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Building Your Dream Team Source: John Trent

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1 Building Your Dream Team Source: John Trent

2 The opposite of team-building … Is a fear-based environment Here, all communal and creative energy is subverted into building bunkers

3 Instead … Assume everyone on the team brings unique and invaluable strengths to the project and process Make strength- discovery the first priority

4 L.O.G.B. profiles Take 3 minutes Circle every word that applies to you Double the # in each box Plot on graph

5 Lions Don’t need motivating Point them in the right direction and let them go Love to do what is said to be un-doable

6 Otters Fun-loving, talkative Great to start new things, less attention to detail and finishing

7 Golden Retrievers Sensitive, caring, compassionate Like to go “deeper”

8 Beaver Do things by the book Are detailed and organized Good finishers

9 At the party … The lion calls it The otter talks to everyone The golden retriever talks to one person all night The beaver actually brings the food

10 So when building the team: Every good team is a zoo Recognize love is the core value –And that verbal affirmation is indispensable Understand that Jesus modeled each characteristic

11 When there’s friction on the team Try a strength-finding exercise on –Downloadable workbooks

12 Taming the Zoo: “Story-boarding” Quick enough for the lions Fun enough for the otters Unified enough for the golden retrievers Organized enough for the beavers

13 Steps 1, 2 & 3 1.Brainstorm the purpose 2.Sharpen the purpose 3.Turn your purpose statement into a run-on sentence

14 Steps 4 & 5 4. Brainstorm the toppers 5.Critique the toppers

15 Steps 6 & 7 6.Brainstorm the subbers 7.Sharpen the subbers … and then create a time-line

16 Building Your Dream Team John Chandler The Ray and Ann Spence Network for Congregational Leadership

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