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Digital Photography Made Easy With Jim Battles Battles Photography.

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1 Digital Photography Made Easy With Jim Battles Battles Photography

2 Digital Photography Made Easy …or so we think

3 Disclaimer: Although I use digital photography daily and am the one teaching this class…

4 Disclaimer: …I’m still learning too.

5 Digital vs. film lower costs after startup more efficient workflow no scan/sep costs instant gratification

6 Hardware Camera: professional vs. consumer controls MP rating

7 Hardware Camera: optical or digital zoom media

8 Hardware Computer: Lots of RAM Color calibration Data transfer interface

9 Software Image capture Image manipulation (Photoshop, etc.)

10 Image controls white balance color balance sharpen compression zoom (optical)

11 Image controls General rule of thumb: Don’t use most image control functions in-camera. Apply them afterward.

12 Remember: All rules of photography still apply!

13 Terms Capture: The act of taking a digital photograph

14 Terms CCD: Charge Couple Device, the image capture area in the camera

15 Terms Removable Media: Temporary storage of data in camera

16 Terms Formatting: The act of initializing or erasing images from removable media

17 Terms RGB: Red, Green, Blue The colors computers work with

18 Terms CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, The colors printers work with

19 Terms Pixel: The basic building block of digital (bitmap) images

20 Terms Mega Pixel: Millions of pixels; total number of pixels captured by a camera

21 Terms File format: “Container” into which digital data is stored

22 Terms File formats: TIFF JPEG RAW (NEF, etc.)

23 Terms Resolution: Number or size of pixels in an image

24 You say you want a Resolution…

25 Did you know…. All digital photographs are actually black and white images

26 Example: 2 bit color

27 Term Bit: Binary digit; 0 or 1, Black or white

28 Example: greyscale

29 Term Greyscale: An image rendered in black, white and shades of grey

30 Example full color

31 2 bits, 4 bits, 8 bits, A dollar? No, a channel

32 Example another full color

33 Resolution Pixel depth/ bit depth: How many bits of information per pixel is captured

34 Resolution 2 bits x 2 bits x 2 bits = pixel depth of 8 bits

35 Greyscale An 8-bit greyscale image can render 256 different tones from black to white

36 Let’s do some math Red chanel=256 tones X Green chanel= 256 tones X Blue chanel= 256 tones =16,777,216 possible colors

37 Resolution Factors: pixel depth, image size and resolution (dpi) Affects file size

38 Resolution 8x10 image @ 600ppiimage @ 600ppi 1 bit (B&W)=3.6 MB 8 bits (greyscale)=28.8MB 24 bits (RGB)=86.4 MB 32 bits (CMYK)=115.2 MB

39 ATTENTION! The “powers that be” request that you pay specific attention to the following information

40 Resolution For commercial printing: dpi/lpi/ppi 300

41 Resolution @ 300dpi: 1 MP = 3”x 3” 2 MP= 3”x 6” 3 MP= 5.6” x 5.6” 4 MP= 6” x 6” 5 MP= 7” x 7” 6 MP = 6” x 20” 16 MP= 13”x13”

42 Resolution Please note that screen resolution is 72 dpi

43 Image controls Many found in-camera are also found in image manipulation software

44 Image controls Save images unchanged: treat like negatives backup in case of error

45 Image controls White Balance: Camera setting to match the lighting conditions

46 Image controls Color balance: Image settings between cyan/red, magenta/green, yellow/blue

47 Image controls Sharpen vs USM (UnSharpMask)

48 Terms Artifacts: Nasty, little globs of high contrast goo from oversharpening

49 Terms Noise: Specks in image due to long exposure time or high ISO

50 Example noise

51 Terms Interpolation: Creating pixels from existing pixels lowers image quality

52 Image controls Histogram: Chart of greyscale values in an image

53 OK, lets do the rest in Photoshop Shut down this foul Microsoft application!


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