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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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1 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Be Proactive Begin With The End In Mind Put First Things First Think Win-Win Seek First To Understand, Then Be Understood Synergize Sharpen The Saw

2 Habit 1: Be Proactive Underlying Principle – Individuals are responsible for their own choices and have the freedom to choose. Key Paradigm – “I am responsible for my behavior and the choices I make in life.”

3 Habit 1: Be Proactive Characteristics of a Proactive Person
Respond according to their values S -> R or S -> freedom to chose -> R Accept responsibility for their own behavior. We make choices according to our values, purposes, and vision. Focus on their Circle of Influence

4 Habit 1: Be Proactive

5 Habit 1: Be Proactive Proactive “I choose to go.”
“I control my own feelings.” “Let’s explore alternatives.” Reactive “I have to go.” He makes me so mad.” “There’s nothing I can do.”

6 Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind
Underlying Principle – Mental creation precedes physical creation. Key Paradigm – “I can choose my own future and create a vision of it.” “I will create results mentally before beginning any activity.”

7 Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind
Habit 1 says you are the programmer Habit 2 says write the program Mission Statement: A powerful document that expresses your personal sense of purpose and meaning in life. It acts as a governing constitution by which you evaluate decisions and choose behaviors.

8 Habit 3: Put First Things First Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Underlying Principle – Effectiveness requires balancing important relationships, roles, and activities. Key Paradigm – “I will focus on importance instead of urgency.” “I will fulfill my mission by acting on important goals in my life.”

9 Habit 3: Put First Things First
#1 You are the programmer; #2 You write the program; #3 You run the program. The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

10 Habit 3: Put First Things First
What are the first things in your life? First things are those things that you, personally, find most worth doing. They move you in the right direction. They help you achieve the principle-centered purpose expressed in your mission statement. List five or six important things you want to put first in your professional and personal life, then prioritize them.

11 Habit 3: Put First Things First
Importance – An activity is important if you personally find it valuable – if it contributes to your mission, values, and high-priority goals. Urgency – An activity is urgent if you or others feel that it requires immediate attention.

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