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GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP™ (Organization’s Name) It’s How We Help Keep America Beautiful ® ! 5.

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1 GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP™ (Organization’s Name) It’s How We Help Keep America Beautiful ® ! 5

2 WHAT IS THE GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP ™ ? America’s largest organized cleanup, beautification and improvement program involving millions of volunteers in communities all across the country. An educational community action program implemented March through May A partnership between (Organization’s Name, State), Keep America Beautiful, Inc. and Sponsors 2

3 WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP™ ? The Great American Cleanup™ is a platform for a wide range of local community improvement initiatives that meet local needs, including litter cleanups, litter prevention education, park painting and cleanup, recycling drives, clothing collection, graffiti removal, beautification and community improvement projects, river, lake and seashore cleanups, etc. 3

4 GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP™ ACTIVITIES Program Activities Include :  Litter Cleanup (required) - A community-wide cleanup of public lands and neighborhoods PLUS...Proposed/Optional Additions:  Recycling - A multi-material recycling drive that includes the collection of (please add list of materials included in collection plans here)  Graffiti Removal - By painting over defaced public buildings/areas  Beautification and other community improvement projects - The renewal/painting of parks, planting trees and gardens, etc.  Clothing Drive - A reusable clothing drive for local charity  Litter Prevention Education - In-school/community educational programs/materials - And many more 4

5 WHAT IS THE PROGRAM'S PURPOSE? Rally and educate citizens, through “hands on” volunteer participation in “mission-consistent” activities/events Serve “real needs” of participating communities Encourage volunteerism, personal action and responsibility Provides a focal point that enables Keep America Beautiful of support affiliates directly in their efforts to conduct “mission-consistent activities, increase funding and attract volunteers 5

6 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION? Results in a cleaner, improved/more beautiful physical environment Helps change attitudes and behavior toward littering Encourages individual responsibility for litter cleanup/prevention, and community beautification/improvement Taps pro-active volunteers, and develops a large volunteer base for future activities Increases awareness about proper solid waste handling practices, recycling, reuse, litter and graffiti prevention, etc. Generates visibility and positive local publicity for the whole community Provides an opportunity to involve local businesses and officials Creates community pride and enhances quality of life 6

7 LOCAL BUSINESS/CORPORATE SUPPORT IS VITAL TO OUR SUCCESS Benefits of local business/corporate participation, include:  Becoming an integral part of impressive effort at grassroots and national level  Receiving recognition in the media  Generating goodwill and promoting positive community image  Helping to promote environmental responsibility  Achieving business-building results 7

8 GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP ™ PARTNERSHIP: WHO DOES WHAT? Keep America Beautiful, Inc. supports the program by:  Facilitating National Sponsorships,funding and resources  Providing overall national program management by national staff, and coordination of national program planning and key resources for state and local initiatives  Providing ongoing national, state and local media and PR support, and supporting materials  Providing Program Logo Artwork  Allocating National Sponsors “in-kind”/program “tools”/promotional materials  Providing Large Outdoor Program Banners  Providing Great American Cleanup™ Program Manual  Monitoring program plans, quality and results to ensure overall program integrity and effectiveness  Announcing compiled program results from all Wrap-Up Reports 8

9 GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP ™ PARTNERSHIP: WHO DOES WHAT? Keep America Beautiful, Inc. also supports the program by:  Preparing articles about the Great American Cleanup™ for the national newsletter (these informative articles are sent to all local coordinators and serve to increase visibility and exposure for the program)  Supporting the Great American Cleanup™ Awards, which are presented at the annual Keep America Beautiful National Conference in Washington,D.C. to participating organizations that demonstrate exemplary Great American Cleanup™ efforts National Sponsors support the program by::  Providing financial commitment to the program/agreed upon in- kind” promotional Great American Cleanup™ materials/program “tools”  Presenting possible opportunities for local promotional tie- ins (where applicable) at the retail and/or programmatic level 9

10 GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP ™ PARTNERSHIP: WHO DOES WHAT? Each Great American Cleanup™ program depends upon state/community support and involvement. Each Program Coordinator focuses on:  Developing comprehensive program plans for (Affiliate City/Community)  Organizing and implementing all Great American Cleanup™ initiatives, activities, special events and/or promotions  Holding events/activities during March to May timeframe  Using established (or new) contacts in business, government, media, education and volunteer groups for a community-wide effort  Serving as local spokesperson for the nationwide program 10

11 KEY POINTS OF THE PROGRAM Definition of a Target Day Event: A single, high visibility activity with a lot of volunteers and a focus on litter cleanup in an area of meaning to the community  Helps (Organization’s Name) communicate Keep America Beautiful’s message on the need for litter prevention education to important audiences: media, residents, volunteers, local businesses and elected officials  In addition to a creative cleanup activity, Target Day Event can also include other “Keep America Beautiful mission-consistent” events  Can occur any time within the Great American Cleanup™ timeframe, and can be a kick-off event or a final celebration event  Date is selected to correspond with the most interesting project and the greatest number of volunteers participating in program activities that would attract the most media interest/attention  Is scheduled to avoid conflict with other community events  Features published rain date; promoted as happening “rain or shine”  Provides opportunity for impressive visuals/ key media photo opportunities (e.g., a bag distribution event) 11

12 PROGRAM RECAP Program/Event Title: Great American Cleanup™ The program focuses on litter cleanup, beautification and community improvement It is a platform for Keep America Beautiful mission- consistent activities It is not a hazardous waste program Program is inclusive: In addition to the volunteers, businesses are invited to participate and offer in-kind donations of goods and services 12

13 The GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP™... Captures the imagination and attention of the every participating community! 13


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