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Spiritual Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

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1 Spiritual Introduction to Spiral Dynamics
Mark Gilbert

2 Materials based upon the work of Dr. Don Beck
and Dr. Clare W. Graves’ Emergent, Cyclical, Double-Helix Model of Adult Biopsychosocial Systems Development

3 Introduction About me Govt manager to minister
Interested in SD and Intergral Trained with Don Beck SOM magazine article in April 2008 New article in September 2010 on integral


5 What is “Spiritual Introduction”?
Quick overview—can’t cover all details Stress the spiritual aspects of the model How we answer meaning of life questions at each “level” Consider how “God is evolving” Allows us to consider what a future for spirituality looks like

6 Spiral Dynamics…how it came to be...
Clair W Graves research in 1960s-1970s Published in the Futurists Magazine Contacted by Don Beck Beck and Cowens worked with Graves and published book “Spiral Dynamics” in 1990s.

7 Based on Data

8 Spiral Dynamics Developmental/emergence model Wholeview
Describes codes in people, cultures FlexFlow Works at the individual, organizational and geo-political nation-state levels HumanBond StriveDrive TruthForce Provides a new way of framing and understanding the forces of human interactions and behavior PowerGods KinSpirits SurvivalSense

9 Spiral Dynamics 8 basic “worldviews” which guide how we view life (waves / stages / “vMemes”) Wholeview FlexFlow HumanBond Product of interaction between external life conditions and internal adaptive systems StriveDrive TruthForce PowerGods Move through them as infants to adults & in our evolution from caveman to now…Open-ended – still evolving KinSpirits SurvivalSense

10 Alternating Types “I” “We” Wholeview FlexFlow HumanBond
Self Expressive Self Sacrificing StriveDrive TruthForce “I” “We” PowerGods KinSpirits SurvivalSense

11 Able to see the whole spiral
Two Tiers 2nd Tier Wholeview FlexFlow Able to see the whole spiral HumanBond StriveDrive TruthForce PowerGods KinSpirits SurvivalSense 1st Tier Sees only from within the level

12 Characteristics vary Coping Systems Goals
Cultural manifestations and personal displays Point of View Characteristics vary Life conditions Drive Organization Location Systems

13 Automatic/Instinctive
SurvivalSense The world is a state of nature and instincts; act much as other animals. Automatic/Instinctive “I survive” Biology-driven, sensory Human as smartest of animal species

14 SurvivalSense Survival Band Organization Sharpen instincts & innate senses Drive The Bush Location Food; water; procreation; warmth; protection; stays alive Cultural manifestations and personal displays As natural instincts and reflexes direct; automatic existence Coping Systems Survival; biogenic needs satisfaction; reproduction Goals Based on biological urges/drives; physical senses dictate the state of being Life Conditions

15 SurvivalSense Examples To be human beings, not just animals
First peoples Newborn infants Senile elderly Late-stage Alzheimer's victims People under extreme stress/shock

16 SurvivalSense From KinSpirits To Awareness of distinct self
Awareness of cause and effect Concerns with threats and fears Survival requires a group effort KinSpirits To

17 Animistic/ Tribalistic
KinSpirits The world is mysterious and frightening; placate spirits and join together. Animistic/ Tribalistic “We are safe” Mystical spirits, signs and nests for safety Individual subsumed in group Powerful shaman/chieftains Thinking - Animistic

18 KinSpirits Tribal Order Organization Seek harmony & safety in a mysterious world Drive Enchanted Forest Location Rites; rituals; taboos; superstitions; tribes; folk ways & lore Cultural manifestations and personal displays According to tradition and ritual ways of group; tribal; animistic Coping Systems Safety/security; protection from harm; family bonds Goals Threatening and full of mysterious powers and spirit being which must be placated and appeased Life Conditions

19 KinSpirits Examples Forming tribes, magic, art, spirits
Guardian angles, Voodoo curses Blood oaths and Family rituals Mystical ethnic beliefs Strong in Third-world settings, gangs, athletic teams, corporate tribes

20 KinSpirits From PowerGods To Rituals become repressive
Self more powerful than group Confronts adversaries and dangerous forces to control Niches are limited PowerGods To

21 PowerGods The world is rough and harsh; fight to survive in spite of others. Egocentric/Exploitive “I control” Power impulses and displays Hedonism and immediate sensory satisfaction Spontaneous, guilt-free, daring

22 PowerGods Exploitive Empire Organization Express impulsively, break free, be strong Drive Jungle Location Gratification; glitz; conquest; action; impulsive; lives for now Cultural manifestations and personal displays Asserting self for dominance, conquest, and power; exploitive; egocentric Coping Systems Power/action; asserting self to dominate others; control Goals I like a jungle where the tough and strong prevail while the weak serve; nature is an adversary Life Conditions

23 PowerGods Examples Warlords, conquest, discovery The “Terrible Twos”
Rebellious youth Frontier mentalities Feudal kingdoms Predatory/Prey relationships

24 PowerGods From TruthForce To Recognition of mortality
Quest for meaning and purpose in life Extended time-frame/future Consequential thinking arises TruthForce To

25 Absolutistic/Saintly
TruthForce The world is divinely controlled and purposeful; obey authority, sense guilt and do right. Absolutistic/Saintly “We are saved” Overwhelmed by chaos; seeks order Finds purpose in causes and dedication to crusades or jihad Guilt-based obedience to higher authority Sacrifices self, now, to obtain later.

26 TruthForce Authority Structure Organization Find meaning, purpose, bring order, insure future Drive Cathedral Location Meaning; discipline; traditions; morality; rules; lives for later Cultural manifestations and personal displays Act obediently as higher authority and rules direct; absolutist; conforming Coping Systems Stability/order; obedience to earn later reward; meaning Goals Controlled by a higher power that punishes evil and eventually rewards god works and right living Life Conditions

27 TruthForce Examples Literature, monotheism, purpose
Puritan America, Dickensian England Lake Wobegon and Main Street Fundamentalism in any form Patriotism, Transcendence, Causes

28 TruthForce From StriveDrive To Aspires to better life now for self
Challenges higher authority to produce tangible results Seeks one best way among many options StriveDrive To

29 Materialist/Achiever
StriveDrive The world is full of alternatives and opportunities; test options for greatest success. Materialist/Achiever “I improve” Success-driven search for best answers and ways to advance Goal-oriented planning and strategies to do better - Affirms we can change things. Materialistic focus on competition

30 StriveDrive Strategic Enterprise Organization Analyze and strategize to prosper Drive Marketplace Location Materialistic; consumerism; success; image; status; growth Cultural manifestations and personal displays Pragmatically to achieve results and get ahead; multiplistic; achievist Coping Systems Opportunity/success; competing to achieve results, influence Goals Full of resources to develop and opportunities to make things better and bring prosperity Life Conditions

31 StriveDrive Examples Mobility, individualism, economics
The Enlightenment/Progress Wall Street, Rodeo Drive Rise of the Middle Class Secular over Sacred

32 StriveDrive From HumanBond To
Discovers material wealth does not bring happiness or peace Renewed need for community, sharing and richer inner life Sensitivity to have, have-not gaps HumanBond To

33 Relativistic/Sociocentric
HumanBond The world is the shared habitat of all humanity; join community and grow personally. Relativistic/Sociocentric “We become” Consensus-seeking spirituality Egalitarian and humanitarian Tolerance/acceptance of a range of differences Explore the inner self and inner selves

34 HumanBond Social Network Organization Get to know one’s self/ equalize others Drive Commune Location Egalitarian; feelings; authentic; sharing; caring; community Cultural manifestations and personal displays Responds to human needs; affliative; relativistic; situational -- be fully human Coping Systems Harmony/love; joining together for mutual growth; awareness Goals The habitat wherein humanity can find love and purposes through affiliation and sharing Life Conditions

35 HumanBond Examples Human rights, social responsibility Group over the individual Search for inner peace/tranquility Doctor’s without Borders ACLU Interpersonal sensitivity/harmony

36 HumanBond From FlexFlow To
Overwhelmed by economic and emotional costs of caring Confronted by chaos/disorder Need for tangible results and functionality Knowing moves above feeling FlexFlow To

37 Systemic/Integrative
FlexFlow The world is a complex system requiring integral solutions; explore ways of being responsibly free. Systemic/Integrative “I learn” Big-picture views of living systems Integrative structures and evolutionary flows Need to design “natural habitats” that support human emergence through steps/stages.

38 FlexFlow Systemic Flow Organization Integrate & align systems Drive Natural Habitat Location natural systems; self-principle; multiple realities; knowledge Cultural manifestations and personal displays Build functional niche to do what one chooses; existential, systemic Coping Systems Independence/self-worth; fitting a living system; knowing Goals A chaotic organism where change is the norm and uncertainty an acceptable state of being Life Conditions

39 FlexFlow Examples Complexity, chaos, interconnections
Peter Senge’s organizations W. Edwards Deming’s objectives Carl Sagan’s astronomy Emerging dynamics through stages

40 FlexFlow From WholeView To Senses order within chaos
Search for guiding principles Whole-earth problems arise as technology connects everybody Spirituality back with physics WholeView To

41 Globalist/Renewalist
WholeView The world is delicately balanced interweaving forces; experience ways to re-order life's chaos. Globalist/Renewalist “We experience” Synergy of all life forms/forces Planetary concerns rank above narrow group interests Reordered world for new meaning and good of the commons

42 WholeView Holistic Organism Organization Synergize and macro manage Drive Global Village Location Collective individualism; cosmic spirituality; earth changes Cultural manifestations and personal displays Experientially to join with other like thinkers; holistic, transpersonal Coping Systems Global community/life force; survival of Earth; consciousness Goals A delicately balanced system of interlocking forces in jeopardy at humanity's hands Life Conditions

43 WholeView Examples Gandhi’s ideas of pluralistic harmony
Teilhard de Chardin’s “noosphere” McLuhan’s “global village” Ken Wilber’s “Spectrum of Consciousness” and Holonic views

44 WholeView From Currently unclear Un-Named To

45 Cross Section of World Population

46 Population Comparison

47 Distribution of Population and Power by Value System

48 Where are you on the spiral?

49 Spirit on the Spiral: Tier 1
Meaning in nature; heightened senses & communication, strong intuitive abilities Survival Clans SurvivalSense myths, mystical spirit beings, rituals, sacred objects and places, live in magical world. Ethnic Tribes KinSpirits Gods have human weaknesses, demanding, jealous etc.; Sacrifices to powerful Gods Feudal Empires PowerGods Delayed gratification to afterlife, rules and limits imposed by God; strong right vs. wrong Ancient Nations TruthForce Science and materialism can explain life; goal is to acquire and win. Corporate States StriveDrive Explore inner self, sense of community, break free from dogma, spiritual but not religious Value Communities HumanBond How does life really work? (Spiritual aspects) Political Form Stage/ Wave

50 Spirit on the Spiral: Tier 2
See value in all levels and beliefs See interconnectedness of everything (systems) Express self without harming others OK with conflicting “truths” Gift of living on Earth Focus on the good for All

51 Spirit on the Spiral: Tier 2
Expanded use of brain/mind tools Self is part of a larger , conscious, spiritual whole that also serves self Global networking is routine Living with “less” is actually “more”


53 Evolution of God God or Spirit is simply in nature
Begin to tie events in nature to being caused by “gods” Gods get more powerful, demanding, have human faults Multi Gods to one God, strict written rules God is dead New vision of God/Spirit in All

54 What is “evolving”? Our awareness Our consciousness

55 Mystics and Sages Have Said…
Ernest Holmes Sri Aurobindo Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Beatrice Bruteau Ken Wilber

56 Thank you

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