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Global Leadership Conference Richard Hart, MD, DrPH President, Loma Linda University.

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1 Global Leadership Conference Richard Hart, MD, DrPH President, Loma Linda University

2 Broad Biblical Principles “If they [Christian leaders] make the broad principles of the word of God the foundation of the character, they may stand wherever the Lord in His providence may call them, surrounded by any deleterious influence, and yet not be swayed from the path of right.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 4, p. 562

3 Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins »Wealth without Work »Pleasure without Conscience »Knowledge without Character »Commerce without Morality »Science without Humility »Worship without Sacrifice »Politics without Principle

4 Stephen Covey on Principles »“There are basic principles of effective living, and people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles into their basic character.” Stephen Covey, 7 Habits, p. 18. »“The majority of [success literature] appears to have originally come out of the study of the Bible by many individuals.” 7 Habits, p. 134

5 Definition of Principles »“Principles are deep, fundamental truths…They are tightly interwoven threads running with exactness, consistency, beauty, and strength through the fabric of life.” »Covey, 7 Habits, p. 122

6 Levels of Leadership »“Builds enduring greatness through blend of personal humility and professional will.” »Jim Collins, Good to Great, p. 20 Capable Individual Contributing Team Member Competent Manager Effective Leader Level 5 Executive

7 Jim Collins’ Surprise »“We were surprised, shocked really, to discover the type of leadership required for turning a good company into a great one…Self-effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy – these leaders are a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.” »Jim Collins, Good to Great, p. 13

8 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 1.Take initiative: Be “proactive” 2.Begin with the end in mind: Know your goal 3.Put first things first: Set clear priorities 4.Think Win/Win: Establish mutuality and trust 5.Seek first to understand: Truly listen 6.Synergize: Build creative collaboration 7.“Sharpen the Saw”: Become a whole person

9 Good to Great Principles 1.Have humble but persistent leadership 2.Choose the right people 3.Be honest about the current situation 4.Know what you do best 5.Build a culture of accountability 6.Use technology only as a tool 7.Work for gradual change

10 Learning from Mistakes 1.Top-Down Attitude: “I’m the boss!” 2.Paperwork First: “My work means more than people do.” 3.Absence of Affirmation: “I forgot to thank you.” 4.No Room for Mavericks: “Don’t challenge our system.” 5.Lone Decision Maker: “I know all the answers.” 6.Dirty Delegation: “I delegate but then I don’t let go.” 7.Communication Chaos: “I forgot to tell you our plan.” 8.Ignore Corporate Culture: “I failed to notice the entrenched attitudes and behaviors in our organization.” 9.No Succession Plan: “I will be in charge forever!” 10.No Vision for Long-Term Future: “I have no big dream.”

11 Loma Linda University Health »Motto – To Make Man Whole »Mission – To Continue the Teaching and Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ »Vision – Transforming Lives »Values - Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Wholeness

12 Ministry of Healing and Hope ~14,000 Employees ~4,500 Students ~700 Residents in 28 programs ~800 Faculty Physicians in 67 specialties and subspecialties ~6 Hospitals ~8 Schools »Who serve 1.5 million patients annually


14 UniversityHospital 90 ICU 281 Acute Children’s Hospital 84 NICU 99 ICU 165 Acute East Campus Hospital 8 ICU 65 Acute 61 Rehab Behavioral Medicine Center 89 Beds Heart & Surgical Hospital 4 ICU 24 Acute Murrieta 106 Beds Loma Linda University Medical Center 285 ICU Beds 791 Acute Beds 1076 Total Licensed Beds

15 Challenges of Church Leadership »Playing to the next constituency meeting »Façade vs. Real improvement »Finances »Problem employees »Structural Change

16 The Board Meeting »Setting agendas carefully »Calling for votes appropriately »Keeping minutes accurately »Following through on decisions

17 Succession Planning »Identifying talent »Placing in learning situations »Building personal credibility »Sharing power

18 Church Leaders »Process of selection »Creative vs. Conformity »Danger of Democracy »Seek Power, Authority, Personal Benefit »Nominating vs. Search Committee »Inherit a Bureaucracy

19 Nine Tasks of Leadership »Goal Setting »Value Affirmation »Motivate »Managing »Achieving Unity »Explaining / Communicating »Serving as a Symbol »Representative of the Group »Renewer

20 Non-delegable Tasks of Leadership »Two tasks which cannot be delegated »A leader is a symbol »A leader must envision goals »“Achieving a goal may simply make the next goal more urgent: inside every solution are the seeds of new problems.”

21 Love in Action »“It is love alone which in the sight of heaven makes any act of value. Whatever is done from love, however small it may appear in the estimation of men, is accepted and rewarded of God.” »The Great Controversy, p. 487

22 Love in Action »“Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” »I John 3:18 »“We love because He first loved us.” »I John 4:19

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