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New York State Academy of Family Physicians Information for New Members.

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1 New York State Academy of Family Physicians Information for New Members

2 From the President This is designed to give you up-to-date information on Academy programs and activities. Any association must rely on its members for ideas, input and support. We are faced with many challenges regarding reimbursement and access to real primary care. Implementation of the 2010 Health Care Reform Act will require ongoing advocacy on behalf of family physicians and our patients. I want the NYSAFP to do the best for you and our specialty. Please contact the NYSAFP office or me directly ( if you have questions on programs or activities. Join our group on We seek your comments and suggestions. Sincerely, James L. Greenwald, MD President

3 History

4 NYSAFP Staff…… Vito Grasso, MFP, CAE Executive Vice President Kelly Madden Education Director Bobbi Markowitz Administrative Assistant Donna Denley Finance Director Janet Lindner Project Consultant Ronald Rouse Consultant 518—674-8465 Lobbyists: Steve Weingarten Bob Reid Marcy Savage Weingarten, Reid, & McNally 1 Commerce Plaza, Suite 1103 Albany, NY 12210 NYSAFP 260 Osborne Road Albany, NY 12211 518-489-8945 or 800-822-0700 Fax 518-489-8961

5 Mission Statement Mission: The NYSAFP strives to improve the health of patients, families and communities by serving members of the Academy through education and advocacy.

6 Vision, Core Values Vision: AAFP Vision is to transform health care to achieve optimal health for everyone. AAFP Core Values: Patient Care that is… –Equitable –Centered on the whole person within the context of family and community; –Based on science and best available evidence; –Supported by lifelong professional learning; and –Grounded in respect and compassion for the individual.

7 Core values in action We fight for the health of the citizens of New York We value the tremendous diversity of our state and of our members While we seek to sharpen each other, legislators and state officials through debate, we do this in the Hippocratic spirit: honoring our patients and each other as we would members of our own family

8 Activities of the NYSAFP Service –Scholarships for med students entering careers in family medicine –Skills seminars for medical students –Tar Wars presentations in middle schools Advocacy –Support for Family Health Plus, CHIP and other expansions of coverage for uninsured

9 Activities of the NYSAFP Advocacy –Support for Family Health Plus, CHIP and other expansions of coverage for uninsured –Support for pipeline programs AHEC Doctors Across New York –Support safety for health care workers Allow testing for workers contaminated by patient who is deceased or otherwise has no proxy available

10 Activities of the NYSAFP Public Health –Provide support and counsel to legislature and DOH regarding childhood obesity –Increase supply and decrease cost of vaccines to NYS physicians including H1N1 –Support training for family physicians in community based addiction treatment –Provide support for family doctors and their patients who wish to stop smoking

11 Activities of the NYSAFP Education –Annual Scientific Assembly in Lake Placid in January –Regional Family Medicine Conference –SAMs for ABFM Certification –Support for to achieve NCQA diabetes certification Lake Placid

12 Governance We send a full delegation each year to –AAFP Congress of Delegates –National Council of Special Constituencies Two past Presidents of AAFP –Bruce Bagley –Harry Metcalf Board and commissions meet 3x a year Annual Congress of Delegates

13 For More Information See our website Call our office 800.822.0700 Join with 2300 other active members Students and residents welcomed! Join now –

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