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2010 Corn Herbicide Update Brian Jones Agronomy Extension Agent

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1 2010 Corn Herbicide Update Brian Jones Agronomy Extension Agent

2 Outline Some new molecules available for 2009/2010 –Kixor technology Update on HPPD chemistry New products with enhanced crop safety

3 Kixor (BASF) Saflufenacil – new molecule PPO inhibitor Low use rate (1-4 oz/A) Marketed as: –Sharpen (saflufenacil alone) or –Integrity (saflufenacil + dimethenamid-P (Outlook))

4 Kixor (BASF) Sharpen: broadleaf burndown and residual application for corn, soybean, and small grains –Active on certain key broadleaf weeds –Useful for weeds that glyphosate has issues with –Mix with glyphosate for maximum control

5 Kixor (BASF) Integrity: broad spectrum pre-emergence treatment –“Without the need for atrazine” Atrazine will make it even more effective –Good control of many annual grasses

6 TreatmentIVY. MGPITTED MG G. RAGWEED Control0 c 0 b Harness Xtra (PRE)70 b60 b74 a Integrity (PRE)86 a80 a88 a Sharpen + Prowl H 2 O (PRE)88 a80 a81 a Harness Xtra (PRE) Roundup Powermax (EP) 85 a88 a81 a Integrity (PRE) Roundup Powermax (EP) 90 a84 a Sharpen + Prowl H 2 O (PRE) Roundup Powermax (EP) 85 a79 a76 a

7 Impact (Amvac) 2.8 L Formulation,.75 fl oz/acre. Apply with COC and Nitrogen as adjuvants. Combine with atrazine. Pigweed spp., burcucumber, chickweed, cocklebur, common lambsquarters, morningglory spp., mustard spp., nightshade, ragweed spp., prickly sida, smartweed spp., velvetleaf, and Canada thistle. Barnyardgrass, crabgrass spp., foxtail spp., goosegrass, signalgrass, fall panicum. Soybeans 9 months, small grains 3 months.

8 Laudis (Bayer) 3.5 L Formulation, 3.0 fl oz/acre. Apply with MSO or COC plus UAN or AMS. Combine with atrazine, many others. Pigweed spp., Canada thistle, carpetweed, chickweed, cocklebur, purple deadnettle, henbit, jimsonweed, lambsquarters, morningglory spp., nightshade spp., ragweed spp., smartweed, and velvetleaf. Barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, large crabgrass, foxtail spp., goosegrass, seedling johnsongrass, Texas panicum, shattercane. Soybeans 8 months, small grains 4 months.



11 Capreno (Bayer) Tembotrione (Laudis) + thiencarbazone (new ALS) + safener HPPD inhibitor Low rate: 3 oz/A POST control similar to Laudis –Thiencarbazone (ALS inhibitor) gives broader weed control spectrum

12 Require Q (DuPont) Rimsulfuron (Resolve) + dicamba (Clarity) + safener (isoxadifen) Developed as a POST tank-mix for glyphosate in RR corn Improves broadleaf (esp perennial) control Also provides residual control of grass and broadleaf germination 4 oz/A applied when corn between 4” and 20”

13 Resolve Q (DuPont) Rimsulfuron (Resolve) + thifensulfuron (Harmony SG) + safener (isoxadifen) POST foliar plus residual tank-mix partner with glyphosate or glufosinate Improve control of lambsquarters, pigweed, velvetleaf; provide suppression of annual grasses (foxtail, barnyardgrass, panicum, crabgrass) 1.25 oz/A applied before corn is 20”

14 SureStart (Dow) Acetochlor (TopNotch) + flumetsulam (Python) + clopyralid (Stinger) + safener Apply PRE to early POST (11” tall corn) tank-mix with glyphosate or glufosinate PRE will give early season control of many annual grasses and broadleaf to improve timing of in-season glyphosate or glufosinate Non-atrazine alternative

15 Accent Q and Steadfast Q (DuPont) Nicosulfuron-based products Added safener (isoxadifen) allow higher rates for better grass control

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