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This is the Adobe Photoshop tool bar.

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2 This is the Adobe Photoshop tool bar.
The toolbar is broken up into six main sections Selection Tools Crop and Slice Tools Retouching Tools Painting Tools Drawing and Type Tools Annotation, Measuring, and Navigation Tools

3 Retouching Tools Adobe Photoshop Tools (Part 3)
Spot Healing Brush Tool Healing Brush Tool Tool Patch Tool Red Eye Tool Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool Eraser / Background Erase / Magic Erase Tool Blur / Sharpen / Smudge Tool Burn / Dodge / Sponge Tool

4 Retouching Tools: Spot Healing Brush
Removes blemishes from objects and photographs

5 Retouching Tools: Healing Brush
Paints with a sample, or pattern, to repair imperfections in an image

6 Retouching Tools: Patch Tool
The Patch tool repairs imperfections in a selected area of an image using a sample or pattern.

7 Retouching Tools: Red Eye Tool
The Red Eye tool* removes the red reflection caused by a flash.

8 Retouching Tools: Clone Stamp Tool
The Clone Stamp tool paints with a sample of an image.

9 Retouching Tools: Pattern Stamp Tool
The Pattern Stamp tool paints with part of an image as a pattern.

10 Retouching Tools: Eraser Tool
The Eraser tool erases pixels and restores parts of an image to a previously saved state.

11 Retouching Tools: Background Eraser Tool
The Background Eraser tool* erases areas to transparency by dragging.

12 Retouching Tools: Magic Erase Tool
The Magic Eraser tool erases solid-colored areas to transparency with a single click.

13 Retouching Tools: Blur Tool
The Blur tool* blurs hard edges in an image.

14 Retouching Tools: Sharpen Tool
The Sharpen tool* sharpens soft edges in an image.

15 Retouching Tools: Smudge Tool
The Smudge tool* smudges data in an image.

16 Retouching Tools: Dodge Tool
The Dodge tool* lightens areas in an image.

17 Retouching Tools: Burn Tool
The Burn tool* darkens areas in an image.

18 Retouching Tools: Sponge Tool
The Sponge tool* changes the color saturation of an area.

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