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Tackling the EU raw materials challenge – the ETP SMR Corina Hebestreit, Euromines Chair of the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources.

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1 Tackling the EU raw materials challenge – the ETP SMR Corina Hebestreit, Euromines Chair of the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR)

2 Content of presentation: 1. Mineral raw materials and their products – an important factor of the European economy 2. Material demand forecasts 3. ETP SMR – short introduction; 4. Flagship Initiative EUROPE 2020: Resource efficient Europe; 5. EUROPE 2020 innovation programme – underlining the role of RMI; 6. Action Plan for RMI in Europe 2020 programme.

3 Mineral resources, material science and technology Ferrous metals Non- ferrous metals Ind. minerals Ornamental stones Aggregatesoilgascoal manufacturing energy construction Automobile Space Aircraft Electronics & IT machinery chemicals/pharma White goods Infrastructure construction Food & Drink agriculture Almost every industrial branch needs products from the minerals industry

4 Sustainable Chemistry; Space Technology Platform (ESTP); European Steel Technology Platform; MANUFUTURE - Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP); EuMaT - European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies; The European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety; Zero Emission Platform (ZEP); Water Supply and Sanitation Platform; Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems (ARTEMIS). Cross cutting initiatives between other ETPs –opportunity for cooperation



7 “In-use” life of Copper Secondary resource base available today 8.5 Mt/yr 50% of current annual demand 25? yrs Minimum needs exceed available scrap

8 New products sharpen the need for specialized materials Rare earth elements Copper Alloying elements Lithium Graphite Heavy-metal-free applications

9 ETP SMR - Vision Reshape a „traditional” industry from resource-driven to a knowledge-driven industry; Supply and secure the mineral resources needed by the EU economy with related low environmental footprint; Strengthen EU leadership and competitivnes in minerals sector technology; Add value for customers and the society. Source, GTK, Finland

10 Poland Germany Lithuania Latvia Estonia France Italy Spain Portugal Sweden Finland Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Austria Greece United Kingdom Ireland Netherlands Belgium Denmank Slovenia Cyprus Malta Companies Geological Surveys Associations Academia and R&D Romania Mintek RSA 2 5 3 2 Bulgaria Norway Belarus Ukraine ETP SMR Members Russia 2 Switzerland 2 2 2 2

11 ETP SMR structure National and international legislators, society, industry representatives, 41 members Aggregates, coal&graphite, dimension stones industr. minerals, metal minerals, oil EuroGeoSurveys office in Brussels.

12 Downstream industry concerns related to Raw Materials Access to reliable & shared materials intelligence & scenarios: common tools to assess exposure & criticality Enhanced, focused technological innovation for –Exploration –Processing –Reduction per functional unit (including property improvement & energy reduction) –Substitution –Reuse and Recycling Promotion of local, short-loop flow schemes within an EU economical and industrial eco-system Secure access to a continuous supply chain (investments!)

13 Innovation - activity of the ETP SMR in the EU NMP FP7 research fund between 2007 - 2009 Priority A: Innovative concepts and processes for new high added value mineral products (ProMine, Experl) Priority B: Technologies for a sustainable increased self-sufficiency in resources (One Geology, Eurogeosource) Priority C: New strategies and technologies for mineral resources extraction, processing and recovery. Priority D: Reducing environmental footprint (EO-MINERS, Impactmine)

14 Example of a FP7 running projects ProMine: Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe Research area: NMP-2008-4.0-5 Innovative concepts and processes for strategic mineral supply and for new high added value mineral-based products Project website; ProMine research focuses on five nano-products: Conductive metal (Cu, Ag, Au) fibres, Rhenium and rhenium alloy powders, Nano-silica, Iron oxyhydroxysulphate and New nano-particle based coatings for printing paper.

15 Innovation - activity of the ETP SMR in the EU NMP FP7 research fund 2010-2011 Theme 4 - NANOSCIENCES, NANOTECHNOLOGIES,MATERIALS AND NEW PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES. Call for proposals open on e.g.: i.networking at MS level (research on materials science and engineering, including international cooperation, ERA-NET in minerals ii.developing new technologies for eco-efficient intelligent mining activities (advanced underground technologies for intelligent mining and for inspection, maintenance and excavation), for new products - and eco-efficient and cost-effective method of production, (management of industrial water), iv.finding substitutions (novel materials for replacement of critical materials, Platinum GE and Rare Earth ) ETP Sustainable Mineral Resources, a Platform of dialogue.

16 NMP.2011.4.0-6 ERA-NET on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European industries (ERA-MIN) Technical content/scope: The objective of the ERA-NET is to step up coordination of research programmes in the field of industrial production and supply of raw materials. The ERA-NET should create an efficient long-lasting working platform to benchmark national programmes and establish eventually joint RTD programme between the involved partners, resulting in joint/coordinated calls within the project. That will be facilitated by quick and effective transfer of good practice from other ERA-NETs. The ERA-NET is expected to establish an efficient collaboration with industry, in particular with the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources, in road mapping and networking activities.

17 The future « Intelligent Mine » With deposits increasingly tough to reach, future technological advances may have to be implemented with the knowledge that they will increase the cost base to address the following challenges: Safety standards in tougher environments; Predictive exploration efficiency to identify deeper opportunities; Drilling and rock breaking in tougher environment; Environmental restrictions in sensitive areas; Automation to address the lack of skilled workforce availability and, crucially - improve safety for workers. source:Jürgen Leibbrandt, Executive Vice President Market Development, CODELCO IWCC Joint Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, May 2010

18 I 2 Mine work packages (WPs): WP1: Mine-wide information and control systems, logistic and mass flow management; WP2: Novel mining and underground processing methods; WP3: Rock mechanics and ground control; WP4: Innovative machinery for deep underground mine; WP5: Application, demonstration, validation; WP6: Health and safety and environmental aspects in future deep mining; WP7: Communication, dissemination and societal issues; WP8: Coordination and management. NMP.2011.4.0-2. Advanced underground technologies for intelligent mining and for inspection, maintenance and excavation. Successful consortium: I 2 Mine - Innovative Technologies and Concepts for the Intelligent Deep Mine of the Future One of the ETP SMR initiatives in the FP7 NMP Intelligent Deep Mine (I 2 Mine), 2011

19 EIP, Non-Energy Raw Materials for a Modern Society Year 2020 target: Europe needs to make a significant step ahead by 2020 to ensure a secure supply and achieve efficient and sustainable management of non-energy materials in Europe. The proposed Partnership will contribute to long term raw material supply security, to increase resource efficiency in the EU, to the development of new European based recycling activities (largely focused on SME). The strategy is addressing the entire supply chain: extract better and more recycle more; find alternatives/substitutions for critical and environmentally /energy demanding raw materials; better resource efficiency in production and social acticity.

20 Novel technologies for: exploration, extraction and minerals processing; metallurgy, process control through intelligent IT based systems; New technological processes for treatment of and extraction of critical raw materials; Innovative methods for gaining value from waste; Complete utilization of resources from secondary materials and scrap treatment to development of combined highly-efficient technologies for metals recovery from e-scrap waste. EIP – the big opportunity for European economy and European mineral sector

21 Building-blocks/work packets Programme announced by DG Ent., Brussels, 9th Dec.2010 WP1 – Developing new innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable raw materials supply; WP2 – Developing new innovative technologies and solutions for the substitution of critical materials; WP3 – Improving Europe's raw materials knowledge and infrastructure base ; WP4 – Improving the regulatory framework via promotion of excellence and promoting recycling through public procurement and private initiatives; WP5 – International cooperation. EIP – European Innovation Partnership

22 Conclusions The metals and mineral industry is one of the main pillars of the European economy. ETP SMR is becoming a more important player in fostering the development of mineral sector in Europe based on RTD Activity of ETP SMR can positively influence the implementation of EU policy in securing raw materials supply in Europe

23 ETP on Sustainable Mineral Resources Website: Information on EPT SMR and its tasks; Strategic Research Agenda Contribution to the Agenda 2020

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