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Welcome to Kindergarten Highlands Elementary Mrs. Newhouse.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Highlands Elementary Mrs. Newhouse

2 About Mrs. Newhouse 9 years Experience Masters Of Education In Curriculum and Instruction BA in Telecommunication Management Awarded the 2007-2008 Teacher of the Year for S.S. Dillow Elementary in Fort Worth, TX

3 What do I love to do? Educate students and motivate them to be all they can be Mentor students who are having social, behavior and family problems Sing and dance.

4 One Fun Facts About Me I help lead a team of singers, dancers, and actors to country called Papa Nu Guinea. We song, danced and helped better their community.

5 Academic Goals To have each student become phonically developed to become a strong, fluent reader. To have each student proficient in math, reading, science and social studies.

6 Social Behavioral Goals Respect and appreciate each other. Learn to work as a team. Learn to deal with problems that we have with friends.

7 What Are My Expectations Come R.E.A.D.Y. R.Ready to work E.Eager to learn A.Always prepared D.Do your best Y.Yes to success

8 What are our Roles? Teacher Teach the students Support and to guide students in their learning. Create and maintain a safe and structured classroom. Students Be in charge of their own learning. Come R.E.A.D.Y. Ask for help.

9 What happened here?

10 Rules Follow instructions. Share with others. Stay on task. Keep to yourself. Clean up.

11 Procedures How do you get my attention? Hand up with mouth closed. How do I get your attention? Stop and give me 5. 1.Eyes on me 2.Mouth closed 3.Feet still 4.Nose on me 5.Hand raised. Or I will clap 3 times and you clap back.

12 Morning Procedures 1.Go to the bathroom before you come in. 2.Say Good morning. 3.Put your backpack and homework away. 4.Sharpen your pencil. 5.Begin your sponge activity. 6.If you finish early read at your desk.

13 Afternoon Procedures Open up your binder so it can be signed. When your table is called, check your mailbox and desk for any work that needs to go home. Get your backpack and line up quietly.

14 Classroom Procedures Pencil Sharpening You May Sharpen your pencil in the morning. You may not sharpen your pencil during teaching time. Keep 2 pencils in your box. Extra pencils can be found on the table. Lining Up Make sure your area is clean Put your hands in your lap & feet under the desk. Listen for the teacher to call your table. Line up quietly with your hands behind your back.

15 Bathroom Procedures Outside the classroom Stand in the second square from the wall. No talking Keep hands behind your back

16 Cafeteria Procedures Enter & Leave in a quietly and orderly manner Eat first then you may talk quietly. Keep hands, feet and food to yourself. No Sharing Face your table with feet on the floor Food & Drink must stay in the cafeteria Ask permission before leaving your seat

17 What are we going explore in Kindergarten?

18 I look forward to working with you this year! Do you have any questions?

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