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Contamination Cleanup Grant Program Implementation Workshop.

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1 Contamination Cleanup Grant Program Implementation Workshop

2 Overview Introductions Purpose Agenda –Grant Agreements –Payment Requests –Annual Reports –Monitoring and Closeout

3 Grant Agreements E-mailed within 30 days of award date Should be signed and returned in a timely manner Signatures should match authorized parties from resolution submitted with application Examine your budget – it may be different from your application Note all requirements from grant agreement

4 Grant Agreement - Requirements Matching funds requirement –At least 25% match –12% of cleanup costs must be from an unrestricted source Annual report due date - July 25 Contract start date and term end date –Eligible costs prior to start date are tied to RAP approval date –Investigation or cleanup work must begin by start date listed in grant agreement Other general requirements, check with your legal counsel

5 Grant Agreements - Amendments Increase in grant amount –Supplemental award Change in term end date –Extenuating circumstances only Contract language changes

6 Grant Agreements – Adjustments (GAN) Change in budget line item (notify DEED of any significant monetary changes) Reverting unspent funds Change in grant status

7 Grant Agreements – Status Awarded Closed Pending ___________ Closed Pending Development Closed

8 Payment Requests

9 Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Approved Eligible Activities from Grant Agreement (GA) Approved Costs from Grant Agreement Total Eligible Invoices This Draw = 100% DEED Payment Request This Draw ____% Local Match This Draw ____% $ - TOTALS $ - = + ^ ^ ^ ^ If the line items in your Project Budget have changed, call your Rep before submitting this form. Amount should equal the total of all invoices attached to this Payment Request This total amount should reflect DEED's pro-rata share of approved costs This total amount should reflect the Grantee's pro- rata share of approved costs.

10 Payment Requests Column 5Column 6Column 7 Column 8Column 9Column 10 Column 11 Previous Payment Request Information Totals of Previous & Current Draws Remainder Previous DEED Payments To Date Previous Local Match Payments To Date Total Previous Paid To Date DEED Requests: Previous & Current Local Match Amounts: Previous & Current Total of All Previous & Current Funds Remaining Unspent Balance of Project Costs $ - + = $ - Total amount you have previously drawn from DEED. Total amount you have previously paid out of all other local sources. This amount should equal total Amounts from Columns 5 & 6 This amount should equal total Amounts from Columns 3 & 5 This amount should equal total Amounts from Columns 4 & 6 This amount should equal total Amounts from Columns 8 & 9 This amount should subtract Amounts in Columns 10 from Column 1

11 Payment Requests – Eligible costs Items in the grant budget Ineligible items include: –Meals, excessive travel, hotel, incidentals –Program administration costs (or in-kind) –Landscaping (seeding, sod, trees, etc.) –Items not approved in RAP –Development-related costs –Costs not supported by invoices

12 Payment Requests – Supporting Invoices Invoices should be directly tied to budget line items Notify DEED of any significant monetary changes in budgeted line item(s) Subcontractor invoices must be submitted All invoices should show dates work was completed

13 Payment Requests Send requests to your project manager to expedite payment Payments are made on a 2 week schedule Payments are generally wired within a week of processing (once approved)

14 Annual Reports Purpose –Legislative requirements Must be signed (certified) by Grantee Due July 25, annually Level of project completion dictates which sections of the report need submission Report is simple, should not take too long

15 Annual Reports





20 Submit until final development is complete and all final job, tax, and other benefits are reported

21 Monitoring and Closeout When does DEED monitor a project? Who is involved in a monitoring visit? What is inspected at a monitoring visit? –Grant Management –Financial Management –Project Progress

22 Monitoring and Closeout – Grant Management All correspondence relating to the grant must be on file, such as –Grant agreements and GANs –Annual Reports –Environmental documents and reports Files should be well organized

23 Monitoring and Closeout – Financial Management Pay Request and backup documentation should be on file Final budget numbers with sources identified Tracking of all revenues and expenditures Match requirements met Approval/financial management process

24 Monitoring and Closeout – Project Progress Status of project and final development –Final jobs and other benefits #s if not previously reported Site visit

25 Monitoring and Closeout Reports are submitted to Grantee within 45 days of monitoring visit Negative findings may be issued, immediate response required Reporting requirements remain in effect until project is closed Grantee files must remain available for 6 years after file is closed

26 General Grant Management Project team: DEED as partner Keep appropriate DEED staff informed throughout the project of any changes –Project schedule –Development changes –Budget changes –other

27 Questions?

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