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There are seven rules for third graders to know and follow.

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2 There are seven rules for third graders to know and follow.

3 These rules are to keep you safe and allow you to learn.

4 1. Follow directions quickly and quietly.


6 2. Walk in a silent single-file line when moving from place to place.


8 3. Listen politely while others are speaking.


10 4. Respect others: keep all hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.


12 5. Respect school and personal property.


14 6. Come to class prepared: must have books, planner, binders, homework.


16 7. Complete class work as directed.


18 What will happen if you DO follow the rules?

19 You will earn a ticket you can turn in for a prize!

20 What happens if you choose to break a rule?

21 Will you turn into a frog?

22 NO!

23 You may experience the dreaded silent lunch!


25 Bathroom 1.Take the pass and place it on the bathroom door. 2.Two at a time only! 3.NO bathroom during instruction.

26 Bathroom 4.Keep the bathroom neat and clean. 5.WASH YOUR HANDS! 6.Flush, flush, flush.


28 You need to sharpen 2 pencils during morning work time. You may resharpen during breaks. You may NOT sharpen during class time.


30 0 Silence 1 Whisper 2 Inside Voice 3 Outside Voice


32 SSit Up LLean Forward AActivate Thinking NName Key Information TTrack the Talker


34 1.Report to homebase. 2.Make a lunch choice. 3.Sharpen pencils. 4.Complete morning work.


36 1.Go outside with the teacher you are with. 2.Regroup into homebases. Just look for your teacher and get in line. 3.Be silent!


38 1.Go to the closest bathroom. 2.Be silent.


40 1.Take home every day. 2.Go over papers with your parents.

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