons Oil spills on land or water are mostly caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries and storage facilities including heating oil tanks

4 OIL SPILL CLEAN - UP A WIDE RANGE OF TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES ARE USED TO CLEAN OIL SPILLS Mechanical containment is used to capture and store spilled oil until it can be disposed of properly Containment and recovery equipment includes a variety of booms, barriers and skimmers, and materials that absorb oil Microbial Bio-remediation

5 What is BIO-REMEDIATION Bio-remediation uses micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, green plants or enzymes) to return an environment altered by contaminants back to its original condition ( NOT pristine condition) MOE requirements to acceptable criteria Microbes are everywhere, found in: soil, water, air, plants, minerals, animals and even in humans A single teaspoon of soil may contain over 1,000,000,000 bacteria, 120,000 fungi and 25,000 algae

6 What is BIO-REMEDIATION Bio-remediation allows natural processes to clean up harmful chemicals in the environment Microbes in the soil and groundwater digest harmful chemicals found in gasoline and oil spills Lead,PCBs, TCE are also included in our remediation program The byproducts of microbe digestion is water and simpler compounds that do not affect the environment

7 IS BIO-REMEDIATION SAFE? Bio-remediation is very safe because it relies on microbes that naturally occur in soil NO chemicals are used in Bio-remediation Nutrients are added to the soil to ‘kick-start’ microbial activity The nutrients we add are commonly used on lawns and gardens

8 IS BIO-REMEDIATION SAFE? Bio-remediation destroys harmful chemicals, converting them into water and harmless gases Golden uses an independent lab for testing at the beginning and closing of a project to ensure MOE criteria has been met Golden works with all regulators regarding contaminated site clean-up Remediation plans are designed by Golden and pre-approved by the MOE


10 THE RIGHT CONDITIONS For optimum microbial growth, the right temperature, nutrients and amount of oxygen must be present in the soil and groundwater When conditions are too cold or the soil is too dense Golden Environmental Services might dig up the soil (Biopiling) and clean it above ground using heaters and soil mixing to improve conditions

11 THE RIGHT CONDITIONS Oxygen may be added by simply stirring the soil, using aeration devices, or adding oxidizers To remediate groundwater, wells are drilled and the water is pumped into storage tanks or MTU The water is mixed with nutrients and oxygenated, then pumped back into the ground to enhance the bio- remediation process

12 Water Surface Clean-up BOOMS: SKIMMERS: PADS: BURNING: Contain and concentrate the spill to make collection easier Skimmer boats/trucks skim spilled oil from the water surface or beaches Sorbent pads are useful on oil sheens and thin slicks that are too scattered for skimming In-situ or “in- place” burning of freshly spilled oil, usually while it’s floating on the water

13 In-Situ VS. “Dig & Dump” GOLDEN Services may use both Methods IN-SITU Advantages: Less costly Less intrusive Little or NO environmental impact Disadvantages: Longer time needed for remediation Timelines are guidelines, not deadlines DIG & DUMP Advantages: Less time needed to remediate Disadvantages: More costly More intrusive More regulated Does not solve the problem, simply relocates it

14 On land.......or on water...... On land....... or on water...... Selective absorption immediately contains the problem, eliminating the hazards of flammability and toxicity to plant & animal life

15 REGULATIONS LIMIT DISPOSAL Federal regulations define hazardous waste Provincial regulations are adding restrictions i.e. Spills and Compliance 133 May require TCLP assay Leaching leads to contaminated aquifers Landfills Non-biodegradable material fill landfills Millions of pounds of clay have been placed in landfills Many landfills have outlawed the disposal of clay Golden uses SybrSorb® and here’s why

16 WHY USE BIO-REMEDIATION Golden Environmental Service uses Bio-remediation because it takes advantage of natural processes Polluted soil and groundwater can be cleaned at the site; if the right conditions exist or can be created underground, soil and groundwater can be cleaned without having to dig or pump out Cleanup workers will avoid contact with polluted soil and groundwater

17 WHY USE BIO-REMEDIATION Bio-remediation prevents the release of harmful gases into the air; microbes change the harmful chemicals into water and harmless gases Bio-remediation does not usually require as much equipment or labour as most other methods, resulting in reduced costs Bio-remediation has successfully cleaned up many polluted sites across this great country

18 BENEFITS Reduced costs to all stakeholders Proven methods i.e. Annual sales worldwide of this product in ‘06 = 1.5 Billion dollars Environmentally safe Partnered with leaders in the industry Support staff available Technical and research support ongoing

19 Full Liability Coverage Golden carries liability insurance for all services including environmental in situ bio stimulation Environment Canada Approved All of Golden’s environmental products have been approved by Environment Canada for use across Canada MOE Certificate of Approval (C of A) Golden carries a mobile C of A license (#7276-6LDQ4L) for Ontario allowing immediate response to hydrocarbon spills and contamination Full Workman's Compensation Coverage All technicians and staff are fully covered by Workman’s Compensation License and Insurances

20 Emergency recovery services, tanker vacuum trucks Complete restoration repairs, including any and all structural repairs, soil removal and replacement Site cleanup, interior-exterior and debris removal Golden Environmental Services

21 Emergency inventory and pack-out of contents into safe storage Trained in applied microbiology restoration and containment procedures Supported by an international organization in microbiology research

22 Developing an extensive culture bank Over 2400 strains Each for a specific application.. E.g. Sewage & mould treatment Each for a specific application.. E.g. Sewage & mould treatment

23 T here are many methods of decontaminating our soil and water. Traditional methods are costly and do not eliminate the problem but sell the problem to someone else. Landfills are being filled at an alarming rate; these contaminants leach into our ground water so it is no wonder that communities do not want to have landfills in their back yards. Golden Environmental Services

24 Oil spills and other pollutants generate an enormous public and government concern which prompts the continuous demands for advances in this ever expanding science. This science will also provide cost effective and environmental acceptable mitigation technologies. Bio-remediation is an environmentally sound technology for the cleanup of oil and other Hydrocarbons, and TCE. In-situ remediation is the viable answer and will soon be the standard in the future. We would like to thank you for your time and interest Golden Environmental Services

25 To find out more… For more information on all Golden’s services, please contact: Ron Trivett Allen Charron B.Sc. CME Toll Free:1-800-414-2404 Local: 705-726-3921 Fax: 705-721-1599 Email: Golden Environmental Services

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