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Astana Talk & Lead club: Goals and expectations January 2010 Presented by Samat Panov.

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1 Astana Talk & Lead club: Goals and expectations January 2010 Presented by Samat Panov

2 1. What objectives do you hope to accomplish as a member of our club?  To contribute for common goal and idea of club, have a fun with friends, To get above average of public speaker’s skill, networking  My first objective is to become a member of the club, second one is to improve my public speaking skills  I want to sharpen my presentation and communications skills  My goals are to become a better speaker, and speak on more professional level as well as helping others to improve their skills, since we all can learn from each other.  Improve language skills  Master the public-speaking skill, networking, learn new  Become a better speaker and evaluator  I want to become a better speaker and more confident  Improve public presentations: prepare more organized and structured speeches, persuasive body language and voice.

3 1. What objectives do you hope to accomplish as a member of our club?  My goal is to be a part of the leading club of our country. Not to be just a member who only participates, but the one who plays great role in club's goal accomplishment. To improve my public speaking skills and leadership abilities.  To develop public speaking, communication and leadership skills, meet new people and get new knowledge  I'm not a member yet, but I hope I'll be one day. And, I want to improve my skills on presentations, public speaking, and grammar.  Develop self-confidence, become a real orator, be around like-minded people one could grow a strong bond with, maintain language  Networking, better oral presentation skills, practice my English  Leadership qualities, communication, networking, meet good people and develop confidence in front on the audience, fluently speaking.  Want to control my voice rate, body language

4 2. Is public speaking a requirement of your job or profession?  222  No, but I know that it would be helpful for my future job  No, it's not a requirement  Public speaking is a requirement of my job and profession as well.  no, it is not. but it would be useful all the same  yes  not directly, but it is implied  No, it is not  yes  No, it's not. I connect with people (clients) mostly by internet.  Yes  No  not at the moment )  Actually not, but my social activities requires to be more communicative!  yeah  not really

5 3. How would you describe your current skill level as a speaker?  333  Comparing my skills with the skills of another members, I notice that I must improve my English.  Average level. Improvement is necessary  My current skill level as a speaker is intermediate!  not good  needs improving  i think its at medium-level  I am a decent speaker, not that confident. Good language.  good  I'm not good at spontaneous speeches, i don't feel confidence because of the lack of my vocabulary. So, my skill level is an Intermediate.  average  below my expectations  I may say interpreting it with English level proficiency: a strong intermediate level  5 out of 10  I can speak with confidence if I know the topic, otherwise, I fell hesitation. As a speaker I am on elementary level.  very loooooow

6 4. Do you have any specific fears relative to public speaking?  aaaaaaaa  I do sometimes. when i that others will judge my level of the language. But i don’t feel that very often.  audience, fear of unknown audience  fear of being misunderstood maybe.  fear of not being understood  I fear of talking on issues I am not aware of, and I fear of unfamiliar audience  after long breaks there is some fear, but in general - no, i enjoy public speaking  I can't say that i have any specific fears. I'm confident in public speaking, not in foreign language, but in Russian language.  Fear of bad presenting my topic.  feel more confident to speak up in front of ppl i don’t know at all, rather than those of familiar ones  I do not know, can not say anything.

7 5. Why did you choose to join Astana Talk&Lead club?  aaaaaaa  It' s one of kind place where one can communicate with people and sharpen one's comprehensive, leadership, time management skills  Its a great opportunity to improve myself as well as to meet so many interesting people, and find new friends.  In order to get rid of any fears to deliver foreign speeches  The Club gives opportunities to meet interesting and ambitious people, learn new, improve English.  To find interesting people to communicate with  Because I wanted to become a better speaker

8 5. Why did you choose to join Astana Talk&Lead club?  I like idea of the club, people there. it is useful from the point of improving skills and networking  I like the way it is organized, the atmosphere is really comfortable, the people are really kind and the level of language knowledge of the participants is high. All of those things makes the great environment for improvement of speaking skills and leadership abilities.  To develop the above skills, meet new people and get new knowledge  To accomplish my goals  It is fun, unique, interesting, helpful for people who do not have a chance to practice English on daily basis.  Wanted to meet interesting people and develop myself as a leader.  Networking, connection with alumni

9 6. What can the club do to help you accomplish your goals?  aaaaaa  Create a friendly environment  All the members should try to write an honest evaluation for every speaker, and should try to mention every point.  Keep improving the club  The club works excellently, the rest depends on the person.  Teach me more about public speaking and provide tips  It can develop my confidence and my public-speaking skills  I live in Astana but I am not there all the time. whenever i there i try to participate in club's sessions. Personally for me it'll be great to continue receive agenda,news, etc in wikispace, facebook to be updated and when possible to participate and execute roles  Just to continue what it does.  Gives me the opportunity to practice  Only my participation of the club  May be it would be better to meet up twice a week!  Have no idea, time will show!  Connected with interesting people. who shared values which are really priceless.  Invite experienced guest speakers

10 7. Do you wish to improve your ability to...

11 8. What topics would be interesting for you? Please share with us as many as possible.  aaaaaaa  Variety of business/economics/finance/ general topics as time management, leadership skills, marketing, e- commerce etc.  Music, politics, current issues that are going on in the world, finding out more about different cultures, leadership.  They should disputable  Countries, traditions, life style, cars, various psychological topics  Knowledge-sharing as a winning technology vs. `zero sum` competition; ways of acting local for solving global problems; what drives you? - motivation tools and technics; West vs. East - decline of the West and come back of the eastern civilization; JFK`s motto - duty of citizenship; others.  Environmental issues, Music, Cinematography, Literature

12 8. What topics would be interesting for you? Please share with us as many as possible.  How to start business in KZ: ideas, challenges, experience, image and imagemakin. is it really important?  1) Future technologies, 2) Best places to visit in the World, 3) If I had a Million Dollars...  Cultures, business, technology, music, health, fitness, sports, diet, parenting, mass media, people, relationships, animals  In my opinion, any topic might be interesting, if the person will present it effectively  Economics/finance/politics, gender issues, religions, art and culture, globalization and post globalization processes, global networking  Kazakh Leadership. The Kazakh way of managing the business! Kazakhs as the most intelligent and adaptive nation in the world. Role of Kazakhstan in globalization! Executive Intelligence, Leadership Challenge, Confrontation and poisoned environment at work. How to deal in crisis. Islamic Finance. Marketing is Dead!  Business, economics, globalization, countries, subjects, nature, food, people  How to land on a perfect job

13 9. How do you evaluate current performance of various aspects of the club activities?

14 10. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve our club's performance?  Each of the club member should be interested and motivated in a club participation. As the club has certain format it might become boring at some stage. Thus club's content (table topics) should be appealing.  Every member should try to take every role very responsible and think about improving himself and others.  They'll be later  Provide materials and motivate members to learn more, better wok by VP education  I think that the eligibility requirements for membership should be stricter To invite, to attract more native English speakers to participate each time (especially young people, students)  Prepare for the roles, speeches more thoroughly,  I think, everything is great!  We need to learn more about time management!  Not now, I am a bit newcomer :)  People should be more prepared to take up certain roles and people with upper intermediate English should be accepted only

15 Our club 2010 goals are:  To be chartered in 1 quarter of 2010  Have at least 15 members present and actively participate at each meeting  Maintain at least 20 members of the club  Arrange membership kits for new members  Have at least one Country day each month  Have at least 4 guest speakers each month  Maintain at least average score 4 out of 5 based on every quarter survey.

16 Thank you for attention! Questions!!!

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