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Syteline Data Archive WMPUG Jan ‘09. About Me Trendway DBA Owner of Big Blue Water in Saugatuck 30+ years in IT / Manufacturing Prior developer (primarily.

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1 Syteline Data Archive WMPUG Jan ‘09

2 About Me Trendway DBA Owner of Big Blue Water in Saugatuck 30+ years in IT / Manufacturing Prior developer (primarily EDI / MRP) Progress since 1984 DBA since 1996 Syteline, QAD, and Healthmatics WMPUG, ACATEC, and OAISD

3 Big Blue Water Since 2003 4 employees + contractors Clients throughout West Michigan Repair, Networking, Application Support, Development, DBA, and Web Design

4 Why you need to archive data Get rid of old (or no longer valid) data Keep the databases smaller – resulting in quicker access to the data More manageable Improve index build and backup/restore time

5 5 Things Define the retention schedule Identify the data to be archived Optionally, copy the data off to a history table Delete the data from the production database Rebuild indexes or dump/load to tighten things up

6 Our Recommendations Off Hours IT Department is responsible Use background queues when possible Monitor the BI file Each procedure is documented Who What How When ETA

7 Infor Month End Vendor/Item and Customer/Item PTD and YTD Totals to Zero A/R Period/Year End Procedure A/R Balance History End of Period Costing* Set Item/Warehouse PTD and YTD to Zero Post all journals for the period Run Financial Statements Update Current Period in Accounting Periods Fixed Assets Year End Procedure Vacation Calculation

8 Period End Data Retention EDI Data Life of the customer item Shipment Detail (x periods) Material Transactions (2 yrs required to calc prior year cost of purchase) Inventory Tag X-Ref to Matl Trans Non-Active Inventory tags (also see Job / PO) Employee Hours (2 yr) Labor Efficiency Forecast History (1 yr)

9 Cleanup Transaction Tables Matltran Jobtran Matlearn Matlscrp Lbrearn Lbrscrp Mchearn Mchscrp “Delete Material Transactions” and “Delete Job Transactions” will cleanup most of these – but – others will remain until “Delete End of Period Costing Transactions” is completed

10 Year End Data Retention Customer Orders (5 yr) CoHeader Audit Log CoLineItem Audit Log Packing Slips Invoices Purchase Orders (5 yr) PO Header Audit Log Non-Active inventory tags tied to PO Job Orders (3 yr) Job Transactions Non-Active inventory tags tied to a job

11 Gotchas If you use transactional replication (AI) to maintain a reporting database, these records will also be deleted from that database. If that’s not what you want to do, you might want to disable after imaging on the reporting database. If you turn off AI during this process, you must re-enable it after the process (with a new backup)

12 Archiving Data Custom Progress table(s) Export to external file Dump to external file(s) Live Backup

13 An “Archive Backup” database is a database that has been archived off to an external hard drive, along with all code and programs necessary to run that database, and then configured so that it will run in standalone read-only mode from where ever the drive may be plugged in. Two copies of the database are created; one for onsite storage and the other for offsite storage. Once the database has been created, the intent is that it will be used for archive purposes only and will never have additional data added to it. DISCLAIMER Contact your Progress Sales Rep to determine software licensing requirements.

14 The Magic of a Live Backup Complete, functional Syteline installation Read-Only Run Syteline on any machine – without Syteline or Progress installed on that machine 2 Copies – one onsite and one offsite Use for reporting Does not alter the files stored on the local hard drive

15 Prepare for a Live Backup Determine space requirements Progress Syteline Custom Code Full Backup Full Dump DB Copy Get and prepare the disks Remove junk Format NTFS Backup Dump Data

16 Moving Files Copy Progress, Syteline, Custom Code, and DB’s Don’t forget – wordpad and PF / INI files Copy the backup files Copy the dump files

17 Modify the connection Modify ONE PF file to remove all references to network drives Add 1 user (n=1) and Read-Only (-RO) to the PF file Remove other PF files Modify INI to remove network references and point to the new DBDIR Remove network connect options and references to network drives Change temp to C Modify ST so the DB knows where it is prostrct repair dbname

18 Test the connection Create an ADMIN icon G:\Progress\83E\bin\prowin32.exe -pf G:\symdb\ -basekey INI -ininame G:\symdb\admin.ini -p menu/adm-menu.p Verify the DBDIR Generate list of parameter files (should only have ONE) ADMIN -> RUN SYTELINE -> SINGLE USER (make sure it comes up) Verify the DBDIR displayed in Syteline is accurate Verify that DB Administration shows the correct db(s)

19 Finish it up Change the SYMIX password Remove all unused extents Create a ‘readme’ file to explain the contents How to use it Drive Reference Directories and what they contain Create a 2 nd copy

20 The final test Move the drive to a machine where neither Progress or Syteline are installed – and run it.

21 3481-B Blue Star Hwy Saugatuck MI 49453 (269) 857-5517 A copy of this presentation can be downloaded at Questions?

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